31 thoughts on “Morning Humour XXI

  1. But why’s Max like this… This is Max handy work

    Max am I supposed to press nyash everytime we kiss. So times I just want to kiss you and not hump you.


  2. That is my default kissing mode. My hand just always lands there and I press it and release it to reviberate.

  3. PINKY, u r going to hell for this!!! *incensed* #TeamMuchoSkinny #TeamIHateBubbleButts #TeamSkinnyIsLife

  4. Pressing my ass one major turn on for me. I remember one time when I was in Jss1, there was this one guy who wanted to copy my assignment. I told him to press my bumbum if he wanted to do it. Well he did.. #TeamSkankyAndProud #TeamTouchMyYanshAndMyLegsWillStretchToThePoles #TeamBubbleButtsHaveBeenSavingLivesSinceTheGardenOfEden

  5. I think this should apply to our tops in the house, and mostly concerns bottoms with considerably large to average sized bums… others, keep scrolling.

  6. As much as a dude that is well hung would be appreciated,
    a dude with a proportionate size butt would be appraised.

  7. Honestly, I wonder about that. The minute I lock lips with you, the next move is yansh pressing….. it’s so natural.

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