From a Homosexual to the Forerunner of CHANGE

Screenshot - 5_7_2015 , 8_30_16 AMWe are born on the back of angels with broken wings and hearts that match perfectly

Our spirits have been rocked to sleep by the arms of an oppressive system

That steals pieces of our sexuality every time we blink our eyes

We are walking narcoleptics

We are sleepwalkers

Waiting to be touched

Waiting to be woken up

Waiting for somebody to care

Waiting to care about ourselves

And the people with physical features that closely resemble our own.

We are peninsulas, dressed like islands,

Acting as though our emotions have been surgically removed

We are Black Gay Men

We carry hurricanes underneath our ribs and levees break whenever we speak

But these days we don’t speak anymore because silence is golden

And we’ve been told that fourteen years is worth twice as much as our voice.

We are the albino stepchildren of Nigeria.

We are Black Gay Men.


Many of us fighting for the rainbow colour on foreign soil, I can only say kudos

Because your little wars give those of us without courage strength in little doses

We’ve been beaten, castrated, hung, profiled, pulled over

We’ve been placed behind bars with chains worn by Barnabas

When they say Boko Haram is a threat to our safety

I think about how the terrorists I know do not wear turbans

They have badges, uniforms, two-tone vehicles

They convene in closed rooms with boy toys ramming their ghetto fab asses in their far-too-much free time.

In my hood, the threat level is at orange every time I’m hassled by men of the force at Berger

Hell! I can’t even keep a stash of gay porn on my devices

Lest the long arm of the Law reaches forward to spank my ‘criminal’ behind

The terrorists blew up Nigerians at Nyanya Park in Abuja a year ago

The terrorists captured women and girl children and matched them into the landmine-forests

The terrorists, those terrorists, are evil

And so are my terrorists, our terrorists

The ones who pounce and prey on us, attacking at our vulnerabilities.


And because Hope exists, I can’t help but wonder

If the new Leader will turn Nigeria around from its war against its Black Gay People

But because Cynicism exists, I can’t help but realize

That I won’t be holding my breath

Written by Vhar

54 thoughts on “From a Homosexual to the Forerunner of CHANGE

  1. There was this conspiracy theory that America vetoed Buhari cos he was pro-Gay. I see Buhari as a moralist with a dash of religious ‘rightness’. That ‘change’ for homosexuals is not now

  2. I think Gej, lost international credibility and acceptance when tht bill was signed into law. But i dont see Buhari, being pro LGBT..

    • Naa…GEJ lost those when he lied twice on Amanpour that the power situation had improved. he sealed the coffin when he responded rather late to the abduction of the Chibok girls, inviting their parents only when Malala asked him to.

      Signing the anti-gay bill into law was the funeral service!

  3. The right people that needs to hear your voice can not hear
    your whispers here. It’s just screams coming from behind
    double glazed enclosure.

  4. Buhari may not be a fan of LGBT but there are other pressing issues for Him to handle, so i really dnt think LGBT is his priority.

    GEJ’s case is that of misplaced priority, he wanted to use d GAY bill to score some cheap points in his bid for 2nd term not knowing it wld boomerang.

    Nice one Vhar.

  5. If Buhari reverses the anti-gay bill, then I see no reason while my dead grandma of 10yrs won’t get up nd let her booty do d yoga dance!

    Hold not thy breathe Nigerians nd get ready for more stringent rules! We had whips now, get ready for chains!

    • Buhari likely wont make gays a priority seeing as he was blown in on the winds of change, yet he most likely wont touch the Gay bill. He’ll leave it where it is and focus on other things… and then, even if the anti – gay law is repealed, it really wont change much. It wont put even a tiny dent in the widespread homophobia nor will it restrain the police and general populace in their violent attacks and victimisation of gays. It also wont change the comdemnatory rhetoric that hurled down from the pulpits and mosques against gays … so ….

  6. I’m not holding my breath for Buhari’s Regime.
    I’ll simply try to live my life One day at a Time
    So don’t expect any miracles after all he’s already told us so.

  7. I’m a card-holding staunch APC supporter and a Buharist.. And I have insider info.. The Gay bill passed will be Annulled.

    By the way Vhar lovely piece once again.. Have I ever told you how much I love you? As in like for real. Your reasoning and persona.. So much in love with it. If you are ever free for lunch, Pls do let me know.

