Germany’s Klaus Burkart Becomes Mr Gay World 2015

Mr Gay World 2015Here he comes, Mr. Gay World!

The muscular 21-year-old from Germany, Klaus Burkart, is this year’s winner of the all-male competition held in South Africa.

The big win for Burkart comes before contenders from Australia, Cuba, Iceland and even Zambia, where homosexuality is considered illegal.

Similar to high profile beauty pageants such as Miss Universe, Gay World tested the fashion sense and athletic ability of this year’s 21 finalists. But there’s bigger issues afoot than just their looks — like gay rights.

“I would like to lead the world to a point where it is not essential to even have a coming out,” Burkart, who is hopeful of an accepting future, writes in his profile. “It is my dream to share my campaign with delegates and supporters all over the world. I would really like to work together with them to create similar campaigns adapted for their own countries.”Mr Gay World 2015 2

Back home in Wangen in Allgau, the German winner is a milk technician, helping newborns nurse. With his new title, he wants to tour schools and be a role model for young gay men. He believes coming out to friends and family should be a normal thing all over the world and not such a feared disclosure of one’s identity.

Other finalists like Jesus Marquez in Spain have similar pursuits. He wants more freedoms for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in countries where it is a criminal offense.

Despite his country’s conservative Christian views, Siyathokoza Khumalo, of Zambia, wants to change the sinful perception of homosexuality. Filipino finalist, Nomer Yuzon, wants to teach acceptance and Marcos Barboza, of Ireland, wants to help gay immigrants not feel as isolated.

The countries finishing in the top five this year were Iceland, Belgium, Finland, Germany and Hong Kong.

The title was in November brought home to the UK, by Stuart Hatton, a dance teacher, after the competition took place in Italy in 2014.Mr Gay World 2015 3

India’s entrant to the this year’s competition reportedly last week went into hiding with his family after being ostracised by their local community. The 6-year-old competition hasn’t had an American finalist since 2013.

Check out below for more pictures of Mr Gay World 2015Mr Gay World 2015 4Mr Gay World 2015 5Mr Gay World 2015 6

32 thoughts on “Germany’s Klaus Burkart Becomes Mr Gay World 2015

  1. He is really cute, i mean really really cute. But if he is 21 and looks 37 pray tell me hw he will be looking at 45.

  2. Stuart Hatton is hotter biko.
    Congrats anyway.
    I like your vision. Hopefully, that time will come, when coming out won’t have to be necessary.

  3. Even Zambia? *sigh Hopefully Mr Ideal Nigeria will finally change its name to Mr Ideal Gay Nigeira #JstSaying #MomentOfChange

  4. “milk technician”
    Honey, help!
    I need someone to milk me.
    *dials Mr gay world Pageant office*
    *hello this is Mr Gay world office*
    *hello, my name is Max, can you please connect me to ummm..what’s his name again*?

  5. Dennis bae, I was going to appoint Max as the chairman and Khalessi his vice.
    You and PP would serve as moderators.

  6. Too average looking. He must have won based on camp behavior, athletics, carriage and charisma, intelligence or a combination of these.

  7. In some parts of the world, in countries such as where this man comes from, coming out is no longer a big deal. It just sort of becomes apparent who you are as the days go by ***stares with sad eyes at the ornate walls of my concrete and lead fortified closet*** … I was blown away that a Zambian actually took part, wow!!
    Isn’t it sad that while many parts of the world are blazing ahead on the path to tolerance and acceptance, we are laying down concrete highways on the path to intolerance and backwardness … smh … *** inspects closet doors and manually counts ten dragons and well armed warriors guarding fortified entrance to closet***

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