26 thoughts on “Photo: Coming Out

  1. Statistically its impossible that only one person is gay in the family. So before y’all start shining teeth, better starting looking at daddy and bros with corner eye…hehehe

    In other news, y is it that igbos are the most likely to be in denial or sexually confused. Pls I’m not being racist o. But almost all the gay guys in denial I have met are all igbos….

  2. Denial is not an ethnic thing. Believe me, I know. There is this gay dude who is my school. He is in denial so dark and deep that he can’t see the light of day. And so many others in my school too.

    BTW, They are all yoruba.

    • One cant be from two particular tribes in Nigeria, that am not going to mention, and be comfortable being gay, we all know the reasons why. Being Bi doesnt even make it much better, it just enable easy intergration into the mainstream community.

      • @Kenny, first time commenting here, and you ve already started displaying your investigative journalism skills? Just teasing you:) You surely welcome aboard, hope you have nice ride with us, the co blog readers.

  3. Installs jacuzzi in closet, brings in persian rug and 150 inch LED Tv. Sets up airconditioning and instals 7 extra locks on closet doors.

    ***chills on sofa (in closet peacefully)***

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