No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 8)

Episode 8 posterIt is no news that a homosexual person in Nigeria faces the threat of 14 years imprisonment.

Homosexuality in Nigeria is perceived to be western induced; its omission from the African culture list has been used as a defense to say that homosexuality in Nigeria is invalid. A large number of people believe that this proves that homosexuality was never present in Nigeria, and that it was copied from the western world.

Homosexuality is a taboo they say, something destructive and demonic and unnatural. Some say it’s just a bad habit that needs to be abolished, and to do this, jailing became the ONLY OPTION to help re-orient the minds of ‘infected’ persons into becoming proper men/women.

But does the prescribed law bring about an actual desired change? Is it necessary? What about those who actively persecute suspected members of the Nigerian LGBT community? Who is the criminal? Who is the victim? Who really should be jailed?

#NoStrings tries really hard to logically answer these questions and many more, as well provide clarity on certain issues concerning the LGBT community in Nigeria.


17 thoughts on “No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 8)

  1. Good entry Mike! I think the podcast is getting better in terms of content.

    Nigerian prisons dont correct or reform anybody, people go in there and come out worse.

    • What can the prisons cure, really? When guilt and depression and the power of God sought for by the individuals earlier on in their lives didn’t change a thing… Is it now the inside of a prison that will change such a person? The same prison where there are loads of men, men hungry for intimacy, that’s the place that’ll cure a gay man?
      This country makes me laugh sometimes.

      • I remember when a gay party was raided by the police and the attendees hauled to prison. Two of my friends were involved, all the party guys who ended in prison were raped senseless every single day.

        Well one of my friends did enjoy it and gave consent so it doesnt count as rape. Prison is the worst place to haul a gay man to “correct his homosexuality”.

        How ridiculous

      • My thought exactly. The prisons are over crowded as it is. Suffers poor funding and u want to lock up contributor and potential contributors to national development, all in the name of fighting Homosexuality. I guess thats what u get when u ve knuckle heads as leaders

  2. I agree, the podcast is getting better. It’s laughable when people think they can ‘correct’ a gay man by raping him. The twisted ones would even enjoy it and probably ask to be locked up more often

  3. Mike, your podcasts gets better with each outing. Well done. I wish to reiterate once again that the traditional African society has always recognised the existence of gays.A simple study will reveal this. The colonialists came and officially criminalized homosexuality and here we are but I’m sure that things will change some day for good

  4. @gad, recognising is not the same thing as accepting, homosexuality has always been ignored by the african culture, regarded as something that isn’t worth talking about, an abomination, a taboo. You know some of the african names especially in Nigeria, that could be interpreted to mean man/woman was just a mocking or playful remark given to an effeminate possible homosexual, but when it is discovered that you are actually having sex with men, here is what they’ll say “I no no say as eem dey do liky woman, dem dey fuck am, chai, nawao”

    • False. A lot of pre-colonial African nations recognized homosexuality. If they recognized it then, it was accepted.

      The Ugandan matrys weren’t killed because they refused to denomination nice their Christian faith, they were killed because they (all male) refuse to have sex with the king — something accepts in their ‘unadulterated’ culture.

      It was a bit different amongst cultures. There wasn’t penetrative sex in a lot of the cultures, just frotting and dry humping. And in a lot of them, transvestism was a norm.

      The irony is the Brits largely brought homophobia here…but there were records of some officers molesting some local boys. Now, some sad Nigerians are trying to blame homosexuality (in Nigeria) on those boys that were molested.

      • What is false? The fact that homosexuality has been here or what? I might not be in the frame of mind to start an enthusiastic discuss here( I’m trying to be as passive as possible on the blog) but I know just as certain as death that gays has always been here just as elsewhere. All human have blood in their vessels, no matter where they are. We can attempt to argue otherwise but it changes nothing.

    • Since i don’t have much information on the level of accepting, I will not argue this but from my encounter with traditionalists, they don’t seem to have issues with homosexuality. I also have reservations as to whether it’s regarded as taboo because all taboos have prescribed cleansing sacrifice/rituals to appease the gods but I’m yet to hear of any for homosexual acts.

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