Anti-Gay Pastor’s Grindr Activity Is Exposed, Church Warns Congregants Not To Read Story

grindrRecently, the news was broken of a Reverend Matthew Makela, a pastor in Midland, Michigan with a track record of making damaging statements towards the gay and transgender communities, and how he cruises Grindr for sex with gay men (Read HERE). Following the exposé, the Reverend had had to step down from his position at St. John’s Lutheran Church.

On Tuesday, the Senior Pastor of St. John’s, Reverend Daniel Kempin, posted an open letter to congregants on the church’s website.

“It is my grief to inform you that Pastor Makela announced his resignation as a pastor of St. John’s through a letter that was read in worship on Sunday, May 17,” he begins.

“To make matters worse,” he continues, “the details of sin that have been kept confidential are being posted online by those who seek to do harm to the Makela family and to St. John’s. This is taking an already difficult situation and making it even more painful… The Facebook pages associated with St. John’s have been taken down in an attempt to remove the opportunity for malicious posters to have access to St. John’s members…”

Here’s the typical closed-door religious attitude that we find appalling. If Kempin had it his way, Rev. Makela would have broken ties with St. John’s congregation without ever having the “details of sin” made known to them.

His community would never have known that the man telling them being gay is a condition comparable to alcoholism and that gay marriage is just another blemish on the holy institution was in fact seeking the intimacy of men himself.

And not just a quick fling — he says in his Grindr messages he likes to “make out naked,” “massage” and “cuddle.”

But don’t expect a conversation on what’s real to gain much traction at St. John’s.

“I write this to you to warn you that you may be confronted with the details of the sin, and to remind you that sin is never pretty,” writes Kempin. “Don’t panic…Don’t respond…Be patient and trust God. This too shall pass.”

He leaves the reader with one final piece of advice from scripture: “Be very careful, then, how you live, not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.”

37 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Pastor’s Grindr Activity Is Exposed, Church Warns Congregants Not To Read Story

  1. He just proved researchers right! Most of d worst homophobes r usually closeted gays! Onye iru abuo! Likes to make out and cuddle indeed!

  2. Fun fact: his wife has come out to say that he regularly reminded his gay son that the dude would go to hell

    *returns to singing ‘Kumbaya’*

    • Oh,he has a gay son? And has been threatening him with hell? Smh. I don’t even know what goes on in d minds of these kind of people. He,of all people, should have been more empathic towards his son’s sexuality, having been in the exact same shoes,and knowing how much of a struggle it can be when u’re still trying to find urself. Smh

    • That man’s body is not that bad nau,especially for his leat he doesn’t have a pot-belly. Most ppl don’t look like fitness-models,u know…except fitness-models.

  3. Handsome man, brilliant smile, that curve of his lips, that defiant nose…

    …yet he wasted half his life not only living a lie, but evangelising it.

    I hope he comes to terms with who he is now.

  4. Two faced idiots……….

    “Karma is a Grindr account”……and #iDied.

    Just like my elder bro who I suspect is Gay and struggling with his sexuality but won’t hesitate to throw subs when Gay scenes are showed..I’m watching #Scandal by the way (Dons Victorian Secret Lastma gown)

    • @Andrevn: dis ur elder brother story go sweet die! (Wanna spill some tea?my tea-cups are freshly-washed)

    • You know right.
      If you want to catch a thief, you think Like thief.

      How can you preach about homosexuality when you don’t know anything about it.

      • LOL….Would love to exchange details JArch, but due to rather recent psychotic events bordering on the schizophrenic, PP has closed down the service of “linking people together on KD.

        OAN, the Rev is kinda your flavour. Is he the right batch? 😉

      • Lmao!!! I know right bipolar and Alzheimer’s are also inclusive.

        However I think tea party and lipstick gang exco members are immune to this new directive (we run the world ya know). So…

        As for the Rev, he’s definitely my type, however I do fear that the internal H would not allow he and I to get down and raunchy (especially since he does it so blatantly). It’s one thing to be discreet but it’s a whole different ball game entirely when you bash your own kind in the worst way possible.

        Would definitely love to enjoy his massages – I loveeeee massages- alas that would never either

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  6. This guy reminds me of Dave Karofsky from Glee Season 2. He tortured and bullied Kurt while being a closeted (almost confused) gay man.

    Like Rev Makela here, Karofsky acted out what he’s been taught – being gay is disgusting- and made no bones about humiliating other people who are gay.

    I just hope now that everything is out in the open Rev Makela would take the necessary steps to right his wrongs and live freely as he’s destined to be.

    I can’t judge him or throw stones at him. When in Rome, one must act like the Romans and observes the principles and teneths thereof. Likewise a Reverend must act according to the teneths and principles of the church (even while indulging in the same “sin” that the church abhors)

  7. I still dont get why persons who live in a free, open and tolerant society would decide to invent a harsh, choking mini -ecosystem inhabited and sustained only by themselves … smh

  8. This is fast becoming a trend in gay community, a single opposition to da gay agenda, we hunt n seekout Humiliating ways to disgrace our opposition,totally crushing there spirit and rendering them worthless under societal views.

    His gay, so what?, an hypocrite :yes so what. His bi and confused, so what?. Must we look for way to discredit him just close his a coward n a bully.

    We become the very person we are opposing just too get fair.
    Men it aint right.

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