Oxford English Dictionary Could Recognise Gender Neutral Title ‘Mx’

127430-050-4FA643E7The Oxford English Dictionary is considering adding the gender-neutral title ‘Mx’ for the first time.

The title Mx is a gender-neutral alternative to Mr and Ms, which has grown in use and seen an increasing pick-up, with a number of councils and banks now offering it. It is one of a number of gender neutral honorifics, such as Dr. and Rev. – but is intended for general use instead of specific to a profession.

The upswing in usage for the honorific might see it included in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.

The dictionary’s assistant editor Jonathan Dent told the Sunday Times: “This is an example of how the English language adapts to people’s needs, with people using language in ways that suit them rather than letting language dictate identity to them.”

“When you look at the usual drop-down options for titles, they tend to be quite formal and embrace traditional status such as the relationship between a man and wife, such as Mr and Mrs, or a profession such as Dr or even Lord. This is something new.”

Despite becoming increasingly popular in recent years as a way to refer to intersex and non-binary people, the title was coined in the 1970s as a reaction to existing ‘discriminatory’ titles.

Earlier this year, the Law Society of Scotland made changes to allow solicitors to register without forcing them to specify a gender.

RBS – one of the five major retail banks in the UK – is also considering adding Mx to its recognised titles. The bank could also stop asking customers for their mother’s maiden name – because a lot of people have two dads.

68 thoughts on “Oxford English Dictionary Could Recognise Gender Neutral Title ‘Mx’

  1. This is gonna throw a lot of ppl off. U are expecting someone and u see Mx on the document, and u don’t know what to expect. There is something about it that just holds an element of surprise. I like the sound of it as well, but its not designed for me.

      • @Deola, are you on a strict diet? lime into green tea?
        what’s the taste like? i’ve two bags of Twinings green tea
        in a cup and am sipping it with ugly look on my face, hian

      • No mind deola. Mx Peak sounds creepy!! But Mx Deola has an element of surprise cos u don’t know if u are getting deola the guy or deola the babe ( yeah we know the whole essence is not to fall under either of the old grouping but lets face it, at the end of the day it will always form the basis of everything)

        Deola all that lime u ve been pouring into ur tea of late, I hear it affects the quality of ur POUR, continue.

      • @Peak, MxPeak will definately sound creepy as i read on here yesterday about your well
        defined tone body with muscles(both upper&lower) and now somebody wants to upgrade
        you to Mx, mba, me no like.

      • @Chris, i have gotten over the taste, used to have the same look on my face when drinking it but now I add some honey and lime for some zing. Other times its ginger. Anything to keep it interesting.
        @Peak i know where to handle your matter.
        Hi, Zinnat! 🙂

  2. I don’t get the Mx thing. Is it for genderless people or what? Thank God an exam won’t be set on this today,if not na F9 I go get

      • Oxford dictionary just wants to try it with the LGBT community, because to the best of my knowledge, transgender ppl regard themselves as full women(or men,as the case may be), and expect everyone to address them as such. I think it would seem offensive to a transgender woman if u told her “ok, I won’t address u as ‘Miss’, cos u’re not really a woman,even though u claim to be. I’ll just address u as ‘Mx’ cos u’re neither here no there”. It’s just like telling Laverne Cox that she’s not a woman, nor a man either,but some creature inbetween.u would see how the “politically correct” world would set the internet ablaze for that one,lol.
        Oxford dictionary,I get that ur intentions are pure(hopefully) and u want to join the “politically correct” and “completely open-minded” crowd,(errbody wants to use the LGBT community to shine and score brownie-points these days; nobody wan carry last for the matter) but this might back-fire on u,when it comes to actual usage.

      • @Chestnut, i like this your style of response, solid points mix with banters, just the way i like it, still,
        i got the message. The word Mx sounds distrurbing self, Mx, like diluted, not complete, confused?
        That is how they started with the word Straight and gay ie bent and the lgbti community innocently
        accepted it. This politically correct thing can be good without trying to patronise people

  3. Who’s the title for though? Transgender individuals who haven’t undergone the sex-change surgery yet? Is it for men who identify as men? Or women who identify as women? Or people who identify as the gender alternate to that which they were born with?

    • @Chestnut, permit me to bother you or other readers of this blog including the admnistrator
      with a question on my mind (and some people/friends). How comfortable would you be sharing
      public urinals with transgendered/transexual folks?

      • Very, very comfortable. As in, I use male urinals, right? And any Female-to-male transgender who wants to pee while I’m peeing,is definitely not out to ogle my goodies because he has no interest in my privates (at least not in a sexual way; maybe for research purposes,lol). It’d be like sharing a bathroom with a straight guy…no biggie,no pressure.

      • I know i will not be comfortable sharing the public loo with the opposite sex.
        It is just about okay sharing it with strange males without referring to perverts.
        For me, it isn’t about being secured with my sexuality. It is just the way it is.

