No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 12)

olumidePosterIn this episode, Olumide F. Makanjuola, the Executive Director of TIERS Nigeria, discusses with NOSTRINGS. He talks about and affirms his stand with the Nigerian LGBT Community, exposing new projects, touches on the infamous law, and as well goes personal with his experience as an LGBT Rights Activist.

Olumide answers tough, critical and vital questions on issues affecting the lives of LGBT Nigerians, and what could possibly be done to improve upon the way people handle sensitive issues like homosexuality, transsexuality, lesbianism and more…

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7 thoughts on “No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 12)

    • I sure hope this request of yours is strictly for business.. NO STRINGS attached! ‘Putting your reputation in perspective’ hehehe!


  1. I downloaded and listened to the interview with Mr Makanjuola last night. It came few hours after a 23yrs old gay guy told me that being gay was evil and I told him there is nothing evil about being gay except if he is saying that God created him evil. He became curious and wanted to know more genuinely. Seeing that I was tired,i asked him to visit me this evening but he gave understandable excuses. I had to forward the interview to him. I agree with most part of the interview but I don’t buy the notion that culture is ant-gay as opined by Makanjuola. Gay is cultural. Its as old as man. Its the way of life of those whom nature has called to be gay. Its not a habit. Its in the gene. Its god-breathed. When we say it’s against culture we seem to agree that it’s a habit that was picked along the way.

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