2014-06-29-_70965400_ugreutgayThey are the places we’ve found ourselves

Trapped in circumstances

Unable to live the lives we want

To please their idea of normalcy

Most of us bend and break

Avoiding what we crave to touch

But I tell you for yours and everyone’s sake

Let God be the Judge


They make us feel unworthy

Of living our lives as we please

They say we defile our bodies

Worse are we, than the deceased

They are scared of what they don’t know

And THAT alone is much

What I know is they should let go

And let God be the Judge


We are family and friends when we live the life they want

Not realising that their role is to love and not want

And when they hear of us, they hold a silent grudge

Instead of loving still, and letting God be the judge.


We are not the minority

We are the ones brave enough to be true to ourselves.

And to those who live in denial and self hate

I urge to work those emotions out

One whisker at a time

To ignore the chastisement of self and others

And to let God be the Judge

And if he made you – us the way we are

Straight, upright and unbending to the will of the world

Written by Reverend Hot

65 thoughts on “LET GOD BE THE JUDGE (LGBT – J)

  1. Usually i don’t do this, but …. first to comment ..***bows deeply to accept ‘agbaya’ award…. lol

      • Erm auntie mushin, shade doesnt have singular or plural in this context.

        So he is not throwing A SHADE, he is THROWING SHADE. I mean you went to expensive schools anyway so that must have come from your keypad.

        Also, if one pretends not to see something they dont also comment on it no?

      • ROTFLMAO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂@FlyOnTheWall, please calm down. It’s Sunday😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • But what honestly do we expect?
        Dude says he loves the ‘lowlifes’ and excess interaction with them could corrupt the English he picked up at ivy league school(s) attended.

  2. The day man thinks less of what people say or think of him, the day man stops seeking validation,cheap sympathy and approval from others except God, that’s the day he can be said to have grown, physically and more spiritually. The fact remains that man will always get dissapointments from men. Its only God in Christ that never fails. He is the friend that sticks closer than a brother. If one doesn’t find Him,all remains vain, and a mere chasing of shadows. Affluence, good health and long life are not even His greatest gifts to man but ETERNAL LIFE.

    • Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think of what people say about you here when you go all psycho-homophobic and say ridiculous stuff. Most times you think adding “God” to your comments makes it more valid or powerful. *sighs*
      Even God himself will frown at some of your comments here.

      • @Max Azzin!!! I had to listen to the Adewoye John podcast, him being a priest and all, over again to see if he mentioned ‘God’ in every other sentence. Its just nauseating.

      • Something you and Gad have going you are yet to share with the house,Max.
        Nothing in what he wrote warrants you coming at him.One is thankful though,your claws are sheathed this time.Kind of

    • Gad, you sound a lot like my mother when you start playing this tune. I will however, ask you some questions.

      Seeing how Jesus is the one and only true friend we need in life, do you have human friends? Because by logical deduction, we should only stick with that which is best for us, right? So, is Jesus your only friend or do you have human friends?

      • @Kel, could you please re-read that comment of mine, sit for a while and mull over my words – possibly with a cup of tea, however tasteless it may be – and tell me whether your response to my question was based on what I wrote or on some passing thought in your imagination.

      • Actually,you were the one who didn’t read/digest what Gad wrote before you jumped in.I guess that’s because it is the fad to so do.
        Now,back to my question.You don’t need Jesus as a friend,the friend?

      • @ Mitch, since I sound a lot like your mother(according to you), why not put your “intelligent” question to her instead? Or are you saying you trust an online personality more than the one through whom God gave you life and nurtured you?

      • @ Pinky,your penchant for ‘follow follow’ is not new.I will be surprised if you are able to explain your reason for screaming love,love owing to Mitch,s comment.A guy technically called his mother childish and you are screaming “love,love”. @ Mitch, the most tragic thing to happen to a man is to think he is full of wisdom when he lacks it. from the little you have said of your mum,i have no doubts that God blessed you with a wise mother,learn from her. show her my initial comments and let her decode them for you even though its clear enough.Im a xtian,I cant pretend because atheist are here too.my religion says i should always talk about the love of Christ,savior and friend. Mitch,im sure @ some points in your life you referred to God as your father,does that make your dad non-existent?

  3. Beautiful piece, taking me to church this beautiful morning. Thanks Reverend Hot for this, it truly is an amazing piece.

  4. Nwannem vhar, this Reverend wants to put you out of business. We are going to send him to his village oh.
    happy Sunday good peeps

  5. I’m not good at Ass kissing definitely.. I’ve tried and tried but it just doesn’t work for me..

    So hope you know Reverend Hot when I say “you always TRULY deliver and have never disappointed” I’m not Ass kissing here but it’s fair to say It’s about time you take the throne from Vhar anyways.. She’s becoming complacent!

  6. @Gad, you just answered my question. Its the same thing my mother does whenever I ask this question.