      • @Chris,I have absolutely no qualms sharing the urinal with a transgendered man, after all; he is to all intents and purposes now a man abi? I’d also like to inform you that in gay clubs in the west, its very common for anyone to use whichever toilet (male or female), they feel most comfortable with, If as a man you walk into a female convenience in a gay club, it wont really raise eyebrows as much as it would in more heterosexual settings …

      • @Khaleesi, thanks for the straight up response. Come to think of it, the few times i have ‘strayed’
        in some gay clubs in the West, have never paid attention, perhaps due to nervousness and not wanting
        to hang around too long in the loo to see who is who.
        If gay dudes are are allow to use female public urinals in gay club, i might as well start hinting my straight
        male friends to be checking out the babes in the female loo while pretending to be urinating afterall the
        females there no go kuku raise eyebrow. Free peep show season one hereby commences….

  4. How is it supposed to be pronounced,
    Mr – Mister
    Mrs – Mis’is
    Miss – Miss
    Mx – ??

    Help me out, I’ll have no rest till I figure it out.

    Hello max 😘
    Mercury 😉

  5. Omata guy 1: Nwanna, have u heard what Oxford dick is planning to do?

    Omata guy 2: Biko tell me! What is it?

    Omata guy 1: They want to add “Mx” into their dictionary. Inukwa?!

    Omata guy 2: A nurokwa m biko! What am I to nukwa when I don’t know what am nukwaring?! Is it d new 666?

    Omata guy 1: mbanu! It is title for ppl who r neither men nor women!! No more maazi for men nd d women alternative.

    Omata guy 2: Eleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! How can somebody not b a man nor woman?! Espeakelekwe!

    Omata guy 1: R in this world! Tinz r happening oh! Oyibo bu uchu!

    Omata guy 2: Mx kwa? More like #Mistake or #Mixture or #Miss road! Oh chi m oh! Chukwu abiama come nd take ur children oh! Smh!

    My foolishness/mumu no get part two!

  6. Is this title supposed to refer to sexless people, transgenders or hermaphrodites? Honestly, I don’t believe this move was made in favour of the LGBT community. To me, this just says “You guys are creepy as hell and have no place in traditional society. However, for the sake of political correctness, let us assign you a title that doesn’t fall in the confines of traditional society so everyone who comes in contact with you can realize they are with an oddity”.

    This is how I see this issue!

  7. I like it. ☺. I’m all for Anything that defies general acceptance.
    Mx is nice.
    Mx Max <sounds geeky.😀😀

    • But Max, u already have a gender nau (“Mr.”). Should there be any reason why u think “Mx” is more appropriate than “Mr” in describing u,based on the gender u identify as?(And pls don’t tell me u hate labels,and therefore don’t identify as any of the genders…)

      • @Chestnut, aren’t I allowed to choose the way I wanna be identified?
        Its just like saying Blue is a gender appropriate color for men and pink for women, and so boys should never wear pink.

      • If you desperately want something new or something a few people have, why not consider owelle Max, Ogbuefi /Ogbuewu Max, Olorogun Max, Ogbeni Max. Few people use the above. If it has to be foreign why not stick with Max Esq.it’s also not common.

  8. Chestie, *waves* you’re getting it all wrong (lol).

    The Mx title is not Oxford’s doing; it’s been in use for years, Oxford is only now moving to RECOGNISE it as a word in the English language. Na we give them the word, no be them give us.

    Also, the title is used mainly by gender-NEUTRAL persons. People who are gender-queer, agender, pangender, genderless, genderfluid, gender-free, and all the other gender gbogbotigbo that’s outside of masc & fem identities.

    Yours in Christ,

    Mx Absie. 🙂

    • Lol…Absie,why do I feel as if u’re trying to do me “d more u look,d less u see” with big big grammar?

      • Wait, so there are “genderless” people, who aren’t congenitally hermaphrodites? *sigh*. One of the things abt being gay is that u’re un-officially obliged to accept EVERY idiosyncrasy around u,no matter how baffling it seems,cos u urself are crying out for acceptance *sigh* its not always easy o. So, a full-fledged man walks into ur office and tells u he’s NOT a man and NOT a woman? I would be so confused.Then what are u,an angel? Even angels have gender. I swear this world can make someone to run mad one day.

    • I’m following the map that leads to you! It’s shocking that some people on KD can’t bother to open books and get enlightened. How can they not know these things? We aren’t all cisnormative.

  9. Mx Teflondon??
    I’ll pass…
    I’m good with my ‘Mr’
    I don’t want that changing cause of the persons I chose to fuck.

    For all the Mx’s in the house.. If it makes you happy, Good luck. Mx Max and Mx Absie etc whatever rocks yall boats.

  10. i dont claim to truly understand the world of transgender of CisGendered persons, but i always adopt a policy of “whatever makes you happy, so long as it doesnt harm me, knock yourself out” … I think its a sign of a society thats moving with the times. Gender identity is a fast evolving area and the guys @ Oxford Dictionary in recognition of this fact are evolving alongside. Its commendable especially when you remember that in this part of the world, such moves would be met with chants of “end – times, abomination etc” … i noticed a few years ago that a lot of foreign websites have incorporated in their dropdown menus, the option of “prefer not to say” or “unspecified” in the gender column … this is most likely in recognition of the “other sexes” or “intersex individuals” … I sha wonder how the Mx would be pronounced “Mex” or “EmEx” … help somebody …

  11. When i think about the “Why?” … i just assume/conclude that they have decided to include an element of surprise to titles. Shikena.

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