Sam Smith Loves It When Homophobic People Like His Music

tetu-samsmith-cover_0In an interview with French gay magazine, Têtu, Sam Smith admitted that he loves it when homophobic dudes like his music.

“I like the idea that there may be homophobic guys who listen to my record and they have no clue that I’m gay!” he told the magazine.

Covering the magazine’s 20th anniversary issue, Smith told the publication that he’d like to become an advocate for gay youth globally.

“I would like to become a voice for gay youth in difficulty around the world,” he continued. “I just created a foundation.”

That foundation is a charity Smith says he’s establishing. He first mentioned it back in February.

The foundation “[involves] money going to gay guys who are struggling to come out in different countries…” he told The Guardian. “I’m very aware that we are not where we should be, so I’m trying to play my part. But in a certain way, in my way.”

This is quite the evolution. Just a year ago, the four-time Grammy winner said he didn’t want to be a gay spokesperson.tetu-samsmith_1

35 thoughts on “Sam Smith Loves It When Homophobic People Like His Music

  1. Lol, i know of some guy who found out Sam Smith was gay after the grammys and was saying that if had known, he wouldnt have let hiimself like ‘Stay with Me’ so much. Not too long after he was playing it on his sound system.

  2. The photoshop done on that magazine cover is so amazing, he looks dashing….. Which we know for a fact isn’t that true.

    Of course he changed his mind about being an advocate, when Adam Lambert made the same statement, he was dropped like hot akara…… The gay following is powerful, very few gay people have a voice and are influential, then when you reach there you open your mouth and say you don’t want to be an advocate, you will be shown the door.

    OAN: The money he’s sharing, how can I have access to it? I wouldn’t mind a major cash infusion right now.

    • @Lothario: it’s not photoshop. The Nigga don join we wey dey find shape #TeamFitFam. 😁😁

      I shock when I see the reveal months back.

      He looks hot now. Fat can spoil some pipu natural fine boy sha *sighs*

      • Francis, trim or fat, there’s still photoshop. We all saw Queen Beyonce weeks ago, when her unedited for L’oreal surfaced, looking like tolotolo nyansh. I still love her tho.

      • African gays? Excuse me???? Is that what we are now? African gays? Oh dear…… There’s wahala o! That’s your business.

        *starts writing appeal letter to Sam Smith fund for oyibo gays*

  3. I am not understanding this ‘selective dislike’ thing anymore. You would like something about someone up until u hear they are gay or lesbian and then everything just becomes ‘0’??? Zap! Just like that?
    He is sounding like a homo-gospel singer

    • Trystham puhleeeze, ‘homo gospel songers’ like to do mad riffs and runs and crazy ad libs and light like mad too (at least TONEX does). Sam Smith does not do those things.

      • #sigh I wasn”t talking about his singing (which I find boring btw). I was thinking about this – “…I like the idea that there may be homophobic guys who listen to my record and they have no clue that I’m gay…” when I coined homo-gospel

  4. “[involves] money going to gay guys who are struggling to come out in different countries…”
    I don’t understand this part. So, what exactly Is the money for? Or is it that it is only poor gay guys who are struggling to come out?

  5. Even one Nigerian artiste like dat (KCEE I think) copied the tune of “stay with me” and made a song with it


      • No Pinky, you mean – Kai, ridiculosly talentless KCee. I am just so angry whenever i see that guy, with that his equally ridiculous oiled up hair.

      • Its official!!

        It definitely is official!!!

        We need to have an audition nd pick a suitable candidate to deflower our brother ASAP! It is clouding his judgement big time!

        KaCee nke Limpopo has a nice butt!


        Like seriously?

        What r d criteria we use in accessing a nice butt self? I can’t deal anymore!

      • Hahahahaha LWKMD, KryxX darlingg abeg leave the poor boy alone o. But i k now people who would show up for that audition if it were held. Where is MM by the way? *runsaway*

  6. This is not going to be a popular opinion, But I think Sam needs to shut up and just sing!

    All this Gay advocacy he is doing instead of focusing on the music and building a brand out of his success, he is busy playing cover star.

    Yes the gay community needs a face and voice, but if all u ve to talk about everytime you hit the news is gay advocacy/agenda then get ready to become a one hit wonder. His team needs to fix this mess. He should be talking about a follow up album at this point cos his hype is burning out and in todays industry u ve to keep up momentum or ppl just move on to the next hot thing.

  7. United Nations should just appoint him as Global LGBTQ Ambassador/Special Envoy For Coming Out And Acceptance.

  8. I remmeber deliberately introducing Mikka to a homophobic friend of mine and the guy loved his music so tey he went to Google him and found out he was gay and started lamenting to me. I shut him up and told him to stop having double standards. He hasn’t stop listening to certain music cause the artists do drug or have beat their girlfriends before. Besides he likes mikka’s music, can’t he just focus on that and leave it be. Those words struck him and he’s less of a homophobe now though he’s jokingly called me a gay rights advocate a few times in public.

    So i think Sam being out and using his sexuality is good good for the community. It could force some people to reevaluate what they think of gay men. Music is a powerful force. This advocacy thing is good but he shouldn’t shouldn’t forget that it was his soulful music first of all that drew people to him and not the fact that he was gay.

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