Have You Met The Good-Looking Dude They Say Is Buhari’s Son?

1Yusuf Buhari, the son of President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, was unveiled for the first time to the public, as he arrived Nigeria alongside his father, from the United Kingdom, in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

3And then, those thirsty tweeps had a thing or two to say.3 (1)Screenshot - 5_28_2015 , 11_12_17 PMScreenshot - 5_28_2015 , 11_13_29 PMScreenshot - 5_28_2015 , 11_16_31 PMScreenshot - 5_28_2015 , 11_17_00 PMScreenshot - 5_28_2015 , 11_18_02 PMScreenshot - 5_28_2015 , 11_25_56 PMScreenshot - 5_28_2015 , 11_23_16 PMScreenshot - 5_28_2015 , 11_19_25 PMScreenshot - 5_28_2015 , 11_22_17 PMScreenshot - 5_28_2015 , 11_20_21 PM

100 thoughts on “Have You Met The Good-Looking Dude They Say Is Buhari’s Son?

  1. Sprite should offer a 10% discount on their bottle and can products. Cos they’ll make so much money from quenching the thirst of so many people over the next few hours.

    Happy Democracy day everyone and Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    • I’ll rather have a rebirth of the Federation of Nigeria and wish quick death to this “Federal” Republic

  2. A gorgeous aristocratic man … please tell me that he’s versatile and that he can give it just as good as he can receive it #Smitten

  3. Jeeeeeeez, the thirst tho!!!!!, no wah, he’s looks like a pretty boy to me.. ..and I don’t do pretty boys. But I could make an exception this once.

  4. Girls be thirsting more than the real real KD hoes. Where are Eros, KryxX and Masked Man?
    The first and last tweets had me cracking up.
    The guy looks good, i’m not sure about fucking cute.

  5. Onye nkea, cute kwa?
    Na wa oh!
    Biko he doesn’t pass as cute for me.
    Lanky something looking like he’s hawking kilishi in the airport.
    I’ll pass this one.
    Ndi cute.

      • He’s not my spec.
        Wait, why are you shocked, Max?
        You expect me to lap up everything that has a dick with my tongue? I get small resistance na.

      • Trystham, some mai tea fine pass this one die. Some shoe maker nko? Handsome even in their penury and poverty.
        This over pampered, skin thing as cute. I no gree.
        Thank you.

      • Now you’re just being kinda petty. He’s good looking. That’s not debatable. He’s not your type. That you’ve made obvious. But still, its OK to admit that he’s fine. We won’t think you’re a slut for admitting that. 🙂

      • PP, his father is prettier. Lol.
        Just leave me this morning oh.
        I said he’s not cute to me, maybe he is in real life. But on these photos, mba. Bite me.

      • PP, I’d be hating too if I don’t like Tyson Beckford? Whatever happened to choice?
        It’s a cold morning here, and am still cranky from last night, when a bushmeat I was supposed to warm up with stood me up.

      • @MM, I’m gonna assume you’ve not lost your mind.. Maybe its the transferred aggression from the MIA bush meat.. He’s cute and Thats a non-debatable one **hello Pinky**.
        You don’t like him, we get it
        But don’t say he’s not cute.(bcos Thats a lie)
        Say he’s not your type and move on. 🙂

  6. Bae….. Uve just been dumped …. Oh yusuf!!🙋 *I always knew u is d one for me* I can be the side chick 😩

  7. The uncle is fine.
    OAN, is his dressing for show or is this the regular fashion statement in the Buhari household? Otherwise Nigeria’s politician’s are in for some nasty times ahead. Person wey fit cow soldier pikin like this go strong die…and was it only me who love Buhari’s response to Jonathan when he was handed the CONFAB’s report? I was so giddy with happiness

  8. **Heavy Sigh**

    Looking so much like d ex boo……………….

    Woke up feeling sad(extremely) and now all this nostalgia from a pix. SMOG!!

    And Masked Man, if I slap u eh! Ur head would spin 360!

  9. My boo!

    You people want to die abi? I have my landmines set around him

    Keep off!

    **goes back to studying**

    • @dennis: ur boo keh? I hope d gods are not trying to use me as an instrument to punish u dis morning?I usually keep it classy, but imma need u to fall back 3 steps from dis one…dis is d President’s son!!!!

    • Your boo gini? See this one. What’s his last name? Eh, eh? I didn’t get that…
      Greedy boi.. Go and manage Korede hairfrier Bello and Denola Gay… Sorry Grey…

  10. Hmmm. That’s why Buhari’s reign would make so much sense. Chai. Beautiful fruits that this man has produced…

  11. I waaaaantttt ooooo!!! Chai! So dis is why I’m still single?so God has been saving me for Yusuf Buhari? *tears of joy and gratitude*

    Lol @: “Yusuf Buhari,I know it’s u. Come in”

  12. Why is nobody talking about how cute and handsome Jonathan’s son is? Wicked people. As if he’s not pretty ugly.

  13. I swear I would have voted for Buhari had it been I saw his dis picture before or on d day of presidential election, the stupid campaign people where busy posting Zara’s picture……….

