Petition calls for Caitlyn Jenner’s Olympic medals to be taken away

bruce-jenner-caitlyn-jennerA petition has been started asking the Olympic Committee to remove Caitlyn Jenner’s medals.

She won a gold medal in the men’s decathlon in the 1976 Olympics, as well as gold in the same event in the 1975 Pan American Games.

The step-parent to the Kardashians, Caitlyn Jenner revealed her new name as she appeared on the latest cover of Vanity Fair.

The petition states that as she competed in the men’s event, her medals should no longer be valid since she has spoken about her identity as a woman.

It says: “It has recently come to light that gold medallist Bruce Jenner is in fact transgender, and therefore, identifies as a woman.

“We congratulate Ms. Jenner on these new developments and wish her the best. However, this creates somewhat of a problem as Ms. Jenner (as talented as she is) claims that she has always believed herself to be truly female, and therefore, was in violation of committee rules regarding women competing in men’s sports and vice versa.

“Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we must ask whether or not it is proper that Ms. Jenner should retain her olympic records in light of this, as we must now either claim that Bruce Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner are two entirely different people (which we know is not true), or that Bruce Jenner was, in fact, a woman participating in a men’s event.

“It is only fair to all involved that women receive their credit as champions of the Decathlon and that the men racing Ms. Jenner are not expected to compete with a superior, streamlined being such as herself.

“We urge Ms. Jenner to support the transgender community by giving up the medals earned by competing against the wrong gender.”


92 thoughts on “Petition calls for Caitlyn Jenner’s Olympic medals to be taken away

  1. Well this a clear case of having plenty free time.. we all know nothing will ever make Jenner or Miss caith return those metals lol… He competed as a man and won as a man…

  2. She used to be a fine young man; heck, she’s a fine old woman now.


    They’re asking her nicely though…

  3. It’s a really complicated and tricky situation… Although truly she competed then as a man. But in her own words she as always seen herself as a woman and now as transformed to a woman.
    It’s only appropriate of her to let go of Bruce Jenners achievements as she is now a difderent person.
    For the world to be to be totally convinced that she really wants to be identified as different from Bruce, she has to let go of all Bruce’s achievement.
    By doing so she would really be making a statement. (I stand to be corrected)

    • I strongly agree with you Tef. Anything short of returning the medals won in the guise of a man when indeed he has been a woman is a fraud.

      • Does that mean all academic and vocational qualifications obtained as Mr Bruce Jenner should be returned now that she is Ms Caitlyn?, hmm

      • My reference was on the medals only but that’s belated now. Colossus has put things in the proper perspective.

      • @Chris well she no longer wants to be identified as Bruce right? Which means all those qualification you mentioned wouldnt be of any use to her. Isn’t that as good as just returning them since its of no use.. Any longer? Moreover she would be a making lots of money as Caitlyn now.. So? Lol

      • Okay if it is worth sacrificing her former gender, perhaps it is worth sacrificing her qualifications and achievements too, personally i dont see the point to be honest.

  4. If they say thay Bruce Jenner was a woman competing in a men’s event, isn’t it rather a shame to them that she won? They should even give her extra gold medals.

  5. They have come again. All these ‘transphobic’ people (my opinion). Imagine the crap about the “superior, stream-lined being” that those other people competed against.
    When have Olympics categories being based on the psychological issues a person was having or even looks? I thought in the true sense of it that gender was based on ones biological composition and not their physical look. I remember when Caster Semenya had to do a gender test before she was allow to compete for SA because she looked manly and even had some male features biologically but was later cleared.
    Bruce was a man and competed as one. If anything having female traits woulda even been considered to leave him inferior to the other competitors. If i were a lawyer, i would totally wipe those people on the courtroom floor if it wasn’t just a petition made. I guess they don’t really have to be taken serious.
    Nonsense with plenty condiments.

  6. This is ridiculous.. What d hell is wrong with people?? As if humiliating her online wasn’t enough, they wanna take away her medals..
    They should leave the poor lady alone biko.
    People are never happy unless they’re picking on someone.. Tufia!!!

    • “People are never happy unless they’re picking on someone.. Tufia!!!”

      The irony in those statement is ground breaking.
      But of cause its too early to be shady.

      • Honey, you can come outright and say what you want without hiding under the umbrella of *shade*
        Me, pick on you? Don’t flatter yourself.. You wouldn’t last a day
        I don’t pick on you, you say the most ridiculous things and I always try to set you straight..
        Maybe you should go and do a research on what it really means to pick on someone..

