g-stay7Truth be told, I never once believed I would ever tell this story because every bit of it hurts me daily. But here goes.

My name is Mitch and I am gay. I was born the only son and the second and last child in my family, and was raised in a Christian home where life and everything else we did revolved around God, the Bible and perfection. Having perfectionist parents didn’t help matters much as all of our daily activities as kids were modeled and maintained religiously by our parents. We had strict schedules which very rarely included TV. On the rare occasions when we watched TV, it usually was to watch Christian kid movies such as the Do-nut Man series, Psalty the singing songbook, or Mother Goose. It was on one of these rare occasions that I had a glimpse of the existence of a major part of myself.

I was four at the time and my entire family was watching one of the Do-nut Man movies, when I felt this intense attraction for a black boy in the movie. Not knowing what to do or make of the weirdness I felt, I began to cry (yeah, I can be sissy like that), thus drawing the attention of my parents. When they questioned me, I told them that seeing that kid made me feel lonely because I had no brother. That was truthfully, the only way I could explain what I felt at that moment. My dad accepted my explanation but I vividly remember my Mother giving me this odd look.

Due to my background, I was very active in church and was usually called upon to make presentations in spite of my shyness (which I honestly told no one about). When I was 5, I had the opportunity of preaching a message in church during our Children’s Day service, and I was dubbed “pastor” for that reason.

At 7 years of age, I had my first kiss with a neighbour’s son who was 2 years my senior. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. I continued my daily pattern, just the stolen kisses, till 2003 when my sister left home for a boarding school in Enugu. I was barely 9 at the time and had the whole house to myself, as our last house help had just left. That was when my trysts with the neighbour’s son got intense. We would do all the cuddling, kissing et al, but we never engaged in penetrative sex. Life, at that point, was simply perfect.

Then one fateful Saturday, Mother and I were discussing in her room when she looked at me squarely. With our eyes locked together, she asked me bluntly, “What have you been doing with boys?”

I was stunned, not entirely so though, because Mother and I have this stupid mental connection that enables us to know things about each other without talking to each other. Hit so abruptly by her bluntness, I confessed everything to her. I couldn’t have lied, if I wanted to; I was so unskilled in the art then. She then proceeded to preach to, talk to and pray for me. And we agreed to keep it from my dad.

However, I quickly discovered that my desire to be with guys was insatiable and overwhelming, and I carried on with my trysts. Then, my sister returned from school after her JSS1, and Mother decided that she should switch to a day school. My father went along with her decision and it was settled. This decision notwithstanding, I didn’t stop what I was doing. Mother, intuiting to my shenanigans, preached to me 2 more times to stop what I was doing within this period. I did not heed. Finally, she got mad and beat me. Now, for a classic ajebutter kid like me, who couldn’t even be shouted at without tearing up, the strokes of the cane was a very big deal. And Mother had an evil way of doing it. Each time I rose up off the floor where I was asked to prostrate while she flogged me, she cancelled five strokes from the number she had already given me. So, I ended up with no less than 40 strokes, as I kept rising up due to the unbearable pain. After the entire session, she told me that I would be fasting for the following three days to ask God for forgiveness. I did it with all my heart, determined to get healed of this ‘disease’.

The feelings however, refused to go away.

At that point, I got desperate. I fasted at least once a week, begging God to rid me of this ‘evil’. Yet, every other time, I’d get caught up by my emotions and act on what I felt. And each time I ‘fell’, Mother would add her cane ministrations to the mix, while I punished myself further by engaging in fasts.

All this while, my dad was grossly unaware of the situation. It got to a point where I started to learn how to lie to my mum. It became second nature to me, to simply lie to her whenever she asked that damning question: “Is homosexuality over in your life?”

Still I got no relief. One night, while I was washing plates in the kitchen, I popped outside to get a rag to mop up some water that had splashed on the ground. Not finding any outside our flat, I went to our neighbour’s side to get one. And in that exact moment, Mother opened the back door and espied me outside the neighbour’s flat. (That flat belonged to our landlord and at that time, I was involved with his nephew, Emenike [not real name], a fact which somehow, Mother knew about). Then, I got the rag and walked back to our flat. Mother was waiting, and the moment I stepped onto our porch, she struck. She hit me so hard I nearly fell over the guardrail. And we lived on the second floor of a two-storey house. That was when my fear at Mother’s antagonism escalated.