  14. Plix, plix, plix, Do not call my name with such impunity. Call me Alhaja Amina Eros Yusuf Buhari. That is much better

    *goes back to singing indian songs while preparing for my father-in-laws return from Eagle Square*

  15. He is cute no doubt, but he is also just there.
    He is so not my type.
    I am sure it is because of the fact that he is the son of the President that’s why some people want to break the internet upon the small boy matter. This is someone that is arguably even less than 20…

  16. Ah. Omo yii dun …

    i am assuming all these kaftan/jalamia wearing business is to hide the cake and meat he got!

    Still, i shall tap that!!!

  17. Official photos are also out of Sanusi family, featuring his sons…they will make u plan to relocate to Kano

  18. Yusuf abokina Allah ya taya ku riko Allah yabada nasara amin….so proud of U.All ye kdian hoes fall back dont try to hustle for whats already taken☺☺☺.*side eyes*

    • is this tea?? 😏 Spill it fast Biko

      Dude is probably packing some and more 😋. Meanwhile , I need a fine northern specimen to do one or two things with.

  19. Low class always loves the high class while most times the high class loves the love class. It’s always like that most times (Not all the time Tho).. That’s why you see a girl from a rich home go for a guy from a poor background. And vice versa..
    So trust me when I say I understand all the thirst going on for Yusuf. On Twitter and on here.. Majority of those that spend all their time on Twitter are wretched esp the youths. So all of these I’m seeing is Understandable.
    High Class don’t drool on High Class.. Yes we can fix a thing or two up for ourselves but Drool? Naa!

    Haven said that
    Gorgeous Gorgeous man no doubt! But I’ll pass…

    • I would hate to see the blood that will spill because of this statement…… Lmao Tef, you never disappoint.

    • My broda u really have issues and ur own private demons battling U.how can one person be so senseless,condescending,rude n mannerless all rolled into one?this ur am rich am high class nonsense is really disgusting,am sure u feel if u continue repeating that line u might actually get rich and be of class which no matter how hard u try u clearly are none of this.Real wealth dont brag real wealth dont make noise d highest is u are from a comfy family not wealthy not rich just an average nigerian family.Am sure u know here in kd some people are super rich personally or family wealth yet nobody has ever tried to brag,you try too hard and it makes u look stupid empty calabash makes more noise.As long as u aint a former governor,president or Aliko Dangote’s son my dear ur bank balance is some1’s offering in church how much u get for account self?abeg keep quiet u little child stupid morafucka!!!! Thats what u are Teflondon and honestly u will end up having a really lonely life cos anybody that can put up with u and settle down with u must be suffering from very low self esteem,you are the lowest and most disgusting human have come across in recent times.

    • Some of us here are just too refined and cultured to talk so loosely with so much pride some peoples worth here will make ur bank account turn to change,am very sure d bible too speaks about humility cos my own quran does Real recognises real and am telling u today u are worth nothing! So pla package urself and rest nobody is impressed rather u just irritate d hell out of us.

    • TefOshodi, in your bid to sound like a high class monkey, you failed to see that everyone has been talking of his cuteness, not his wealth.
      You’re a mannerless, arrogant and repugnant human being..Jeez!! How disgusting can a human being be? Each time you open the mouth you use to eat ji Na Ede(yam and cocoyam), a foul thing comes out and casts a dark cloud over KD..

      Lawd please make it stop!!! If I could get my hands on you, I’d twist that your mouth or hands you used in typing that fuckery up there.
      Tufia GI… Tufia!!!

    • This comment rattled me in all the right places. I was so giddy with excitement as i read it and even more so after i read the replies. You go Tef(the place doesn’t really matter anymore). What a way to get whipped, all the way from Mushin through Ojuelegba to London and back.

    • Obviously If you are from the society’s upper echelon.. My comments shouldn’t hit a nerve. That said.. Trust me when I say the feeling of utter disdain is mutual. No love lost really.

      • Lmaoo honestly am now convinced u really do have a mental condition which u aint even aware of.Am really curious how old r u exactly cos u actually sound like a child for the fact u still refuse to understand all we have been saying makes me know u are som1 with a mental issue.

    • @TefMushin, havent your heard that wealth and class need not announce themselves, they are obvious wherever they are present. You are trying too hard and screaming out about your “wealth and class” from the rooftops, that tells me all i need to know; you’re a trashy classless piece of new – money – miss road!! Please give it a rest, its not pretty at all, whatever station in life you’ve found yourself, work hard and have some integrity and you’ll get to your destined point …

  20. OMG, Posh666, you be real winsh. You just put everything in the right perspective.

    As for me, I go just dey siddon dey look for una matter.

    I guess being the PA to a corrupt person who has a running battle with EFCC is something to be proud about. I think I need me a change of job ASAP…maybe as the PA to Ifeanyi Uba.
    I need a rich man to lift me up oooo. It is not easy to be a poor kid.

  21. I think I have found my boy crush,he might be tittiesless and assless but I just don’t mind cause skiny is now the new black after seeing that face. abeg u must to be homo oh,no wonder u dey Europe since oh

    • See this one talking about qualification. My criteria is thus:
      Super Fine – check
      Popular – ridiculously
      Hunky – looks macho enough
      Rich – you bet.
      That definitely ranks as Top Echelon. Take me home to the General.

  22. Fuck this. Grew up in the North. Malo boys are fucking pretty. Flenty flenty flenty of dem are.

    But they skinny af! It’s good tho cos skinny boys have mega massive cocks if that’s your thing.

    For me, I need me some good ole beef. Some quality meat on your bones. So as cute as he maybe, naaah, he does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for my penile erectile policies.

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