Men Crush Wednesday: A Cast Of Leading Men

facebook-20150517-140311So, a KDian sent me this picture of a line-up of gorgeous (I know I’ll be crucified for this qualification, lol) men. Some of them, I know, some others, I don’t. But there they are, hot, hot men, perhaps men you might like to spend a torrid Friday night and a lazy Saturday morning after with, yes? 😀 Any takers in the house?

52 thoughts on “Men Crush Wednesday: A Cast Of Leading Men

  1. Ah, Kelvin Godson… *sigh* That guy has a rough look to him that makes me think of ripped clothes and flying buttons, and wild wild things happening in bed.

  2. Trust me, Uti is ugly.
    I’ll go with Gbenro Ajibade.
    Uti and Alex are too much of flaming queens.
    I’ll manage Gbenro.

      • Tef, Yeah, Uti is ugly. Okay, let’s say he’s getting ugly.
        And must I be a hot stud to want what happened desire?
        Pls chill.

      • Pinky, I beg to differ.
        Uti isn’t doing it for me lately.
        The new kid on the block is Emmanuel Ikubese. He’s the reigning Mr Nigeria.
        And Bryan Okwara too.

      • @MM, Brian tries too much biko.
        Saw him once in ozone around 10pm and held his beard so close to him. The way he was walking after we stepped outta the elevator, you’d think he was the owner of the place.
        Uti- I like his personality, but I’m not attracted to him
        Gbenro- I heard he’s engaged abi married (correct me if I’m wrong). He and uti look alike, but he’s younger and hotter.
        Alex- Leech << I hate leeches
        Then I have no idea who the other ones are, and they're supposed to be #leadingMen
        **side eyes Pinky*

      • Lol, Max,
        They all have beards.
        Alex is on to yemi Alade.
        Gbenro is engaged to Osas Ighodaro.

  3. Biko, why is it that I automatically look 1st in the direction of the crotch? Dear KD, I think I av a huge problem.
    Nice men all, but I’ll pass tho

  4. **In a very lazy drawl** This Kdian tho…… This pics didn’t do them any justice naa. They all look drab.

    Oh well…… If you insist, Send them over already! We’ve got some work to do! **arranges bed nd strikes a sexy pose**

  5. Dear KDians,
    And PP too,
    Listen up ya’ll,
    I’ve got a new man candy.
    His name is

    Pep Guardiola.
    This man can never do wrong in any dress.
    Oh Jesus, he gives me life.
    His skin head.
    Grey beard.
    Those eyes.

    So this is to issue a serious warning to all you thirsty hoes and insatiable bitches..
    Pls keep off my man.
    Stay off.
    I won’t say it more nicer than this.

    • Hmmm Pep Guardiola
      I see someone watches his football.. You have got a keen eye for good things I’lld admit.

      His beards! His toned skin! His monkey jacket! His cakes in those damn pants! I mean those cakes are just…. The man is drop dead.

      Haven said all that..
      **Rolling eyes**
      I’ll stick with Mourinho (another gorgeous being)

      • ***shows Tef the exit to Stamford Bridge***
        Off you go
        Go ogle at that arrogant human called Mourinho.
        May I never catch you staring at Pep.

  6. Someone please wake me up whenever there’s some vanilla ice cream on the table. Thank you

    *cover self with duvet and goes back to sleep*

  7. Gbenro does it for me always … Alex’s lips tho 🙂

    … they should all turn around to display ‘the goods’

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