134 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day XXIII

  1. **scoff**

    Which watch? That watch? I have seen better and carry better around everyday! Beckham………… Stealing my shine since conception! Swerve biko! Lol!

    **Singing “Baby’s got back” from Glee**
    I really dont get why Sir Beck would b Carrying d twin towers around nd his wife would forever look like an okporoko ikpachichi! Confusing ga adikwa! Posh needs some of this!

    • Wait, David Beckham is stealing your shine? As in, YOUR shine? Hahaha…you tried it kryxxx.(U aint never lied about his wifey tho; that woman stays looking like a 2B pencil…)

    • HOLEET DIA!!! Na by force to fat? I was seeing Mariah and Drew on tv yesterday and I was grossed out. Where did all that Sexy Slim go to?

  2. Mtcheeew,
    All of you be pretending that be saints today abi? Seeing only watch and pants.
    All I can see are cakes. The type that I would do 3 days dry fasting for.

  3. Nice outfit. The tie matches the pants, and the pants does enough to vivify and allegorize his butt. The watch is attractive. Nice outfit.

  4. It’s gonna take more than a moment to appreciate this watch ooo…..looool

    My love for colour BLUE just tripled…

    • On this your second link, lemme not just start with you this morning. I will just be quiet.
      Beckham of life has no butt…..?

    • Thanks @Khristopher.. It was truly doctored. The blue streaks are scattered all over the pic.
      And the ass pic is still gud (the nude)
      I’ll still grab those any day.. 🙂

    • But whoch kain bad belle kill joy be dis Khris dis morning abeg? Khris shiorr, you have failed woefully. Every weapons fashioned against my love for David Beckham shall not prosper.

    • Ehen! Ka m sikwa! O Beckham nke nwere ike ka slippers ka obu nwanne ya nke a muru uzo! Brother is as flat as back of pot! Azu ITE! I have hopes!

      And @MM, taa mechie onu GI there! What do you know! Even while in that sitting position the ass is still flat. That is best position to have by force ass! I take that pose everyday nd get huge result!

      One bottle for Kristopher for this huge scientific breakthrough!

  5. Why?!!! Just when I am about to go to bed! The tick-tock of this kind of watch is music to my ears. Does it have an in-built alarm? Cos I would love to set it at night and make it wake me up in the morning.

      • Yes he is.
        My grandfather too.
        Sinnex be shagging even before Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

      • Lol…Max Max….I am still technically a naive virgin oooo, that’s why I have not been raped by 5 guys, been outted to my family, arrested, beaten, kitoed…1…2…3..4..5..wait…10 times!!! I have decided to use super glue to seal my ass and my kini. No time to waste time.

      • At which point did I EVER think Tef was ur alter-ego and cyber doppleganger? Goes to show I nothing. Geez!!! Hell hath no fury like a Sinnex scorned

      • @Trys
        I don’t know what you are talking about. The only thing we had in common was that we agreed on some issues, that’s all. I don’t even know where you guys got the impression that something was going to happen.

        In all, I lay the blame at the foot of PP.

      • PP, Let’s say you forgot that this blog was created for a purpose and I am very sure hooking people up was not one of them…at least not when one of the two is disinterested.

      • Wait, you’re actually serious. You’re actually saying that whatever went on between you two is my fault. That’s what you’re saying? Seriously? Are you frigging kidding me?! You’re about to climb a soapbox to patronise me? REALLY? I’m sorry, at what point was I to blame when you two were flirting heavily back and forth on the blog? Or when he publicly asked for your contact and you referred him to me? Or when he contacted me and I emailed you and you gave me the go ahead? At what point, pray tell, was it my fault? Look, Sinnex, I’m in a good mood this morning. If you’ve got an axe to grind with anyone, grind it with him. Just don’t bring your drama near me.

      • Jeeeezzzexxxxx!!!!
        Sinnex and Tef did what??
        ALU!!! Tufia!!!
        Lesbianism oh!!!

        *recovers from shock**
        I thought it happened in the past, omg.
        **faints again**

      • @Max how can one break up when there was no relationship in the first place. Everything was just an act. There was no talk of meeting or anything. When we exhausted all we had to talk about, we stopped chatting. Don’t forget we are #TeamReal we don’t kiss ass.
        It is nothing personal. Just speaking my mind.

      • Let this just stop right away.. Sinnex seeking undue attention and making himself look important.
        Pinky feeling all defensive. Typing all sorts of thesis that isn’t required.
        Max Looking to steer up unnecessary fights here and there.
        To say I am disappointed in yall would be an understatement.
        I refuse to be dragged in this cheap shot at garnering comments for this post today or raising unease among Kdains.
        I refused to wash my dirty laundry or anyones’ at that in public.
        This is the last I’ll say of this.
        I’ll take the high road next time.

