From An Aggrieved Bottom

So he’s KDian and a friend, and one sunny BBM morning, he sent me the picture below, out of the blue. And while I was still recovering from shock laughter at the picture, he lodged a complaint right after. Check on it below.

IMG_20150505_072733IMG_20150505_081557So what say y’all? Can someone bring back the ‘Orijinal’ Tops for a sista? 😀

107 thoughts on “From An Aggrieved Bottom

  1. I wonder how he likes to be dominated, hmm. I think
    it’s like the role of master and slave or that of dog on
    leash and the owner, somebody help me here?
    The Origin~nal top ko, the Goldenberg bottom ni 🙂

      • Pinky, some insatiable bitches, that are greedy for candy. They want one you keep digging after you’ve even gone limp.
        It is not my portion biko.
        When no be government work.

      • They can even wake you up at midnight and at dawn, to do the do.
        You’ll literally crawl outta bed.

      • This reminds me of a one ‘murderer’ he will be going “harder, harder, harder”
        It makes asked the question, are we having sex or we are just phucking?
        To me that is not a power bottom, that is a power killer and a back breaker 🙂
        When you now have disc slip now who will dial 199, 911 or shey na 999

  2. LOL…. I can honestly tap into his sentiments, ‘the orijin~nal’ tops are more scarce than fuel these days, that’s if they’re not already endangered, and the inflation of bottoms into the public sector keeps making unripe men assume Top-ship roles, it’s simply disheartening.

  3. This has being my complain recently. Tops lacking in bedmatics are abound everywhere. Worst is now this new trend of bottoms wanting to fuck bottoms.I am tired! Really what fascinates me about bottoming ain’t just the dick but the dominance. When its not there sex is just quiet. Somebody fix this please

    • Omg!!! This has gone from being funny to some serious issue.

      Mehn I ain’t gon lie all I can see is Dominance! Dominance!! Dominance!!! But u find brothers complaining that it’s not military regime! And how u take charge like its ur father’s house, some complain that its not a pussy and you should be mindful on how u beat it, some go sore after the 1st beat down.

      I’m just here blinking here in surprise and wondering where all these protest is coming from. Brothers in the hood need to make up their minds real quick, cos this level of flip flopping is mind numbing.

  4. Lol this is funny but so true! Like if you are not good at it stick to what you know and stop making the experience weird for the bottoms 😉

  5. Hmmn!

    Lying nd pretending over what you r not won’t help matters in any way! U’d just b living a lie! Nd when it comes to doing d do, what now happens if u can’t get erect? Oh puleeesss!

    Was chatting with a certain dude one day, a friend shaa. All fair nd twinkish d way DM likes them, dude told me he was Verse but bottomed 4 his last boo cos dude likes being in charge nd I was like ooo……………ok. That kind of “ok” that is laced with enough doubt to knock out a rhino. Next think, this nwokem now opened d mouth he uses in eating Jii mmanu to say that his bi too nd I lost it! Wtf! When last did u have sex with a lady, I asked. Guess his answer biko(dude is 25 oh)…..

    15yrs ago!!!!!

    Lets just say I check my time when he sends goodmorning now just to b sure.

    There is nothing to b ashamed of ABOUT whom u are! IT WOULD SAVE U HEADACHE!

    My name is KryxxX, am 6ft.3″, hit the gym, and am a BOTTOM!

      • Hmmn!

        And who the hell was giving an ad?!
        I was just trying to pass a point across!
        Well stated nd clear!

      • D-boy, if he hasn’t had sex with a woman in 15 years and has been sexually active with men in all that time, he has no business calling himself a bisexual. It’s that simple😳

      • He was 10! Oh well! lemme just say he started off early just like most of us! Still can’t wrap my head round it though.

      • The dice could be thrown the other way still, stop intimacy with dudes for 15yrs and then messing around with women since, i take it that they can still pick the label bisexual? Just checking?

      • @Chris I would call them straight. They have stopped “experimenting” being with dudes and have chosen another path. If they have stopped it for so long, they deserve to have their bisexual or gay membership revoked and allow serious candidates admittance.
        But I am never practiced bisexuality, you have. So you can make a better judgement call on the labelling. 😉

      • So if one stopped fucking dudes for 15 years, he can’t say he’s gay?? I guess all those adult used-to-be-straight men can’t be gay.

        It’s about attraction, not sex. I’ve not had sex with ladies in a very long while because I chose not to. That doesn’t stop my attraction nor make my dick not get erect.

  6. And to be honest it’s stuff like this that makes me prefer vers dudes.. Bottoms will complain you’re too soft or not dominant or a closet bottom.. Tops will spew rubbish like “you’re the woman”. Versatility is the the way forward for me

      • Ace you wont kill somebody, looool, shey over this top/ bottom palava?
        I dont like e- fighting oh, bring Eros or whoever to the park close to my
        end and come and display your mayweather skills

  7. This is the schematics of what being gay in Nigeria really is this days

    If you claim top it means you are Verse

    If you claim verse it means you are a bottom

    If you claim bottom it means you are Madame

    #WhenYouRealizeYouAreBeingFuckedByASopranoSister #NoTopsInTheWild #FixItJesus #WeAreTiredOfBeingLiedTo #SayNoToLesbianism

  8. Short story..
    once upon a time In an Egyptian land.. There was faminine of tops.. So one day. The Queen was passing by fully dressed in a Diamond crested French lace fabric carried by 6 well built And gorgeously looking Rough-necks and heard Ladies protesting.. screaming and chanting WE WANT OUR MASC TOPS BACK!! WE WANT OUR MASC TOPS BACK!!
    She stopped and sympathized with the ladies and assures them that one day.. masc tops will flourish in the land again.. One day! No one knows when.. But one day!
    **She flips her expensive Remy weave-on backwards**
    Rides off into the sunset with her 6 rough necks while the ladies keep on wailing for Masc tops!