Shortly after this, she retired as a level 3 manager (big woman that she is sha), and my life became a living hell! I was only 12 at this point, and she tormented me, dogging my every step, monitoring every move I made, and even got my sister (whom she told everything about the ‘abomination’ I was committing) to start monitoring me. Her control over my life became unbearably stifling. Yet, I was determined to be the perfect son to her.

Things got to a head shortly after I entered JSS3. That fateful night, my father sent me to buy roasted corn for him down the street. Upon my return, I met Emenike under the stairwell. Emenike was ten years my senior and a skilled talker; and managed to talk me into getting it down with him right there. I agreed and midway through the blowjob I was giving him, I heard the door to my house open. Light spilled out into the dark stairwell. Panicked, I quickly dropped my keys and called up, without any prompting, that I had dropped my keys on the unlit stairs and was looking for them. My sister was the one who had opened the door. She went back in while I retrieved the keys and went upstairs. Unfortunately, Mother was at the verandah and spotted Emenike sneaking out of the stairwell. By the time I came in, I was greeted with a flurry of slaps and beating. Then, she proceeded to drag me to my dad’s room and told him everything.

My father, who always plays bad cop to Mother’s occasional good cop, shocked me that day. He took one look at me, asked Mother to leave us alone and said to me, “Why are you doing this? Is it because we never paid you much attention?”

I couldn’t bring myself to respond. All I could do was stare at the ground and cry silently. Thereafter, Mother proceeded to call Emenike, our landlord and his second son to our house, and with my father in the same room, she asked me to tell them all the boys I had ‘committed the act with.’ I did and then, she asked Emenike to stay away from me. My father supported her, while my landlord and his son apologized, all the while casting looks of disgust at me.

In February 2008, my father was chosen as part of the team to go on their bank’s overseas expansion programme. He left in April. By June, after my Junior WAEC, Mother took the decision to send me to my uncle’s place in Lagos. She believed a change of environment would mean a change in my sexual orientation.

However, her wishes were not to be as my uncle’s only child, Duke is gay, and his boyfriend James ended up becoming my best friend, while Lucky, a good friend of his, became my first ever boyfriend. The three years I spent in Lagos were some of the best years of my life. My uncle and his wife, being career people, simply never saw all the signs and never believed anything was going on, as their son, Duke had mastered the art of prevarication, which he taught me.

Upon my return home in 2011, my mother confronted me with that question again. “Is homosexuality over in your life?”

And I said, “Yes, it’s over.”

We went through it often after that, but I kept up with the lies. Duke had taught me well. I was determined not to hurt her or myself with the truth.

Just recently, after my exams this semester, I decided that I would stay back a little longer in school, as a lecturer had asked me and a couple of my coursemates to stay back to organize the library. I called my sister to cancel the weekend plans we had. Next thing I knew, Mother was calling me to ask why I wasn’t returning the next morning as planned. I explained to her and she said, “That your explanation has no root or bearing.” Surprised, I asked her what she meant, and she said, “Tell me the truth. What are you doing in school?” In that moment, I got mad and snapped that I could give her the numbers of the other classmates involved in the project if she’d rather believe their words over mine. She asked for their numbers. I gave them to her.

A couple of minutes later, I got this message: ‘As you stay on campus this weekend, be careful not to fall into sin. Sin is a sinker i.e. a destroyer of people and their glorious destinies. You are greatly loved. Good night!’

Unable to hold back my rage, I sent her the reply: ‘Stop being scared for or about me. I’m grown now, so any mistakes I make will be my fault, not yours. Please! Do take care of yourself.’

To which she replied: ‘Thanks for this reassurance. Bless you!’

I know she doesn’t trust me much. And my sister still dogs my every action to know whether I’ve ‘fallen’ again. And I don’t care. I’ll keep up the charade for as long as I can and as long as I am beholden to them. I’d rather lie to them and be true to myself, than live a lie trying to please them.

Written by Mitch

114 thoughts on “HIS COMING OUT STORY (Edition 4)

  1. Oh dear god! So many parents need to be educated about these things. This is just wrong, Mitch I am so sorry you had to go through this.

  2. I know the feelings. You never stop praying to God to “remove the feelings” but they are always there. Articles say you should stop looking at men… How do you really do that. A priest encouraged me to lust after girls so that a displacement reaction would start growing. All those… Hm! It’s too much.