  7. I sit down and wonder, ‘to what end??’ I ask.
    Isn’t it that same body that won those Olympic gold medals.


    Good morning kd

  8. You can’t really blame them. How would you feel if a woman beats you in a game for men? It is somehow na.

  9. I know this is an activist forum.. But I think it’s only proper we tell ourselves the truth at times.
    Someone no longer wants to be identified as Bruce. Yet wants to hold on to achievements attained and achieved by Bruce. If possible she wants Bruce to be a distant memory, yet hold on to things that reminds him and US ALL that he used to be Bruce. You can’t have your cake and eat it. He can’t say he wants to let go of certain things and doesn’t want to let go of certain things (of cause he can chose to do whatever he wants, it’s his life.. But I reason with the people above that’s it’s only fair he does the right thing by returning the Gold medals)

    If given the chance and time, I would definitely join in signing those petition. Does that mean I dislike or hate Caitlyn. Of cause not! Does this make me a Transphobic? I do not think so. I do not have a probs with Caitlyn, my problem is Caitlyn holding on to the achievements of someone that no longer exist. Better still she can donate those Medal to some charity or something of sorts to help the Trans cummunity.

    • So,when you to court to have a name change,for instance,all your past achievements,qualifications and credentials get wiped out,right?.
      You make less sense than a dung beetle.

      • I don’t think the situation here can be likened to name change. Let’s look at it thus: you are a woman and have always known it but the world knew otherwise. You entered into men’s tournaments fully aware that you are not a man. You won medals. Years later you decide to start being true to yourself and the world. Denouncing the trophies won under your previous false pretext will really make some sense. Don’t you think? @ Marcady

      • He was a man at the time of the completion. He was PHYSICALLY a man. That he felt himself a woman does not change the fact that he was PHYSICALLY a man. To be and to think are two different things, if science did not make this possible, he would have kept feeling until he died.

        A man can only compete in a male sport and a woman compete in the women category. If they checked and saw he was a man then, why call to take away his medals when he transformed as a woman many years down the line? It’s if he contested now under this condition, we can question the legitimacy of the medals won but please not for a competition he won fair and square.

        If you were into sports in your secondary school, won a medal then come here 50years later and said you thought of yourself a tiger or Persian cat during the games, does it make any sense to call for the revoking of your medals? When you were clearly not a tiger?

        I think some of us are letting our obvious disgust for what Jenner did to cloud our simple reasoning.

      • I beg to differ,Gad.And strongly too.
        What you think you are/ought to be in the past and finally giving effect to it many years later does not in any way affect whatever it is you achieved while being in then unsatisfactory state.
        Going back to the analogy of name/identity change,there’s a reason why that last line,All former documents(achievements,qualifications) remain valid,is legally required in your affidavit.It’s because it is the person that achieved them,not what they choose to be known by now.
        What if a wanted criminal undergoes a sex change,using your line of thinking,does it mean his/her past then gets wiped clean?.

    • You have a problem with Caitlyn holding on to her past achievements? Why is it giving you headache honey? Here take these… 💊💊💊💊💊💊💊’ll help.. Maybe you could throw in gbogbonishe into the mix to calm this big headache you’re having this fine morning on top of someone else’s achievements.
      Of course you’ll sign anything as long as it has a seal of ignorance and ridiculousness etched on it.
      Women don’t let go of their achievements when they get married and change their name, logically speaking, they’re no longer the same person they were in the past because they have a different name now… Which means they shld go and burn their first school leaving certs and SSCE results.

      Tefloshodi, biko of you don’t have anything reasonable to say, its better you stay off the ketpad and save the world the stress of reading your ridiculousness.

      • You are actually not making a lot of sense right now. And this is me being honest and nice.

    • For the others that can’t dailogue without sounding condensing. I wouldn’t dignify your existence with a response.

    • Hahaha.. Where did she say she wants wants to let go of all what Bruce has done? Ehn, she might as well forget she’s had kids, married and divorced, owns a house, etc etc.

    • @MacArdry, for once, i blow you a big wet kiss, thanx so much for stepping away from #TeamConstantlyFoolish for just this once!! Caitlyn used to be Bruce, yes we know that, but Kaitlyn who used to be Bruce, was the one who did all the work and made all the sacrifices necessary to achieve the fame and stardom, that Bruce transitioned to Kaitlyn is in my opinion, not a reason for anyone to open the bile – filled mouths and attempt to detract from the achievements of Bruce who subsequently transitioned to Kaitlyn, @TefLondon, i struggle a lot to understand weird thought processes that roll around in that weird dump you call a head … sheesh!!!