      • Never knew card holding APC supporter is different from a card holding Member.
        Wow! That’s so Brilliant of you Pete for enlightening me.
        **Now clap for yourself and go back to that dark ‘smelly pit of hell’ of yours you call hole**

    • @Teflondon, it’d be so easy to hope that what you say will come to pass, but logically, what does GMB have to gain by repealing that disgusting law? We all know it’d set the Bishops/Clergy and Imams aflame with religious fervor and zealous hatred, it’d in my opinion unnecessarily heat up the already hate – filled polity. Homophobes might actually construe it as a sign that GMB is bowing to western pressure, they might actually use it as further excuse to further oppress and victimize gays …
      I hope the Law is repealed for whatever its worth, but i wont wait in breathless anticipation and i know it certainly wont change anything …

      • GMB is a principled being.. He gave his word to the westerners, inretun they will help fund and assist his government.. If and when he repels the Bill. There would be a few grumbles here and there? Yes! But this man GMB won’t finch.
        Haven said all that.. Humans are prone to fail.. So Im just being as optimistic as possible. I’ll hold my breathe Tho for Buhari anyday anytime.

        It’s quite refreshing Khaleesi to look past the furore and actually discuss.. On my points raised. Rather than engage in shameless shades here and there in the name of being seen as cool.. Or trying to feel among.

  8. You’re an amazing writer Vhar.
    Buhari is a self-righteous uptight person. I’d bet my money that nothing positive will come from him for the gay community.

      • Ah Teflondon, the fountain of knowledge.. I wouldn’t be surprised if he claims to have slept with Buhari’s campaign manager.

      • You mean the Campaign manager in-charge of Ajegunle, Orile, Oshodi, Okoko, Idumota constituencies?

      • Your tongue, your mouth… zinnat, your jokes, am in stitches now,
        but all of una should free Teflondon, biko.

      • Easy! Easy! Ladies.. Yall want my attention? One at a time Pls.. You will be noticed soon.

      • Ever think about the other sperms you beat out to exist? The astronauts? The rappers? The scientists? But you, Tef the KD minutiae-peddler. You won.

        Do you understand this? 

      • Chisos! The scientists, astronauts et al. Methinks the subject should do the honourable thing……………….Japanese style!

      • Vhar I actually tot you to be a tad more reasonable than the rest of the ignorant bunch.. Guess I tot wrong.
        Okay, so you write a few Poems and articles here and there on KD.. And you think you have achieved? Lol ok.
        **hands you award**
        ‘Douchebag of the year’ for your “world changing efforts” on KD.

  9. Hahahahahahahaha! Ochi egbuo muooooooo.

    Max, abeg abeg! I felt that kick to groin. I don’t think he’ll survive.

    And Zinnat, all these evil you’re sharing on this blog, God is watching you with 3D glasses.

  10. “We are born on the back of angels with broken wings” I know it is poetry but i really was born on a hospital bed in the maternity ward in LUTH.

  11. Why evulz na…see wash…my guy don suffer.

    Why is Buhari’s picture attached to this post?

    I am actually confused.

    When I hear people say that the Anti-gay bill would be repealed, I just laugh in Mandarin. Like seriously! Why are you guys blaiming GEJ like he was the one that passed the bill.

    You need to blame the 109 Senators and 360 House of Rep. Members, It was unanimously passed. Buhari cannot do anything about the Anti-Gay Bill. The change people are looking forward to will not reach that side.

    Have you forgotten that the minority would have their say while the majority will always have their way.

    You will be surprised that it is during his regime that the law would be implemented. Or have you heard of anyone that was sentenced to 14 years in prison? Don’t worry, sit down, relax and see the change we are talking about.

    • yes, the National legislators passed the bill, but the President stil had the power to refuse to sign it. He could simply have found an excuse to keep the bill languishing in limbo forever, but no, he bowed to the intense pressure from the hypocritic clergy and signed it and in that one stroke entered his name in the hall of shame. his descendants in generations to come shall cower in shame when they remember that their Ancestor was the one who signed such an obnoxious piece of legislation and thus worsened an already terrible situation …

      • Well said Khaleesi.. Well said!
        It’s obvious Sinnex is a GEJ supporter so it’s understandable that he will create excuses for his failures.

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