    • I have lost count of the number of times I underwent deliverance and prayer sessions in order to cast out the spirit of “gayism”, I have since come to the conclusion that homosexuality is inherent in man and can’t be changed but some people end up suppressing it…except may Joe Blue of Nigerian Idols who was “delivered” from homosexuality by one Pastor Simeon Adeola. I can only imagine the number of gays who would be trooping the man’s church for transformation.

    • I’ve got 5 elder brothers, all with kids. I doubt that card will work for my parents if I decide to play it. The right card will surely be on deck soon and it doesn’t involve marrying a Lady *sighs*

  3. Mitch stay strong, it’s not easy, your mum sha has lots of time on her hands o hian. Do advise her to take a chill, respect you and your decisions to avoid health issues biko.

  4. Wow!!! I feel for you,Mitch. Nobody should suffer so much on account of their sexuality. Most people are educated but are not enlightened

  5. Tha fuck!!! Just like that and outta d blues??? “what have you been doing with boys?” I couldn’t lie at that moment even if I were a master.
    Errr…this psychic link is all kinds of weird.

  6. I can imagine what you are going through Mitch.
    I’m from a Christian family *my dad a Reverend n mum an Elder*
    So you can imagine the stress I have to go through to keep a low profile *tho I’m pretty sure Мy dad knows I’m gay but since I’ve stuck with 1 partner, he isn’t bringing any “Homo ish up” which is fine by me. As long as I have the support of 2 persons *younger sis n cuz* I’m fine
    All that matters is you being true to yourself and living your life one day at a time.

    • PS: I started stealing kisses @ 5.
      Blowjobs n penetration came 7 n 5 years later. *yeah bite me*
      Its all about the person’s sense of adventure and curiousity.

  7. Some parents sha…they just think prayer n fasting solves all d problem in the world…this reminds me how i fasted too during ma coming out i just had to stop wen i couldn’t bear it anymore n be wit who i am… Am gay n proud of it

  8. Like Absie once said.. I think you should play the “Gay Child or Dead child” card with her.. Thats the only way I see her letting you be.. cause she is a tad persistent.

    • Like Pp said, the family dynamics are different. My mum wants me either cured, dead or outta her life and family forever – a fact she hasn’t hesitated to let me know over and over again.

  9. Wow Mitch, this story brought up some long forgotten yet painful memories. As a helpless child, the amount of physical and mental abuse you can suffer is enough to scar you for life – thank God for growing up! I shall however not fail to warn you that in the coming years its going to get harder and harder and harder – as an only son, (i dont know why i get the imlresssion that you’re Igbo), the marriage crusade is going to come for you much earlier than if you had say 2 or 3 elder brothers who are/were straight. You need to anticipate this so you dont get caught unawares – decide how you’d wish to handle the issue. Stay strong and ***hugs***

  10. I’m sorry you had to go through this, Mitch. I know how horrible it can be.

    So what’s the situation with mum now?

    • It’s a little better now, Absalom. She thinks I’m “cured” so she’s not all Annalise Keating up my ass. She’s still intense and I just know she’ll never let go of the prejudice she has for it

  11. Wow Mitch…. Your mum is one tough woman. That’s some CIA-FBI monitoring and punishment there.

    You’re strong sha… I hope now that you’re done with exams, maybe that trip to deutschland would be a good idea. To take a breather from mummy’s monitoring techniques.

  12. Oh my… “I told them that seeing that kid made me feel lonely because I had no brother” << That statement got me. I often felt the same way. At a point I blamed my attraction to boys on the fact that I didn't have a brother. Several parts of this story is so relatable. I know exactly how it feels. This opened a door that I shut long ago. And maybe I might finally be able to tell that story. Be strong Mitch, once you start working, their grip on you will start loosening.. Just give it time.

    • I never knew we had something in common. Till now, I still long for a brother. That’s one of the reason why I am attracted to younger guys. I need someone to mentor and to look up to me…..

