45 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day VIII

  1. Wouldn’t he like to know? But that amount is too huge to pass up except they are going to use you to get so much more in the end. I can bet Sinnex would lose his precious virginity over that amount. Heck, virgin Mary probably would too.

  2. 600k? PER girl? O ga o! Is each girl expected to leave a kidney behind? The sad part is that, even if it’s not actually 600k,it’s gonna be a ridiculously large amount, but those men won’t even dash a struggling relative 200k. And some people are wondering how unemployed light-skinned girls live in the best apartments in abuja…

      • Oh c’mon Pinky, let’s not pretend that we don’t know dat “red-bones” rule abuja…and d rest of black-Africa! U pipo(yes including YOU) should continu; wen I become a minister, I’m goin to make sure they ban “Fair & White”, “Whitenicious”, “QE10”, “Caro-white”, “Caro-Light”, “Caro-Bright”…

    • @chestnut,now that you mentioned light skinned ladies, I’d beg to digress.

      Happened to run into a lesbian party a few weeks ago at about 10pm in the VIP stage/section of Elegushi beach. I was quite surprised that they were that open. Although they weren’t kissing but there were loads of grinding and touching body.

      Provided additional entertainment for the duration I was there with my peeps.

      Question: would a gay party have been held that openly?

      • Lesbianism is an attraction for straightmen and a lot of women in this world.
        Women, naturally are tactile by nature, so most touchy touchy women can
        do in public is what we see in the society in private too. If you have females
        around you a lot, you can pick on it
        Often i have heard my straight friends voicing out their fantasy of wanting
        to join lesbians in sex acts, they believe it is exciting. Myself sometimes
        get excited watching two sexy pretty lesbians indulging.

        As for gay men indulging in compromising act in public, it is a no no,
        except for few enlightened minds..

      • Anon, when u say you and ur peeps provided “additional entertainment”, what exactly do u mean? #AskingOnBehalfOfEntertainmentMinisterDeola

      • @Chris, I get what you mean. For me, it was just the amusement of seeing them in the open doing their thing. These were classy ladies though…beautiful, in their mid to late 30s and had like three bouncers cordoning where they were. I found all very interesting.

        @chestnut, get your mind out of Upper Iweka gutter! My friends and I simply moved our drinks to a table where we’d have a better viewing of them.

    • Haba. December for May??? Cool down.

      The abuja high and mighty just wanna spend our stolen money on their sexual fantasy.

  3. The guy asking for runs boys is such a learner… them runs boys be getting more than 600k! #AskDenrele

    On a serious note… 600k ke? it smells all shades of Jenifa part 1.

  4. Pls in as much we do come here to play inclusively we MUST desist from making mockery outta any Holy one. That remark about the Blessed Mother is totally uncalled for. Even if u or ur denomination does not acknowledge her u must learn to respect ppl’s faith and believe. Pinky u shld clear dat comment from here pls

    • So they must live their lives in accordance with YOUR beliefs? What’s the difference between you, Boko Haram, and all the Salafi movements around the world?

      He said even a virgin would hook up – clearly an analogy/figure of speech. It’s allowed because it is a reference, not a discussion of whether the Virgin actually hooks up or not

      • @Chuck, sorry but the above statement was disrespectful. Though that may not have been the intent of the commenter, Mcgray did the right thing to correct/inform him to avoid a reoccurrence. I felt some type of way when I read that. I mentioned this yesterday when something similar transpired here. I’m repeating it again, there are things u don’t joke with, particularly in an online forum where you don’t who is reading and dealing with a wider audience. I’m no Catholic nor am I overly religious, but certain things should be held in high regard and respected at all times.

        Lets “all” learn when to take correction and not see everything as an attack on our person.

      • 1. You have yet to show why using the Virgin Mary in a hypothetical situation/as an example of a virgin is disrespectful.
        2. “there are certain things you don’t joke with.” Why? Explain why.

        I’ll wait.

      • Chuck an elder actually told me, “Never talk because you have to say something Rather Talk because you have something to say” and i hv put it into use since then, maybe u can put it into use as well.

    • That Virgin Mary statement was the same type that someone made about the assumed proclivities of the prophet Mohd some years back that led to the burning down of Kano and the emergency end of Nigeria’s Miss World hosting …

  5. @McGray, your comment above (the “elder”‘s saying) is irrelevant and silly. Address the argument, don’t sidestep the issue. It’s plain you have no intellectual standing behind your opinion.
    You’re an example of the poor discussion style and ignorant opinions on this blog

      • Heheheh e be like say pesin won take style learn Igbo oo, anyhoo, since we are sharing coke i will teach u for N2000 per two hours. I told him, “Brian my brother, i am mindful, u get bah?”

      • lool, you’ve got jokes. thanks McGray, because it seems like Igbo is the international
        language on this blog πŸ™‚ Am not paying a dime and you will teach me by force, what
        happens to friends or blog members with benefit? #2000 ko €2000 ni, thanks in advance.

  6. By the way, just as food for thought: there are several on this blog that think calling a gay man sister is an insult, and use it often to disparage points raised in discussions. Outside of the obvious misogyny and homophobia therein, these ripostes often show that he person being insulted has won the intellectual battle. I won’t say more now, but I’ll be sure to point out the repeat offenders when this is repeated.

    • Maybe or perhaps some dudes are not happy with their current gender,
      all they’ve to do is cross over to the western world and arrange a
      Bruce Jenner formatics. imagine, sister Segun or Ms Emeka, hian 😦
      Only hermaphrodites can be given the leeway.

      • That’s a tangent you went off on, don’t you think? I was referring to addressing gay men as women in order to insult/denigrate them.

      • @Chucks, i responded earlier on, strangely it got ‘eroded’
        As i said, mabe not the right infusion, but a viewpoint in my
        think tank waiting to be fired, the opportunity presented
        itself hence the cataclysm.

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