Laverne Cox Is One Of People’s Most Beautiful Women

1E0A07BCIt’s hard to remember a time before Laverne Cox, but it’s actually been less than two years since she first wowed audiences the world over with her portrayal of Sophia in Orange Is the New Black. In that time, she’s risen to icon status, raising awareness and understanding of transgender issues with poise and eloquence, and dazzling us with her beauty and talent. It was just over a year ago that she became the first trans women to grace the cover of a mainstream publication with TIME’s ‘The Transgender Tipping Point,’ and now she’s been named one of the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Women’ by People.

The ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ issue is an annual affair for People. This year’s upcoming May issue features Sandra Bullock on the cover as the world’s most beautiful woman, and has this to say about Cox:

“The actress has left a big impression on Hollywood (and America) in a very short amount of time. Cox’s skillful performance as Sophia on Orange Is the New Black and her work advocating for transgender women make her one of our boldest beauties yet.”


27 thoughts on “Laverne Cox Is One Of People’s Most Beautiful Women

  1. Sometimes I worry about her, like is she being used? Is she some socio-political experiement, to show how politically correct hollywood is?

  2. Oh come on! So what if she’s being used (a supposition I find quite irksome), at least, she’s using the spotlight on her to champion the causes of the transgenders. The spotlight is favourable and people are noticing the transgender people through her. It is FAR better than a disfavourable spotlight or worse still, no recognition at all. Y’all should stop be so cynical.

    • Thanks for putting an abrupt end to what would have been a trend on here.. Championed by the first commenter!
      Taking the shine off the main issue. She’s being used or not.. Awareness is all that matters. I’m not a fan of trans.. But atleast with stuffs like this, it’s beginning to change my view on things about them. ‘They could be immerculate beings after all.’

  3. Seems like I am the only one who hasn’t seen the series, so I won’t be in the position to comment on her beauty.

    OAN: I don’t have anything against Trannies, but there is something about the way they look that creeps the hell out of me.

    • Lol…you’re funny!!!
      Not everyone has to be a fan of Trans people! Those who are their fans just have to be their fans!! Like, noone is loved by everyone on earth! Their existence should just be appreciated!!! I find them amazing anyway…

    • Once again, am with Sinnex on this … i v been approached a few times @ clubs outside these shores by trannies … my 1st instinct has always been to bolt and run in panic **hides behind a legion of well-armed unsullied warriors’***

  4. Well, I’m starting to realise tha ‘People’ magazine don’t really base their lists entirely on physical looks…maybe more of achievements and talent? And strength of character? It’s just like when they named Lupita (one of) the most beautiful person(s) in d world. They did name Gwyneth Paltrow one year (and let’s face it, that woman is just about as attractive as a wooden stool…).

  5. This woman just de enjoy sha. Its been a grass to grace story for her and the fact that she uses her position to shed light on transgender issues is just great.

    But lets not forget she’s not the first transgender in hollywood. Whatever happened to Candis Cane (who starred in Dirty Sexy Money)??

  6. I’m happy she’s being recognized not only as an actress but as a role model to others out there who live in fear of being ostracized. Keep it up lady…And ur a wonderful actress too😅

  7. There’s just something abt her hair that I can’t stand….it looks really cheap, I mean with all that money she’s making. I just want to yank it off.

  8. I don’t pretend to understand the world of trannies, so i’ll just skip and waka pass quietly ***smacks gum loudly in huge bubbles, flips hair back and strolls away quietly***

  9. Any news is better than no news… she is giving a face to trans ppl… at least I for now now know they don’t all look that dem pornstars!

    OAN: I see pinky is allowing subtle shades. #iLike *shines teeth*

  10. Totally love her. Yall wanna say that Unique and sheldon from Glee were also being used. Well yeah, i think so too. To show the world that there are not only straight people and gay people, there exist a whole lot inbetween.

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