      • Shut up please, Teflondon. Just kindly do yourself a favour and shut it. I refuse to be maligned over any unsavory issue, especially when it concerns you. So please kindly do as you’ve just preached: shut it and don’t contribute, if this bunkum you’ve just posted is all you have to say.

    • Just one question, when did I accept for you to send him my email? I know for a fact that I did not expressly accept for my mail to be given to anyone.
      We are all allowed to flirt with one another. Everyone does it. That doesn’t make it real.
      You wake up one morning and see a mail from a total stranger. What do you expect me to do?
      I am not blaming you. I am just saying it for posterity sake. If anyone asks you for a another’s email next time, the best thing for you to do is to ask the said person via email. How do you think it would have looked if I had publicly declined?

      Anyway, it was fun while it lasted…I think…

      • Oh this has taught me a lesson. A BIG LESSON! My days of linking people up outside KD are most definitely over. Can you just imagine this guy o.

      • It’s a good thing you’re saying this here on this public forum, so that people can see it and know that this laughable position you’re taking is absurd and ridiculous.
        First of all, don’t you dare preach to me about contacting people before passing on their contacts to those who request for it, because, guess what, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I DO. Anyone who has ever sought for a hook-up through me can attest to that fact.
        And YOU, my dear friend, gave me your consent. Don’t just dare give me the cause to go dig out where you gave your consent. Whether it was here on the blog or via email, a consent is a consent, and you gave it!
        So whatever that has happened between you two is entirely on you. Don’t just come here and start whining and trying to blame someone else. Be a man and own up to your mistakes, don’t be looking for who to make look bad.
        Imagine this nonsense o!

      • PP, just calm your titties. It is nothing personal joor. Maybe you are right. We all make mistakes. No vex. Maybe it is a case of transferred aggression. But I still stand on the fact that I did not expressly give my permission. You are not to be blamed. I could have spoken up there and then. At least, you can’t have your cake and eat it. You are not happy that someone gave someone your email, yet, you chatted with the person for days and weeks and even shared lifelong fantasies….you are very right, the joke on me. That’s another characteristics of a naive person. We tend to blow things out of proportion.

      • Oga Sinnex, so you’re saying you only gave your consent publicly so you won’t look bad? Hypocritic much?
        And did I forget ass licking?
        He asked for your contact and ya’ll did your fake ass flirting and you found out what a terrible human being he is and bailed out, why blaming someone else?
        Its your shit please, clean it up and stop pointing your crooked fingers at people.

      • Ehn Pinky, abeg no try am o. Why does anything about Sinnex and Teflondon have to affect everyone on KD, just when i am hustling to meet my first KD acquaintance.
        Diaris God o!
        Hey sinnex and TefMushin you guys should just can it o. Aha what sef. Slap wey i go slap some people this hot afternoon ehn, dem no go understand am.

  6. Hmmm, someone started doing squats or the pants are too tight or this one Na photoshop. I’ve been studying his H&M ads tey tey and never saw ynash like this.

    Anyhow sha, the thing set 😁

      • LMAO!!! Gad my God in heaven would purnish for this remarks.. Your subtle shades are EPIC. I need me a lesson teacher **puppy eyes**

      • Gad what was in the palm wine that you drank this afternoon?
        I’m trying to do catch me if you can with you today? Ogini?

      • If you are in Abuja I will like to have some palmwine and nkwobi with you. We will also discuss the recent kito story with a view to finding some solutions,though I’m very skeptical about it considering the attitude(cowardice) of most of us

      • @Pinky *rme Has “‘Hypocrisy is Bliss’ Salvation Ministries’ balanced their accounts with u?

      • I think i might take you up on the palmwine drink offer, the nkwobi dish, i will say yes to that too.
        About solution to all these kitos stories, you said something to the effect of patient requesting
        for healing from health care giver before intervention can take place. Moreso i believe it is about
        time we started following our brain and instinct and not our back and front if you get my drift.

      • Am not in Abuja otherwise i can guarantee you that i will be sharing palmy and keleshi
        with you right now while gisting over kitodiaries by moonlight.

  7. I couldn’t help it. That watch must hv cost a lot. Dammit! Y does my eye see other things too? Neva knew Beckham’s was packing so much.

