Those Hookup Abbreviations You Should Know (Just In Case You Didn’t Already)

Screen-shot-2015-05-14-at-5.09.34-PMIf you ever log onto Grindr, SCRUFF or one of the dozens of other knock-offs only to feel like you’re lost in a sea of newfangled and, at times, completely nonsensical acronyms, you’re not alone.

These days, people are all about efficiency. We used to write letters. Then we switched to email, which became texts. And now we speak in the gibberish of ABS (abbreviations). They’re quicker. And in the land of hookups, time is of the essence.

So WAFA (without any further ado), scroll down for 20 modern abbreviations to help you decipher WTF (what the fuck) guys are typing–as well as what they’re really saying–in their messages.

  1. BRB

What it means: Be right back.

What it really means: Goodbye forever.

  1. HMU

What it means: Hit me up.

What it really means: You’re hot.

  1. LOL

What it means: Laugh out loud.

What it really means: This is an awkward text, so I’m going to pretend it’s funny and ditch you.

  1. LMK

What it means: Let me know.

What it really means: Yeah right, you’re not gonna let me know.

  1. ILYK

What it means: I’ll let you know.

What it really means: This is the last we’ll ever speak of this. This is the last we’ll ever speak forever.

  1. ASLP

What it means: Age, sex, location, picture.

What it really means: Age, sex, location, picture.

  1. MYOB

What it means: Mind your own business.

What it really means: I’m grouchy and can’t deal right now.

  1. NBD

What it means: No big deal.

What it really means: It’s a fucking huge deal!

  1. HU

What it means: Hurry up.

What it really means: I’m horny.

  1. ITAI

What it means: I’ll think about it.

What it really means: No chance in hell.

  1. SG

What it means: Sounds good.

What it really means: You meet all my criteria. Let’s hookup.

  1. A3

What it means: Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

What it really means: Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

  1. ASAP

What it means: As soon as possible.

What it really means: If you don’t get over here immediately, I’m going with plan B.

  1. J4T

What it means: Just for today.

What it really means: Seriously, this is a one-time thing unless you are really hot.

  1. NMHJC

What it means: Not much here, just chilling.

What it really means: I’m bored, alone and horny.

  1. ZZZ

What it means: Sleeping, bored, tired.

What it really means: Your face pic doesn’t excite me.

  1. REHI

What it means: Hi, again.

What it really means: You abruptly disappeared earlier. Where did you go? Please talk to me.

  1. OYO

What it means: You’re on your own.

What it really means: I’m really sorry but this just isn’t happening.

  1. BF!*

What it means: Bye, Felicia!

What it really means: Fuck off.

*not to be confused with “BF” (no exclamation point) which stands for “boyfriend”

  1. AMF

What it means: Adios motherfucker.

What it really means: Adios motherfucker.

Know any others? Help your brothers keep up to date in the comments section below.


21 thoughts on “Those Hookup Abbreviations You Should Know (Just In Case You Didn’t Already)

  1. IDGAF- I don’t give a fuck-
    Real meaning- I don’t give fuck
    Ttyl- Talk to you later
    Real meaning- Talk to you whenever, I don’t really care..
    WUU2- what are you up to
    Real meaning- Are you thinking of me?

    • I read WUU2 the first time a couple of weeks ago, the person I was chatting with was 23…..i was just like 😕

      Meanwhile HBU – How ’bout you
      What it really means : I just have to reciprocate because you asked me how I’m doing, I don’t really care, but oh well….

  2. Fuck off

    What it means: fuck off

    What it really means: fuck off you annoying piece of shit, I hope you choke on your own saliva and die.


      What it means: Rolling on the floor laughing my ass OFF
      What it really means: I am laughing really hard and a coupla people are giving me stares but i am not a pig why would i roll on the floor

  3. TTM-Talk 2 me
    Real Meaning-I gaz 2 hear frm U soon
    FF-Feel Free
    Real Meaning-Say whteva U wanna say even if it’s annoying,I’ll handle it well

  4. Seems like I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

    On a serious note, do people use these ABS? Sounds stupid to me sha…..

  5. le3mme just confess and say that i did not even know one. Does that mean i have become old cargo like some people?

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