38 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day XXIV

  1. Me: can I have two bottles of lubricants, some chains and ropes, two boxes of screws and four tie downs? My truck is in a bad state and I want to do some helluva servicing.

  2. Hi can I have 2 large jars of lubricant….yes extra slippery please, a set of rope and chain and 2 tie downs.

    For my discount can I have Pink Panther thrown in as well? And Absalom too! Thankyou

  3. *pensive* I wonder if they do whips and leather too?

    Wait, is the S and M for Slave and Master OR Sadist and Masoschist OR both? #AskingForMyPeaceOfMind

  4. **Clears throat**

    Hello Students and Welcome to University of Kitodiaries!

    I am Prof. Pinky Pants! And I would be taking Akwuna 101!

    Any question?

    **Flees from the fury of the Pinkies**

  5. Chai! See as dem just d place orders. Sotay peepo dey ask.for discounts. Lol! D owner of dis hardware store must hv had a twisted mind.

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