    Pinky, u r evil! *sprinkles holy water in eyes*

  8. Nollywood is looking up. The dramas these days are just epic. (Do we need popcorn or coaster biscuits instead?)

    * * * *

  9. Na wa oh. See as we move from Victoria husband ??ynash to back and forth accusations. Make una calm down abeg. All this drama sha. 😕

  10. *with holy hands raised unto high heavens while whistling*
    ‘…I’m walking away, from the troubles in my life…’

    PP, I hope you saw the veiled threat. You need to be on the look out. I love my privacy and don’t want anyone to tarnish my image.

    • “Tarnish your image”
      Oh yes, your virgin ass single straight working class knight of Jesus image..
      **Rolls eyes from abagana to Rumuomasi**

  11. I guess that train has moved but I remember vividly when a particular someone gave the go ahead that a particular someone should share his contact with a particular someone. Please let no one spoil market for me when it is my time to sell oh!

  12. Dear pinkie the least i felt u should have done was atleast to aknowledge that u got the pics by replying my mail even if u dont specify who the source of pics is.Or am i wrong? Oh well pleasant friday it is

    • Lemme write my own before Pinky comes. Oga, dey dia dey find recognition. If na something wey dey intellectual now or witty we for say pinky dey do piracy. It is just a picture abeg. How about you send in an article or at least common man crush (at least that one does not need you to put actual word down) and have it credited to you.
      People be requesting accolades. #CondimentsGbogboTiOFresh..

      • In ur rush to comment and sound all bit bitchy u failed to actually get my point thats how people fail exams with dia “i too know” i said he should have atleast replied my mail back saying he got the pics or any response atleast and not just snub me.Its just a pics to lighten up the mood and gush over like are u kidding me.Well i guess pinkie does no wrong,pinkie is perfect can u now realize how low ur mentality is?

      • I did not snub you, posh. It was just a picture and I don’t make it a habit of replying every mail I get, especially when it pertains to picture contributions you know will eventually get on the blog. I would think seeing it here is enough acknowledgment that I got it.

      • *In Nene’s voice* Child Pleeeze.
        Just goes ahead to buttress my point. You got your poor little tired old titties in a twist because he did not acknowledge your mail and went ahead to use the picture and still did not mention you name.
        We really should start a Project Fame KD.
        Hosted by none other than TefMushin himself.
        Contestant number 1 – our delightful POSH6666.

    • Hian!!! Pinky, na only u waka come? aLibel suits, Defamation of Character Suits, Injusticr Suits and now IPR Suits??? You’re just one man na. Not a ravaging storm of corruption ke. Everytime I just take a break and come back, na new tin.

      • A grudging 10 points for sensible sarcasm. My sense of fairness would not let me rest if I didn’t drop it since morning.
        Another 10 points for the email part. I saw what u did there.

  13. I know I do not have to fight PP’s battles for him because he can so clearly do that by himself, but some of y’all tried it…

    Sinnex, you know that you gave PP the go ahead here right? And if you didnt do that, you certainly gave the impression that you were open to Knowing Teflondon outside KD, and whether that was said in jest or not, you did it. So if in reality you didnt want ur contact to be given out to Oga Tef…maybe you should have let it known to PP, behind closed doors since u were obviously too chicken to do that here.
    After Kasala come burst finish, you’re now looking for someone to blame, and of all people its the admin that is at fault.
    Some of y’all just like stirring up trouble.

    Same with those people making accusations that PP isnt letting ur comments see the light of day. You know there is only so much power he has right? If you type comments and after you reload the page you dont see it, any number of things could have gone wrong. Its happened to me numerous amounts of times. Simply do us all a favor and type ur shii up gain and post it and srop whining.

    So this idea that you think PP doesnt have any job but to sit idly by his system and wait for your glorious comments to arrive and then he happily deletes them with an evil grin on his face is ridiculous and y’all know it, but you like stiring up whahala. His job as the admin of this blog is hard enough without you guys adding unnecessary crap to it.

    He has his faults like any human, call him out when it’s necessary not cause you’re seeking attention.
    Y’all sit on ur high horses and judge every single action that he makes like you would do a better job…its just childish, unimaginative, cheap theatrics, and y’all should biko back off him. Haba.

  14. Okay, maybe I overreacted a little. My apologies to @PP, maybe It skipped my memory that I gave the express approval. I am going through the archives at the moment, starting from ‘That Warri Guy’ to confirm my suspicions, I earnestly pray to be wrong.
    Also, apologies to all who I offended, either overtly or covertly. It was not intentional. I was having a moment and when I do, I tend to do crazy things.

  15. “Let’s take a moment to appreciate David Beckham’s…. Watch”

    Now, how ANYONE could not see the twist in that is shocking. I’ve noticed that some of us just like to stir trouble, making mentions of gangs and talk of how comments are deleted and I’m appalled. Not surprised but appalled all the same.