      • #TeamConstantlyFoolish?.Isn’t that the other name for Lickspittle Gang?.
        Let’s have done with that nonsense,anyway.

    • Oh Tef, oh Tef Tef Tef, I really don’t know if you purposely court the controversy by saying things like this. Some people have made arguments against Bruce and one or two might sound plausible but not yours, not this point.
      We do fear what we don’t understand so we attack it hoping to justify why we should be right. Wouldn’t it be better to just ignore? Move on the better things that affects you directly and not dwell on how ONE MAN chooses to live his life.
      At the time of the games, Bruce was a man, not a woman but a man and the rules clearly states that there shall be no gender cross participation. He did not flaunt that rule, he was a man at the time of the completion, physically and otherwise, he was a man. Why then call to revoke his medal because he had a gender change over 20years later? When a woman gets married, does she throw away everything that identified her before marriage? Your past achievements remains your achievements, it should and cannot be taken away from you if you performed and won FREE AND FAIR. They can only revoke your medals if it was found out you cheated of which he did not. Thinking himself a woman did not change the fact that he was a man as of the time of the games.

      Now to poke holes at whoever wrote that stupid petition. Oh what’s to say anyway, the petition makes no sense.
      “Bruce to show support to the transgender community by returning her medals?” Makes no sense at all. How would this support be shown? She has never been a transgender from birth, she was not transgender when she competed in the games so how would returning medals show support?

      I have to fly out of this planet, it’s filled with mindless people using up all the oxygen.

      • Mr Colossus or what ever these days, you don’t just come from NOwhere and try to tell me that my OWN Opinion on this issues holds no light.
        I’m sick and tired of everyone turning blind eyes to the obvious just to be able to sound “politically correct”
        Giving all sorts of ludacris examples and excuses. Name change and whatnot. Seriously someone even mentioned something about structure changex something abt bungalow. Like seriously?

        This thing is simple, Bruce contested in the Olympics but inside he had always felt like Caitlyn, the world didn’t know this at the time and so he was free to contest without any prejudice. However the worlds view or certian people’s view changed when we realized that Bruce Infact had always felt like a woman even tho he had male attributes.
        I don’t care if the medal remains with Caitlyn. It’s not my head ache, it doesn’t add or remove nothing from my account. I only reasoned with those with the petition that if Caitlyn really wants to do the right thing, she should forfiet those medals won. Those medals are for Bruce Jenner not Caitlyn. They are two different beings. Don’t you get it?? This is what she wanted right? If not I don’t think she would be talking up on how she can’t wait for her kids and family and world to meet Caitlyn. She regards Caitlyn as someone new, so why hold on to the old things. For example Bruces medal Etc
        As for donating the medal to help trans cause. I’m sure a reasonable thinking man would understand my points on this. The medals can be used to raise funds that would help the trans community and help raise funds for educating people on trans people.

        So Mr Colossus I know you like sitting on a high throne all the time, come on here once awhile making your opinions known like its the final say on issues. Like you know it all.. Yh? Just don’t bring that shit to me Pls. It’s better you fly out the planet and never come back.. Cause these “Mindless” people are going nowhere.

        And yes! Bring those delm petitions. I’ll sign them over and over again.

      • Wow, just wow! You really are not a happy man are you?
        “Whatever these days”? Well, I’m Still colossus, you’re still Teflondon.
        This is why I don’t like online conversations, face to face is better so the conversation can bounce off each other.
        Always feeling like a woman does not mean he is a woman, the Olympics or any sport for that matter cannot calculate what athletes feel and thereby classify them into the various sporting category. They are sorted based on physical attributes and what was Bruce at the time of the sport? A man, not a woman but a man. Science has now made it possible for one to change gender, I admit I don’t yet know how all that works but I’m logical enough to admit that. Now that he is a woman, the medals can’t be taken from him because no rule was broken in the first place. Feeling like a woman and being an actual woman are two different things, the Olympic body can’t punish him for how he felt, they would punish him if he broke the rules which in this case he did not. We can use the case of the cycling champion, Mr. Armstrong as an example. He won many medals and the world was OK with him but when it was found out that he was using performer enhancers all those years, which gave him an undue advantage over his peers, his medals were stripped off. He broke the rules and was punished for it.
        In this case, what rule did Jenner break? He was a man that competed in a male sport and if you say he was a woman, then how did he win all those men he competed with? It’s proven beyond doubt that if men and women compete in a sport, the men always win. Are people now saying all those men that competed with Bruce were women also? Or were they men and Bruce, as a physical woman was on some kind of serious muscle enhancing drug that gave him an edge? If the latter is the case, wouldn’t the Olympic body not have found out? Let’s discuss the facts and leave the schematics.
        On returning the medals, your point is still moot. Medals are not RETURNED to the body that issued it only to then auction it to support a cause. If it’s to support transgender cause, Cathyln Jenner has the prerogative to choose how she supports transgender people. We don’t get to dictate to her what to auction off, that kinda makes us petty or bitter of her. This is why I said returning a medal to support transgenders made absolutely no sense. Returning the medal to the Olympic body does in no way give the kind of support you mentioned above. Besides, him transitioning is a strong move to support transgender people.

