A Look Inside The Homophobia Of Uganda

gallery-uganda3“Tell me something about Ugandan culture,” prompts Vice correspondent, Isobel Yeung, to a group of locals on a recent trip to investigate violence against gays in the country.

“The first thing we hate is homosexuality,” one man begins. “We hate that one completely. If we find a woman with a woman, we pull out one and we do it to her…We have sex with her…Serious rape.”

“So what would you do if you saw a gay man?” asks Yeung.

The man gets a disturbing smile on his face as he yells, “Kill! You kill that one! Woman and woman we rape, but man and man we kill.”

Last Friday, HBO’s Vice tells this and other stories surrounding the current state of homosexuality in Uganda. It’s an ugly reality, but one that the world needs to know about.

Below, find two clips from the show. The first contains the interview posted above, and in the second one, Yeung interviews a gay woman who was raped.

23 thoughts on “A Look Inside The Homophobia Of Uganda

  1. I really don’t understand homophobes at all!! I mean, they tend to rant about how for their gods they are dousing out violent punishment on sinners and forget that EVERYONE is not perfect. And that their god, being so powerful, can fight! And that since they are so clean and perfect, they’re gonna be spared like Noah when their gods come to destroy us sinners…
    It is one thing to dislike, and another to hate so much to the extent of hurting another human…especially when it doesn’t bother your own living a bit @all…

  2. This is what that big fool Badluck Jonathan wanted to turn Nigeria into. But thank God the moron was promptly sacked by the good people of Nigeria!

  3. Uganda, always in the news for wrong reasons. Similar thing is happening in Gambia, where the president threatened to slit the throat of gays.

    • I saw that news report and I shook my head. It’s just bewildering how the issue of homosexuality can turn human beings into monsters in a way legitimate crimes can’t.

      • The funny thing is that homophobia in uganda is fuelled and sponsored by western evangelical movements. Check “God loves uganda” on you tube.

        Gad had raised this point once and he was correct somewhat. Some of the homophobia is africa was actually important with the western religions.

  4. The first video pissed me the fuck off.
    The second one broke my heart.

    I still do not understand the obsession that homophobes have with homesexuals. Its disturbing and sickening.
    So much energy is spent hating people for doing something that isnt your business and doesnt affect you, and yet you make it all about you. SMH.

  5. Shebi if you pray for Ebola to hit that country and selectively wipe away all those with homophobic tendencies, they’ll say you’ve come again.

  6. My heart is completely shattered into pieces! I have no words!

    This is why no homophobe will have any space in my life!

  7. I don’t wanna watch. After reading through the commwntsu, I don’t think I want to.
    Don’t need to be provoked this morning.
    If I had my way, I’d murder that president.

  8. Oh so rape and murder are OKAY so long as its inflicted on the gays.

    This is why these countries will never prosper

    I have so many bad things I wanna say in these President’s face.


  9. The most annoying thing is tht these homophobic beasts love girl on girl action, but boy on boy(which is so hot by the way) is so disgusting to them(so they say). As if their D won’t get hard when a dude blows and sucks it. Mtchewwwww

  10. y’all think Uganda is homophobic? sorry to bust and shatter your bubble!! NEWSFLAS:: Nigeria is every bit a homophobic, take time to carefully observe the average Nigerian and you’ll see these same sentiments echoed. Nigerians are every bit as homophobic, maybe just not as ugly!! ***Chokes back puke*** … the Beasts have been force fed with religious opium till their brains are nothing but a mushy porridge of intolerance mixed with heavy doses of bigotry – exactly the same crap goes on here …

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