Proposed law in Uganda could be used to shut down pro-gay charities

ug_1755091cA new law has been drafted in Uganda that could be used to ban all pro-gay charities and LGBT rights groups.

The country’s new Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) bill would give the government the ability to approve, inspect, and dissolve all community groups and NGOs based on a number of criteria – as well as to impose harsh fines.

One clause would require charities to “not engage in any activity which is contrary to the dignity of the people of Uganda” – which proponents fear could be used to clamp down on gay rights groups.

It would also allow groups to be disbanded “where it is in the public interest to refuse to register the organisation, or for any other reason that the Board may deem relevant.”

Nicholas Opiyo of civil liberties group Chapter Four Uganda said: “If this bill is passed in its current form, it will obstruct the ability of all Ugandans to work collectively through local and international organizations on any research or advocacy that may be deemed critical of the government.

“Vague and overly broad provisions open the door to silencing peaceful government critics and activists of all sorts.

“Uganda’s development partners and African regional bodies and indeed any government that supports civil society worldwide should vigorously object to this bill. The run-up to the 2016 elections is a time to encourage divergent views, not clamp down on them.”

Maria Burnett of Human Rights Watch said: “Criminalizing behavior that is inherently legitimate guts the very essence of the right to freedom of association. The possibility of long prison terms for carrying out civic work without a permit should be scrapped, along with many other provisions.”

Uganda previously passed an Anti-Homosexuality Act increasing harsh penalties on gay people – but it was struck down by the country’s Supreme Court last year.

The country has been considering a range of replacement legislation.

28 thoughts on “Proposed law in Uganda could be used to shut down pro-gay charities

    • Azzin, I’m just tired for them. But its not only gay societies this time. That place is gradually becoming a ‘complain and go to jail’ kinda place

    • Except PP is secretly sharing gifts to first-to-comment cronies.. Lol It baffles me the thrill yall fill.


      • ****dramatic clanging bells**** a day i never thought would come, the day i AGREE with TefLondon! I don’t really get the thrill of ‘first to comment’ i have several times woken up very early to find a post with no comment on, u simply read it, roll over and return to sleep …

      • My points Exactly Khaleesi!!

        Not every statement I make has supposed ‘evil’ intentions you know? I was just thinking aloud.

  1. Why African legislators would leave real issues to chase shadows is way beyond me. It’s some crazy shit I can’t deal with.

  2. Africa..Africa…Africa..Africa..hmmmmm
    When will you grow up?
    When will you cast aside your ancestors spectacle?
    When will you recognise your sons nd daughters for whom they are?
    When will you stop your prescription of standards?
    Africa..Africa Africa
    .You are way behind civilization yet u say u brought civilization into the world.
    Africa I could go on nd on but I will stop here.
    Meanwhile take several seats mbok

  3. Uganda keeps going back in time while others are moving forward….mstchew

    Has anyone seen that documentary “God loves uganda”?

  4. Oh Uganda!
    When will Ɣ ‘all wake up and smell thou Coffee.
    You have greater challenges plaguing you yet the LGBT community is your challenge.
    Ɣ ‘all need serious Help

  5. This Ugandans are a bunch of confused fellas. They against the gay propaganda, one minute they support it, and the next they scared it gives the government and country a bad name, well its ok considering the amount of money this gay NGOs whoop up, in the name of charity. In a nut shell I think they just trying to curtail the gay thingy. Civic right is a right too this niggas are confused.

  6. You’ll think that a country that’s amongst the poorest in the world, has one of the highest rates of HIV, is economically and culturally insignificant…would get its priorities right. But no, prosecute the gays!

    • The “Jail the Gays” syndrome is always applausef by myopic citizens and momentarily distracts them from the main issues, so well….

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