Questions Of The Heart

singles 34WRITER’S NOTE: This poem is dedicated to the moment I first ached to meet a hookup from Grindr, and to all those moments everyone reading this has desired that someone on the other side of the chatversation whom they’ve desired without meeting.


Why do I think of you?

Why do I wonder what you are up to?

Why do I care what goes on with you

When you and I have never met

Is this love or lust

Or loneliness crying out for a companion

When I eventually see you and run my eyes over your face

Will my heart skip a beat?

Will we bond for life like two swans at the water’s edge?

Will your kisses satisfy my hunger?

Will my touch inspire your dread?

Will goose pimples appear when flags arise?

Will mental curtains fall when the conversation falls?

Will phone signals flee when Caller IDs flash?

Why do chat lines promise what the eyes have not seen?

Why do photos mask the dance of lust?

Will walls rise or fall when tales are shared?

Will friends become lovers?

Or will words dry up like skin in Harmattan?

The answers to these questions of my heart

They lie, waiting to be discovered, 146.9 miles away

Written by Alex

27 thoughts on “Questions Of The Heart

  1. You are bright eyed and romantic and then you are screwed over a few times amd you wise up!

    Just ask Max, he knows the drill

    **sets coffee table, and convenes meeting of lipstick gang**

  2. This was lovely except i am not exactly doe eyed anymore. Three particular people came to mind as i read this, leading me on and roping me in. And you can guess that they totally broke my heart in pieces. It was totally over before it even started. A three part series could totally come out of those.

  3. Will that person become the creep who’d take your name and picture to a ‘Babalawo’ because you guys just had a little fight?

  4. Lovely….. Please keep the flag flying. Some of us doe eyed romantics have to balance out the cynics. Everyone can find love and I stand my ground on that 😇

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