The Yul Edochie/Steven Ugochukwu Saga Continues with the Actor Speaking Out

Yul-Edochie-640Coming on the heels of Steven Ugochukwu’s Instagram rants, actor Yul Edochie spoke to Saturday Beats, telling ‘his own side of the story’. It would appear, from his account, that the actor snagged himself one hell of a stalker. Check on it below.


“This guy contacted me through Facebook and told me he was a homosexual. I told him that I was not gay and a few weeks later, I started getting calls from a Canadian number. When I first picked his call, he told me that his name is Stephen Ugochukwu and he was the one that reached me via Facebook. He told me that he had some friends in Nollywood that could get him any number he wanted.

“Shortly after, he started calling me very often to the extent that I started blocking all his lines but it only worked for a short while. He called with a strange number again and told me that he went on the internet to learn how to call somebody with any number he liked. I blocked about 20 of his numbers but he kept calling. He said that he just loved me and that he was a big fan. He said that he just wanted to be my friend and I said okay. I told him that I am not God and I don’t discriminate against people. I told him that it was his business if he was gay.”

Edochie said that shortly after, Ugochukwu said he would love to do something for the actor’s family, promising to get Canadian visas for him and his family.

“He said that he knows that I am not gay, promising not to tell me anything about it again and to show that he meant it, he swore with God’s name and even his parents’ name. He said that he resides in Canada and does travel documents for people who want to come over. I have phobia for flights so I don’t travel by air quite much. I told my wife about his offer of Canadian visas and she consented to it. She said that she had always wanted to do Canadian visa for our children, so she said I should give it a trial. As usual, when the guy called me, I told him I was not interested but that I would link him up with my wife. He once again swore with his life that he would not disturb me about being gay. I gave him my wife’s number and my PA’s number so they could keep in touch all through the visa acquisition period.”

However, trouble started when Ugochukwu asked the actor to send him a picture of his manhood. The actor refused and the other man did not take it lightly.

“After everything, he called me and said I should send him a picture of my manhood, saying that’s all he wanted. That was where all the trouble started. I told him that I could not do such and his calls tripled. I told him to leave me alone because God has blessed me to an extent where I can take my family anywhere they want to go. He started telling my wife that he was in love with me. At a point, he started calling my wife because he noticed that I was not picking his call and at that point, I had changed my phone number. When he noticed that I was not moved, he started disturbing my wife to persuade me to talk to him and stop snubbing him. He said that he did not create himself and it was God that created him that way. I noticed that whenever I talked to him, he would be calm but when I didn’t, he went mad.”

To avoid trouble, Edochie said that his wife advised him to pick Ugochukwu’s calls sometimes.

“That was how I was tolerating him for a while. He would call me, he would tell me that he knows I am not gay but he would want to see my ‘beef’. In order to make him stop disturbing my wife, I would tell him that he should not worry, I would send the picture to him the following week. He would thank me and would not disturb me and my family till the following week. Exactly a week after, once he calls and I don’t answer him, he would start disturbing my wife again. It is very crazy.

“When he found out that I was no more bothered about his calls, he went to attack me online. Whenever a fan tweets at me, he would get the person’s picture, photoshop it with some other nude people’s pictures and post it on the internet. After sometime, he did the same thing with my wife. He took her picture, photoshopped it with that of some naked men and women and posted it on the internet. When I picked his call and challenged him, he said that it was not his fault because I promised him I was going to show him my manhood but I did not show him again. I told him to leave me alone and find someone in Canada because the country he is in supports such but he refused. He said that it must be me because he is in love with me. He would take my picture and write, “Yul please love me back, Stephen.” He sent me all sorts of rubbish. He started threatening me that he would dent my image. He took our documents that we sent to him and started posting some of my personal information online. I never believed that a human being could act in such a manner. He said that since I was proving stubborn, he would make sure he destroyed my name and ruin my popularity.”

Edochie said that when he got fed up, he had to do something and that was why he began posting Ugochukwu’s picture online about three weeks ago to make sure people knew the face of the ‘troublemaker.’ He said shortly after he posted his picture online, Ugochukwu’s parents contacted him, begging him to take the picture down.

“It was exactly the same thing he said he had done to some actors I cannot mention their names. Somebody he has done it to had to open a social media account, “steveugoisafakegayboy”, in order to fight him back. This thing he is doing to me, he has done it to several people. This same thing he said to me, he has said it to the others, so they posted the conversation on the page. I did not know that he had done it to other people till my case was getting out of hand and I began talking to people. It was then that I learnt that they know him very well. If it were just me, I would have left him. But because he got my family and fans involved, I had to do something.

“Till now, he still disturbs me. I told his mother to warn him. Maybe his family knows about it because I thought all this would stop after talking to his mother. If I decide to go after the young man, he would go to jail because I have proof. At this stage in my life, why would I start looking for a man to sleep with, is that not madness?” Edochie queried.


