Photo Of HIV+ Man With His HIV- Family Goes Viral, Combats Stigma

enhanced-29390-1431713275-1Andrew Pulsipher of Phoenix was born HIV-positive 33 years ago — his parents both had the virus and died of AIDS related illness when Andrew was a child.

And while many would write off his dreams of starting a family, Andrew knew he was still capable of living the life he wanted, on his terms. Above is the photo he shared recently that quickly went viral, in which he poses with his HIV-negative family.

Andrew says he wanted to share his story to help battle the stigma that HIV is guaranteed to ruin your life.enhanced-28770-1431714069-7

He wrote on Facebook:

‘I am sharing this with you because for the first time I can be completely honest with myself and others. This has taken me a very long time to be comfortable with (almost 34 years!). I know HIV has a negative stigma, but that it doesn’t have to and I want to help change that. It is a treatable disease and you can live a normal life with it. I am proof of that. I want to educate people so that we can get past the “HOW you got the disease” to “HOW you are living your life with it”? There are many miracles in the world and I believe my life is one of them. I am not the only one and we all have stories to tell. If you feel drawn to share my story, please do. I would love to be part of the change in how we talk about HIV.’

Here’s some of the gratitude he received:enhanced-23315-1431725446-1

I want to use this post as a medium to tell the new KDian acquaintance I just made, the one who just recently found out he’s HIV positive and has all this questions about his future and the possibility of a family, to him and all others who are wondering the same things, I want to say: ‘You can still get all the things you want in life, in spite of your status.’

25 thoughts on “Photo Of HIV+ Man With His HIV- Family Goes Viral, Combats Stigma

    • He was Born with the HIV Virus so that makes his body a very Strong Carrier of the Virus. It won’t affect him much at all. He’ll live a full life til very Old age until disease set it that may weaken his immune system. He also has been treated all his life and has a Viral Load that’s pretty much non existent. Everyone doesn’t have a happy story or ending such as he does. Some people especially those who don’t have access to good treatment develop AIDS and are still fighting for their lives. Others with the Virus despite treatment get really sick from it often times. While I’m happy his story is helping lift the Stigma, HIV is still no walk in the Park. People still struggle with ALL SORTS OF DISEASES due to the HIV virus. They have good days and then comes the bad days.

  1. I’m happy for him…I am sure that even my Pastor might (if not ‘will’) find it hard to wed a couple where one is and the other isn’t, and the latter does not care…he’ll resort to endless couselling on how and why this can’t work.


    *deep sad sigh*

    • I heard of a church where that happened but the woman did not care, she was a medical personnel and she said tshe loved the man and wanted to get married to him. The Pastor had no choice but to wed them.

  2. This is nice.
    The problem with HIV in Nigeria and around the world is STIGMATIZATION, that alone is capable of killing you faster that AIDS.

  3. My first thoughts are Bobby. Dear Bobby, I know you’ll win this fight. By the way, I need to get tested.

  4. ‘You can still get all the things you want in life, in spite of your status.’ wise words really.
    The man is an inspiration no doubt, i just hope that everyone who need encouragement and inspiration really does get inspired.

  5. Since the man didn’t get HIV through his own doing.. Rather inheriting it from his parents.. It’s easier for him to campaign for this. I doubt if he got this from extra marital affiairs, his family would stand by him like this and he would be willing to openly come out and campaign for ‘No stigmatization.’

    • Getting HIV from his parents or through extra marital affairs doesn’t make HIV any less than it is. And who says the virus can only be gotten sexually? His wife was aware of his status before she decided to marry him. That’s one big step against stigmatisation. The question is if you willing be willing to marry a spouse who’s HIV+. That’s one of the real fights against HIV stigmas.

      • I’m high on opium but it seems to be working on your brains more. Need I remind you that I’m an old man,a dadday. Teflondon prefers young guys like you who knows and are fully aware that they know better not old MBM like me.

  6. This brought me to tears, he just answered all the questions i had in mind when i was diagnosed. it’s almost two years now and i havent started on drugs yet and i am very much hale and hearty. i’m indeed grateful for this enlightenment and i hope it brings about real hope for those who are in the same boat as ours.

  7. Another inspirational piece from an OVERCOMER. we’re out here working to make it happen here in NIGERIA and all the doubters,NAY Sayers and unbelieving folks will know that HIV is and remains a tenant WE ARE LANDLORDS.
    Keep it up Pink I CELEBRATE U!

  8. Only 18 comments? If na fuckery or kito story, it will generate 200 comments….all man just dey read dey pass…..Lol

    • @KingBey lmao. some pipu can’t be bothered.

      Some pipu no send sha. I have quite a number of sero discordant patients and they are living in peace without worries. When love strong nothing else matters.

      Na only one of them dey vex me sha. One HIV positive man just corner am for road tell am to leave her HIV negative husband so they can be positive together and the woman gree oh. I just issue am warning say make she no come my side cry when the nigga dump am later.

      You see negative person wey love you unconditionally and has moved heaven and earth for you and you still wan waka. Some things dey baffle me sha.

      • She’s a foolish woman…..the man should get himself another woman. She doesn’t deserve him…..HIV or not, Love, Trust and Total Understanding still remains the keys to a successful marriage.

  9. I said it before and i am saying it again, HIV dont kill,
    ignorance and stigmstization is what kills.
    Be informed. Get tested.

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