No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 9)

Are you2A lack of information could make people sometimes ask or make stupid, crazy, and annoying questions or remarks. And when this happens, we feel like – Aarrgh! Wish I could just squeeze life out of this bozo! But the truth is that, sometimes you cannot blame these people; their ignorance comes from a lack of complete information.

In Nigeria today, many people use certain inappropriate and offensive words and languages when referring to members of the LGBT Community; even some members of the community commit the same offense. Well, this episode will correct the use of certain terms and attempt to answer the question, “Are you a Man or Woman?” This question that has been asked by many over and over again, sometimes due to a person’s gender expressions.


8 thoughts on “No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 9)

  1. I understand the podcast is short (only 10 minutes), but I actually expected you to deconstruct gender and ideas of gender in depth. You kind of brushed through some of the “characteristics” of the topic (cross-dressing etc) and then hit us with conclusions – “You don’t get to tell a person how to be…” Well, that’s not convincing for the man on the street.

    Then the part about a person’s gender expression not being an indication of their sexual orientation…was a tad unnecessary and too much to take on; the subject of gender is broad and confusing enough.

    Well done, though. I really appreciate your work.

  2. A person’s Sexual orientation is different from a person’s sexual identity, this means that a person could be biologically male and a homosexual, but identify as a woman, or identify as both male and female (queer). You are right about me brushing issues, I do not want people complaining about data issues.. And I still insist it is so necessary for people to stop expecting people to be what they want, you do not have such right over another person’s life, I think its a good sounding if you ask me. Also I did not say that gender expressions cannot be used as a way to ASSUME a persons sexual orientation, but rather it shouldn’t be used as a factor to CONCLUDE. However thanks for your input, I appreciate, and that was only my opinion.

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