    THE END.

  9. @kryxxx u’re so funny. Its fact is tht in our Nigeria we have many gay guys who are closeted versatile guys but most of them claim to be TOPs, and I’m like #whatthefuck.

  10. I think we all need to take people for who they claim to be. If its not your cup of tea, keep it moving. People are still coming to terms with their sexuality, y’all want to police what role they should identify as again? O di Egwu!

    That being said,versatile dudes are always appreciated. They can categorically tell you what they are better at. And if you are lucky, they are great at both.

    • Most def, some verse dude are what i termed allrounder. This type of dudes are
      brilliant bottoms and fantastic tops, Oh yes! Not only that oh, this wonderful
      category of dudes are also well endowed and loaded for back. Yes my eyes
      have seen!

      • @Trystham, lets give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, some Vers are phucking good, i sweardown.

      • Pain. Pleasure. *shrugs* Basically what bottoms feel. You don’t expect me to start reeling my bed-mates list on a family forum like this. Nwa m, I still like as some OTHER ppl have the ‘Whore of the Season’ award.

        Oh!!! Are they? I need ‘a top to my bottom’ not ‘to just top my bottom’. Bananas, Carrots,Cucumbers n Dildos wud do nicely if I wanted to.

        OAN Its ‘versatility’. Knew sumtin was wrong with that word

    • which one be proper women:)? are you discriminsting against transexuals and tranvestite?
      Before you say anything, may i remind you that some trannys now have designed vagina.
      Oya am listening….

      • There is a difference between transsexuals and transvestites. Transvestites dress up as women, and could still be sexually attracted to women. Transsexuals are in the middle of transitioning and have mixed organs.

        You’ve missed my point. Just as the OP(Original Poster/Writer) wants tops a certain way, the kind of men who are like that are probably straight and don’t want gay men or gay bottoms.

      • Yes i took notice of breakdown of nuances of transvetism and that of being a transsexual.
        On behalf of those that are not aware of this info i say much appreciated. Personally i see
        them both around from time to time. I slightly rephrase my question/point about what do you
        make of a dude that is sexually attracted to a transsexual? Hence i referred to some transsexual
        as complete woman with designed vagina and no i didnt miss the point bro, , not at all.

      • If a dude likes transsexuals, good for him. Sounds like a chaser though, which is a fetish and doesn’t respect the individuals. Another example of that kind of fetish is white men who want black tops with big dicks – they don’t care about any other aspect of the top’s personality.

    • Kaycee , whst is your spec then? you a verse dude? dudes like that abound all over
      from Owerri to Oyo, haba!

  11. I am confused, Did I just read that if you haven’t had sex with a woman then you can’t be Bi…like seriously? As in, are you guys for real? What makes me Bi? I have not had sex with a guy before-well not technically. So, what am I? I remember someone asking me how I knew I was gay when I had not had sex with a guy. I am surprised that someone or some people who are supposed to know better would be asking me the same thing on this blog.

    I have neither had sex with a guy nor with a girl, So what am I?


    • Sinnex, not sure where/ what you read and what you understood by it.

      What makes you Bi? Being attracted to and having sex with both men and women.

      From what you have just said, you have had some sort of sexual dealings with a guy, albeit not penetrative sex. You have not alluded to same with a female. So as things stand you are gay.

      Also, you are a virgin ( whether straight or not) because you have not had penetrative sex with ANYONE (as you keep constantly reminding us)

      I hope that helps 😏

      • So?

        What about when I tell people that I am verse, then they ask me how I was certain when I had never had sex before.

        OAN; seems you guys did not get the memo…I am technically no longer a virgin. And I have this to say, sex is OVERRATED. I have now done everything and still don’t like anything, except maybe being given BJ.

        What do call someone who prefers fantasies to the real deal?

      • No we missed the memo. But before I congratulate you, could you explain without going into sordid detail, what exactly you did? Was there penetrative sex? Were you top or bottom or both. Was it safe sex?😕

      • You have now done ‘Everything’? 🙂 Care to elaborate? Or better still, write about it? We could caption it ‘The Disvirginization of a Nigerian Gay Man.’ 😀

      • Sex is never overrated when done with the right person.
        Pp, i can see your systematic way of catching on aprokoism.
        You want to hear how the sex went down for Sinnex 🙂

      • Maybe you guys are right sha. The truth is that I am not attracted to any of the guys I have been meeting, while the guys I am attracted to are guys around me and they are straight.

        Anyway, it seems like a lot of people were waiting for me to do it because I almost got raped the day after….in my house!!!

  12. Just got around to catching up on this post …. hahahahahahaha!

    @Sinnex dearest ,,, we are all salivating to hear this ‘disvirginization’ drama … that wen ahead to almost include RAPE.

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