        Oh yes, I do like sitting on a high horse and I like to think I know a little about everything. What I don’t know, I keep quiet about, do some reading and educate myself. What I do know, I tend to talk about.

      • Should I say that you have just put things in the proper perspective? I’m beginning to see this from another angle after going through your comments. Thanks Collosus. This is a better way of handling discuss unlike the methods of those who know that they know better and end up clearing all doubts about their emptiness.

      • Not trying to reason with a mindless orc are we? @Colossus.. Like Gimli said in the lord of the rings, you can’t reason with them.. You’ll fail..

      • You are not getting my side of the argument but your points are Duly noted Colossus, I still stand By my points Tho
        Sorry abt my earlier theartrics.. I just blacked out at your initial response.

      • Hahaha
        Chestie, you are wicked. Ultrasound, ehkwa?
        Pls, give him some credits.
        He’s fine. Period!

      • @Chestnut haba! Take am easy 😂😂😂

        The Nigga cute die no doubt but he ain’t my cup of tea. The video and the song is just there sha.

      • @Masked man: Lol. I don’t know oh but people I consider ridiculously beautiful don’t apply at all. I need some level of imperfection in the mix

      • One is beautiful don’t mean he’s perfect. We are all imperfect, even the most handsome and sexy. You just won’t see it.

        Korede is a Yes for me.

      • @MaskedMan: I was actually referring to visual imperfections. Not that thing called inner beauty

  10. Tangled reasoning from Tef and Gad. Then they’ll app,y these flaws to the mgm issue too. Any claim/argument they make must be carefully examined, they’ve shown that their reasoning is flawed.

    • Chuck time after time I’ve seen how you like to flaunt around on KD in your gown of “mighty and all knowing” whilst waving your “self righteous” wand. And time after time I was matured enough to ignore you.

      Flawed reasoning? Really?
      Like I said, I’ll ignore your inept thinking once again.

      • Let’s do this. In what ways is your answer to my comment a serious argument? You’ve provided no evidence to back up any of the claims you make. I’ll give you a chance to try it again. Why does a gender change necessitate renouncing all achievements or actions that came before it? A change of gender is not a change of personhood. By changing her gender Caitlin is proving that she can decide to be whatever gender she feels most comfortable in. She has changed a part of her identity. She has the same brain, memories and self. She has only changed some parts of her body.

        Now, your turn. Show how changing your gender is wiping the slate clean. With evidence, and logically linked sentences, please.

      • This is the type of display of “knowledge” you get from people who knows that they know better. We are talking about entering a competition that has rules. One of the rules was that no gender competes with the opposite gender. Now,a woman participated with men unknown to the umpire and the audience knowingly. After 50 years he decides to toe the part of nobility by revealing her true self. Don’t you think the medals should be withdrawn because ab initio, she wasn’t qualified ,gender wise,to enter that tournament?

      • Gad, are you claiming that Bruce was, according to IOC rules, ineligible to compete as a man in 1976? If you are, then you are wrong. The IOC test for gender is about levels of testosterone, and in 1976 Bruce had normal testosterone levels for a man. Most often the IOC tests women entering the women’s competitions as that is where testosterone levels give an unfair advantage. That issue would clearly not arise in Bruce’s case as she was physically a man in 1976 and competed in the men’s event.

        On another note, the IOC does not ban men who identify with a certain gender from participating in men’s or women’s events if their testosterone levels are compliant with the ranges for men. Again, this issue usually arises with men in women’s events, not women in men’s events.

        Here are the rules adopted in 2012, to clarify the IOC position (they are not very different from the rules that would have held in 1976. Again, the IOC bans men in women’s events. It doesn’t refer to women in men’s events because it hasn’t happened.

        Click to access 2012-06-22_-_IOC_Regulations_on_Female_Hyperandrogenism_-_eng.pdf

      • I feel tangled is the better adjective. Proepr reason is like a clear thread or web between points. A tangled web is analogous to the way Tef and co put together points that should not cross paths

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