    On some days, I so like to think this blog is read by really smart people, old or young does not matter but smartness, I was hoping we had in abundance. I just spent the last hour going through all the posts I’ve missed in the last days, beautiful stories, funny ones and others a lesson to learn from but once I get to the comments section, my brain cells begin to rot away. Apparently we all can’t have different views and find ways of airing them without it looking like we’ve all been fighting since the days of Amoeba.

    Everywhere, there is a clique, people split into groups of different ideologies. I have that in my office, had it in my school, had it in the hospital I was born, heck I have it in my family. What makes you a better individual is understanding that that is the status quo, relating with the other group on issues you find similar and constructively discussing on issues you differ.

    It was just shameful what happened on the Kito story of yesterday and shameful again as it happened here with a seemingly funny picture such as this.

    Get it together people, for the love of Origin, get it together. I want to come here and read stories, smile at the comments and then face the world. Before you know it now, PP would write an Admin letter, biko I don’t want to read that tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend guys, I’m sure the mass hysteria would continue, we are living up to cliché anyway.

    • Thanks for this colossus.

      As cliche as this might sound, I don’t enjoy being the ‘center of attention’ on KD.. But it seems inevitable these days.. Cause certain peoples are hell bent on being on other people’s nerve. I always ‘try’ to ignore as much as possible but then I am only human and there is only so much I can take. Like I have said previously I would not be bullied off here.. I’ll leave when I want to, if I want to.. Not because of certian people’s snide remarks abt me (Heck, IDGAF Nways)
      As for what happened today, I would say I am still in total shock. I mean there is a certain low level limit humanly attainable. I’m in shock because those limits were even surpassed by a certain someone today. As it was clearly obvious this someone was trying to seek undue attention and trying to get back at me for speaking the truth abt him yesterday (Virgin this, Virgin that. Heck, I just got tired) OR for snatching the love of his life (hehehehe yes I said it) for whatever reason he was trying to get back at me.. I was disappointed by PP for replying his rants.. When it clearly shows he was upto something mischievous. PP should have ignored him like I did initially instead fanning the rants the more.. While this naive person kept on falling for the pranks of Another person to wash his dirty laundry so he can be the object of ridicule here on KD.. I refuse to play a part in such shameless acts all together.

      ** adds 2 spoons of lime to my vodka and takes a sip**

      I get the facts that I am box office hit on here.. And everyone wants to get a piece of me.. But it needs to tone down a bit..
      So Pls once again PP call the Gang to Order whatever they have being upto.. Is getting shameless and childish.. Not to add boring.
      Yes I finally said it!

      • “…I refuse to be dragged in this cheap shot at garnering comments for this post today or raising unease among Kdains.
        I refused to wash my dirty laundry or anyones’ at that in public.
        This is the last I’ll say of this.
        I’ll take the high road next time…”

        Anyway, PP are you interested in the story? I can cook something up.

  16. Today’s episode of “Real Boyfriends Of KD” titled “David Beck’s Bad Ass Watch” was brought to you by DeolaBird Galleria and Panther Entertainment. We wish to apologize for the lack of Flavio Maximus popcorn, as the generator ran of fuel.

    Tune in tomorrow for a fresh new episode of intriguing drama and humour and head shakers on “Real Boyfriends of KD”

    I am your host, JArch… signing out

  17. So after several hours off KD, I came to find a lot of comments, some bloody hilarious and a lot of unflattering ones. Smh to every fool around here who tries to turn every post as a medium for trash talk and finger pointing.
    From you Sinnex the naive virgin blamer
    To the infamous TEF, leader of the ratchet gang
    And Gad, daddy G.O of #teamConstantlyfoolish, you took the time off your busy schedule to parade your ageing feet on people’s comment.. Big smh for you.
    Your absence here weeks ago was much appreciated, please return to the abyss from whence you came and stop spreading your bile here.
    And as for those people wailing about deleted comments, suck it up and move on, this blog doesnt revolve around you!!!!.

      • You know things could deteriorate quickly here, but I wouldn’t wanna put my friend PP in an awkward position, so I suggest you find a seat somewhere in ” loser’s street ” and sit your semi-virgin ass down.. And pray to God that this cup pass you.

    • You gat that right sista. Preach it!!! Bin kinda being partial towards Sinnex two days now. Seeing as he is trying to deliver himself from the shackles of stupidity I thot he was formerly chained with (Nwoke m, no offence biko)
      As for ‘Court Jester’ and ‘Village Fool’, I am not surprised at their marriage tho. How Court Jester will compete with truly talented Comedians still beats me. I hope he realises in time that praise from Gad will only push him to disaster.

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