A Handy Flowchart To Make You Know If Your Friend-With-Benefits Is Boyfriend Material

g35Dating apps have revolutionized how gay men hook up. Gone are the days of dark, smokey bars and online chat rooms making small talk with strangers. These days, all it takes is the swipe of a finger to locate your next bedroom conquest, zero feet away (and up!).

But despite the simplicity of modern hooking up, dating apps actually create confusion, particularly when it comes to labeling a relationship. Because what do you call the guy who you’ve been having sex with every weekend for the past month and a half? Is he still just a fuck buddy? Friend With Benefits? BF?

According to a study released by the dating app, Grab Him, 71 percent of gay men say they’ve found long-term love online. So how do you determine if the guy you’ve been casually boning is boyfriend material?

Queerty created this handy flowchart to help you figure it out…Screen-shot-2015-05-19-at-4.05.09-PM

33 thoughts on “A Handy Flowchart To Make You Know If Your Friend-With-Benefits Is Boyfriend Material

  1. I keep telling myself “friends with benefit” but sometimes the sex is so good that the thought of him fucking someone else kills you, Speaking from experience. Maybe it is just me but there is a thin line between a good fuck buddy and a “something more relationship”.

  2. Na wa oooo….

    Seems like you want to spoil my eyesight this morning.

    This is so mathematical and I just had to stop following.

    Why don’t you guys just talk about it instead of inferring or assuming.

  3. Fuck buddies. Saving us since 1800. I think it should fall into the category of ‘Friends with Benefits’. Benefit of good sex

  4. #TeamFriendsWithBenefitsOverRelationships

  5. I thought the questions would help to decide how HE feels about u. Of course I aleady know who is in Friendzone and whom I want to be in ‘Something More’ zone.

  6. Your boyfriend would have let you know he wants to date you. A Friend With Benefits asked for FWB status for a reason. There’s no need to be reading tea leaves. If someone wants you they will let you know.

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