Lol. Hon, it is not madness to sleep with a man at any stage in your life. What’s madness is if you pick a man who’s not hot.

48 thoughts on “The Yul Edochie/Steven Ugochukwu Saga Continues with the Actor Speaking Out

  1. “At this stage in my life, why would I start looking for a man to sleep with, is that not madness?”

    Simply means “l’ve slept with men in the past, but I’m a born Again xtian now”.


  2. Just got home after partying the night away at Star Trek here in Calabar. Dude there are many fine bros with swag in this city and my gaydar kept going haywire! There were some grinding tho and I caught some queens and kings staring courtsey of “odu anya.” My new acquaintance who was supposed to come pick me up make we go flex, said he didn’t have fuel, so I balled with some of my friends (straight tho). It was fun all the way, the usually shy and bookwarmish me who only danced in front of the bedroom mirror was showing skills that left my pals shocked! Black Magic performed after a throng of local talents had done theirs n his own was as dry as mother theresa’s tohtoh. Then came Oritsemi, dude looked bleached out with blackened elbows, horrible tattoos that looked like a car dent and a huge international written on his chest. Chidinma, was petite beautiful n a lil bit above average, Burna boy my niggah was next and as usual d home boy didn’t disappoint. Cynthia Morgan looked high, sang like 11 songs and also appeared aged, Wande Coal closed the show and he was awesome. I strolled out to watch Floyd Mayweather keep his record. Back home now, but can’t sleep. Will probably have to do some hand job to bring mrs slumber over…

  3. Gosh! Yul darling, no one is that dumb….
    This is nothing but lies. Yul just trying to save face and cover up his DL ways!

    How sad for both of them!

  4. I see nothing wrong with him trying to save face if indeed this guy is a stalker. Some people need to get familiar with the protocols of dealing with DL guys. They come with a gaint sized rule book. Yul will definitely save face, I would do the same if my career was on the line especially if I fell my hand and fucked with an ogre.

    • Well true that, kicking it with DL dudes have rules to be adhered to. Complying with
      them will not only bring peace of mind for parties involved but it can be fun too.
      Bear in mind it is a choice, no coercion invovled.

  5. Sigh… this Steven Ugochukwu character, i cant imagine how he’s reinforcing the notion in homophobes’ minds that gays are sick and twisted lust – filled freaks …. this saga is all sorts of messy and i dont really know what to believe anymore … oh well ….

  6. The Yul guy is a stupid MOFO. You know someone is a psycho stalker and you gave him your wife’s number and even your manager. Then sent him personal documents. Because there are no more VISA agents around, right?
    Biggest fool of the century. You’d think someone raised by Pete would be smarter.

    • He chose not to take his dad’s smart genes.
      Yul sat back, crafted ds wonderful account n hopes it wuld sell.
      Yes it’s selling to d ordinary man out there but we won’t buy this.
      Agreed Steeve may b a tad psychopathic but I tink he has a valid story.
      He jst came out with it in a wrong way n d odds r against him.
      Pple who have had tins with Yul are not ghosts n r still alive.

    • I thought he was. I wouldnt expect him to be that daft to be on that particular site. I heard it wasnt him, somebody used his pic, contact or ‘one thing one thing’ I to be on it , am so weary, and a would celebrity
      dare to do so in 9ja? nah i wouldnt think so, sorry but no.

  7. Yul has altered his account of the story after the Ugo guy released the audios and screen grabs lol.

    The story still unfolding, Yul sha thinks we are idiots

  8. If i were in Yul’s shoe, I will just keep a deaf ear to it all, would never utter a word abt it nd my fans will do d talking for me *dat steven is a stalker*

  9. There’s this thing about silence!
    If I were Yul, i’d not have gone thru so much stress to make ds calculated attempt @ a lie.
    When dat COZA story abt the Pastor n Ese Walter was up, d pastor didn’t dignify us with his side of d story.
    Pple talked Up n down n when dey were tired they rested. Doesn’t mean he was innocent.
    But it jst made a lot of unanswered questions die out.
    Yul is answering plenty questions unknowingly.
    Uncle Steeve has nothing to lose realy. He isn’t here. Someday he’d cure his craze.

  10. Story For the Gods,Next Episode pls….Yul do tellus the Truth,The first Episode was”Nollywood actor identifies man who has
    been sexually harassing him”Yul Makes the first Move By Outing steven,So the Tin has gotten south Now,Yul Wiffy defending …Abegiiii,

  11. I don’t feel sorry for this Yul guy one bit. Why did he even out him? Anyway, Yul for just send im prick pinshure na. Shey im prick get tattoo whey person go know say no be am get am….abegi what is there for? You can get any picture and claim it is yours.

    • If Yul ‘photocopied a dick to Steve. and Steve decided to now place Yul genitals online, Yul would now have to post his own genuine blokus online to convince the whole world, that the initial dick posted by Steve wasnt his.( not that it would happen anyway) Mehn, it would ve been a no win no win for Yul.

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