You Can’t Save Them All

scared-black-manYou can’t save them all. It’s not for a lack of trying, because you actually do try. You try to be a good friend. You try to always be there, to let them know that it’s going to be alright.

But in the end, you can’t save them all.

The world is filled with many broken hearts, filled with many people going through unbearable emotional pain. And you try to fix them. You’ve gone through heartbreak, you’ve had your share of emotion-crushing depression and you always believe you can relate. You have that belief that if you could just reach out to them all, you’ll be making a difference in their lives.

But you can’t save them all.

You reach out, drain yourself in the process and you don’t really feel it. You don’t particularly care that you’re emotionally and physically pushed to the limit. It’s about them, it’s about the thousands of people you can save.

But you can’t save them all.

This is a mission. You must make them feel better. So you share your stories, your struggles, your continuous battle with depression, your battle to stay alive, to survive, to live. One after the other, you watch their faces, listen to their voices, seek out signs that show they are learning, changing, trying to live.

But you can’t save them all.

Eventually, you begin to feel yourself crack, buckle under the emotional burden, have doubts, question your ability or inability to make a difference. You give in to your own depression as your ghosts of torments past take up residence in your heart, as you now need saving.

This is now a battle lost. You have joined the thousands in need of therapy, thousands battling their depression, thousands seeking for someone to come save them.

We all need saving. We all want to be saved. But we sometimes forget that everyone else have to be saved too. You have to save yourself first. You have to open your heart to receive guidance and then make a continuous effort to survive each day. We forget all these as the next optimistic man walks up to us, tries to help us escape our depression and fails woefully. Misery sure loves company for THEY CAN’T SAVE US ALL.

Written by Colossus

55 thoughts on “You Can’t Save Them All

  1. OMG

    Short but precise.
    You really can’t save them all. Most times, we haven’t even saved ourselves.

    Thumbs up Colossus. xoxo

    • I can hook you up with him! However before I market the goods, I must first sample the merchandize!

      Standard Advertising Practice

      • Its standard practice hun! Before you write a review for a book wont you read it? Abi does Deola give us reviews of movies he has not watched? For me to market goods to Colossus my dear friend, I sha must sample the goods na, know its Features, Advantages and Benefits as well as its Unique Selling Points.

        I have sufficient advertising and marketing experience to know these things!

      • Well my dear Sir Macaulay, if you do not mind your cherry getting popped, go right ahead and sampuwa.

        I’m no twink–I must warn–but neither am I an Akpan.

        *unzips shokoto, props amu on the examination table with a big thud*
        Let the sampling begin!!!

    • Hello MM,

      What do you say we go talk about this accusation somewhere private? You know, walls have ears and boys have dicks.



  2. Personally, I have never believed in the concept of ‘Save them all’ but in saving one and allowing the theory of ripple effect roll out – I save someone who saves someone who saves another.

    • Aptly put A-non. Not everyone who visits KD is or will be saved. The saved ones will go on and help save others. Save as much as u can. I believe everyone needs saving, and that includes the saviour.

  3. Humanly speaking,all cant be saved but all can desire and seek salvation.Many unfortunately are enjoying their pitiable state.they love the kind words of comfort. they cherish the acts of kindness they receive.they dont desire to be saved for they fear the loss of kindness.this is short but Collossial in many respects

  4. I have tried in many ways to help people, strangers & loved ones. Spiritually, Financially, Emotionally etc I have tried to assume the role of a philanthropist.
    But then there are still so many people out there that have turned enemies because they feel I turned a deaf hear to them. There were still so many people I havent Saved or Helped.
    Im working on a project on the oshodi boys.. I feel very sad each time I pass there and still see so many of them out there.. I fill I have so much work to be done..
    But this message only reminded me that I am human and there is no way I can save them all.
    Whilst we ‘Can’t Save Them All’ lets endeavor to try our utmost best at trying to ‘Save them all’
    Let’s live a life with purpose.. Do your bit for the world. (Ex. Like PP is doing)
    Heaven is were our rewards at.

  5. Misery sure does love company. Trying to save/help others has dragged me into the very pits of despair and depression time and again. Only of recent have I come to understand, appreciate and appropriate that word, “Physician, heal thyself”. I’m still on a mission to help and save, but I’ve got a backup and support team in Pinky, Rapum and JustJames. Trust me, it really is helpful.

  6. Some people cannot comment without kissing ass! Yet they yell everyday about cliques here and go through some great and stupid lenghts to come across as taking a different stance!

    Brown Noser of life! Oga ooo

  7. Funny you’re the broken one
    But I’m the only one who need saving
    Cos when u never see the light
    Its hard to know which one of us is caving

    • Thats my favorite part of that song. It’s funny, heart break songs always get released in time for me to use them as my bedrock.
      Adele-Someone like you, set fire to the rain
      Miley’s Recking ball
      Riri&Micky’s Stay.. Etc

  8. Well, not one who waits around to be saved by anyone. I tend to work my issues out myself. …kudos to those who try to save others tho.

  9. Awwww.. Colossus. I’m about to shed tears. Come here you >**grabs you and pins you down into a tight hug**
    Everyone needs saving. Everyone.
    Sometimes we get stuck in trying to save someone that we ourselves get trapped and end up needing to be saved.
    This captured my thoughts.
    “We can’t save them all”

  10. At a point, i needed to be saved, only one being could ever do it, though others tried,
    guess who….God almighty. I owe Him big time..

    • @ Chris,This is the best comment of all times. We owe God everything. In Him we move and live and have our whole being. He owes us nothing so everygood that comes is a surprise package from him.

  11. While reading this piece, Jon McLaughlin’s We All Need Saving popped up in my head. This is a very beautiful piece, I was half scared that the op was going to drop the bombshell that one of us has passed on.

    For a brief moment, the thought of iDuke came to my mind. Where the hell would he be at this moment?

    OAN; Did I just hear that Teflondon is working on a project for Oshodi’s street boys-not kids. The only thing I could think about is ‘how many of them he is going to screw’….#justthinkingaloud

  12. Thank you guys for reading, I do hope it made some kind of sense to one or two people. I penned this down months ago, at a vulnerable time when I thought I was losing a friend but gladly he is not lost anymore.
    I do agree the ripple effect is a great way of paying it forward, that is what most of us do anyway. When you’re through helping one person, you move on to the next but what happens when the next person proves to be your toughest ‘case’ yet?
    I guess at the end, being strong enough is a vital requirement.

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