    Funny how your avoidance says a whole lot more than any outright answer you’ll give me.

    @Kel/MacArdry, I have Jesus in my life. I, however, do not make a show out of it, rubbing it in the faces of others. We took Teflondon up for harping about his family’s wealth. Gad’s constant harping about his relationship with God is distasteful in that there are not only Christians but also people of other religions on this blog. The Christians aren’t fools or hypocrites who can’t defend their relationship with God. They just know that your spiritual life is your PRIVATE business with God, not an opinion to be shoved down other people’s throats.

      • Please bear with Pinky. He must have forgotten the resolutions you reached at your last meeting. Kindly tag it and forward to him so he will be properly guided.

      • Gad, u keep mentioning my name when I have had nothing to say to you. My dear, reserve your cattiness for those who’ve cared enough about u to pick a fight with you. You’re not worth it to me.

      • Gad, your fakenesss irks me. Stop playing the all-knowing because no mater how many eons older you are than me, you’ve simply proved to us that age isn’t necessarily wisdom. Lashing out at me because you had no answers was ectremely childish of you.

        Then again, I quite forgot that it is to be expected from old folks like you. Senility makes aged people think and act like children so…………..tsk tsk!

    • @ Mitch,if you know Christ and see him as not worthy of talking about,Im sure he is different from the one I know. The Christ I know gave all christians a marching order to talk about His love to all everywhere.think of the younger gay guy struggling with his sexuality.how can he know that God doesnt hate him but loves him passionately if i dont talk about His love.have you spared a thought for the depressed,the fainthearted and those who thinks suicide is the next escape?how can they know of Christ,s love if those who found Him refuse to share His love? you accuse me of bragging about my spirituality,though its worth bragging about but i cant remember doing that in my comment.I HOPE U DON,T BELONG TO THE GROUP THAT READS TO COMMENT RATHER THAN TO UNDERSTAND!

  7. I will like to be explained to why an interesting blog should turn to platform for personal
    attack, for the life of me, i dont get it, the vilifying should stop pls. Women self dont carry
    on like this. No wonder i keep hearing that gay men are bitchy, i cant deal mehn, Jeez!

      • @Keredim69, Gad have just spoken for me. I stand for women’s right
        but will keep it real, if you know what i mean.

      • I have heard a lot gay dudes making the same statement “gay men are bitchy”
        Okay, fine maybe not every gay dude (well it it wouldnt be) but it is what it is;
        and going by what i see up here on this beautiful blog sometimes, i beg..

      • Back in the 80s/90s the VW Golf was branded VW Golf in Europe and VW Rabbit in America.
        It would seem the same “bitchy” comments by gay guys, if made by straight (and dare I add Bisexual) men, would be considered “Witty”😏

      • A female friend once recommended the book ‘Men are from mars, Women are from pluto’ to me.
        I couldnt agree more plus my experience of dudes that i flex with (straight and Bis) that women
        style of communication is totally different from men, from wits, ‘bitchiness’ emotions, banters, way way
        different. Let dudes be dudes and babes be babes, less confusion.

      • Today is a day set aside for homophobia,, transphobia and biphobia day.
        There is unity in diversity.

      • Yes of course , much to the delight of the heterosexuals😏. Let’s give them ammunition to mock what they perceive as abnormal.

      • I believe it is a day set aside to educate the ignorant minds, no?
        Lgbtiq gives above phobes some ammunition when they allowed
        heterosexuals to referred to themselves as straight and lgbtiq
        peoples as queer, gay(happy go lucky)., a close opposite of straight
        which is bent.

        Lgbtiq have work to do including making effort to stop reinforcing
        stereotypes. No wonder so much internal homophobia.

      • Within the acronym “Lgbtiq” some alphabets feel more superior to the others…most times denigrating those they feel more superior too. I support IDAHOT and what it is trying to do, but within the acronym “Lgbtiq” we shouldn’t reinforce stereotypes like “gay guys are bitchy” and expect straight people to take us seriously. Wouldn’t you agree?😏

      • The disservice lie on us (lgbtqi) when we dance to the heterosexual tunes whey the say or insinuate
        that gay dudes are bitchy and we perform to to their expectation. The onus lies onus to gather our acts
        and behave accordingly.
        Personally, i dont see any inferiority wth the way the acronym lgbtqi spreads out unless we are trying to give cisgendered people another weapon to attack us. The next you will hear is oh ‘the lgbtqi folk have identity crisis. IDAHOT is an acronym am not familiar with. Yet to check what their ideology is all about
        and how they are representing us.

  8. You guys just went back in and took a dive at the mudpool. Ryt? Smh.

    ”We are not the minority, we are the ones brave enough to be true to ourselves”….Nicely put as Kenny’s words goes on replay in my head.

    Thank you so much Rev Hot (your moniker makes me reminiscent abt my ex2 who is a Vicar).

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