  13. Wow Mitch…this is powerful stuff. Ur story is so rivetting, I felt like I was living it with u. This one brought out emotions in me. The journey must have been really painful for u, but somehow,I sense that u’re getting stronger everyday.
    Being “intimidated” out of ur closet at an early age,just might turn out to be the thing that leads to inner-peace in ur life,eventually. I actually envy u; u don’t have to weave too many lies and secrets in future, when (if) they start pressuring for the dreade “M”. I don’t know how close u are to ur sister, or how open-minded she is, but if u’re really close( I imagine u both have to be,cos it’s just two of u), but u could try educating her first on how being gay is NOT a choice that can be “prayed & fasted” away. Stay strong bro…*warm hugs*

    • Funnily enough, we are pretty close i.e. my sister and I. The thing is, she’s had mum’s training ingrained in her for years so she won’t be losing it anytime soon.

  14. Some parents just suck at parenting if you ask me, they in their quest to instill in their kids the best morals drive them far away from reality, why deprive a child the joys of kid-hood by making him endure Xtian cartoons, being a ‘pastor’ at such tender age?? Ever notice that it’s these so-called pastors, ministers, and the likes who dial the strictest moral codes into their kids that you see visiting police stations more frequently than church later in life as their kids commit the worst of crimes when the slightest ray of freedom shines on them, so much so that you question everything ever inculcated in them? Expose your kids to everything, don’t be too quick to punish them, but make efforts to understand then instead, because that which you do not expose them to, someone else will, and that’s one hot recipe for kid-saster.

  15. Wow…this is quite a sad story. You really tried. Instead of your mother to be bothered about your health and if you are practising safe sex, all she cared about was the fact that you were gay.

    I would be lying to myself if I say my sisters and friends are not aware of my sexuality, it’s just that they are not sure and I am not going to confirm their suspicions.

  16. My childhood was also filled with Christian programs….I remember Donut Man and all very fondly tho. My mother was not so controlling however. We watched lots of other regular TV shows (Voltron!). I’m so sorry that u had to go thru hell from someone who gave birth to u. She loves u but is doing what she feels will make u a ‘better’ person. Ure an adult now and ur life is your own….please try to be happy; u have just one life bro *hug*

  17. Nigerian parents have the best of intentions but they just don’t get it. They are so blinded by religion and dogma that it does the exact opposite of what they are trying to prevent.

    I was watching an episode of Shameless where Fiona’s ( the protagonist’s) 14 year old sis causally told her she had lost her virginity the previous night. Fiona then proceeded to educate her on stds and birth control and encouraged her to use a condom. Initially, in my mind I went on abt how Americans have zero moral ethics bla bla THEN I realized at 14 I was even doing worse, yet I kept it all to myself. i dare not confide in my parents cause I was afraid they’ll disown me. Parents need to form relationships with their children such that they( the kids) can tell them anything without fear. And STOP trying to change them so outrightly. Sometimes just accept what/ or who they have become then proceed to educate them and enlighten them on the pros and cons. And yes! pray for them, but in the confines of your bedroom, and keep your fingers crossed that they’ll change.

    sorry for the thesis, just pissed!

    • Hahahahaaa… calm your tits hunny, all that anger won’t change anything about the past. Am also glad you’ve realized the hypocrisy of Nigerians, we like to pretend that we r all holy and moralistic yet behind closed doors all that we condemn (and more) is happening with great vigor …

  18. So I nearly cried while reading this. Look at the trauma the boy had to go through for being who he is. People think you can just beat out homosexuality .. cast it and bind it.. I pity them. From a young age a gay man in Nigeria is taught to hate himself, see himself as abnormal, cry to God to change him.. the whole thing is really just sad. I wonder when this ignorance and madness will stop in this country. if it ever will..

  19. So my mother looked at me just few days ago and told me her friend’s son, had told his mum, who in turn told her that i have this sex appeal which he is finding too difficult to overlook. The olodo z even 2 years older than me, but such a suckling baby. So she asked if i was gay, pleading that i should open up to her for help. I began to shed tears and “opened up” to her that i failed 2 courses which is quite bad and i was emotionally depressed. And you needed to see d lamenting that followed. What if i told her i was gay… *shudders at the thought*

  20. To be honest this is a sad story. The emotional and the physical abuse that happened in this story is enough to to destroy any human being. Mitch , you are a strong guy and i kinda admire your emotional strength.
    To be honest ,reading this kind of stories makes me wish that there is another kind of cross to carry.

    It is not easy for most parent to discover that their child(ren) is or are gay, It is devastating for them, for some of
    the parents , they feel like they have been shortchanged by God. Some parents also believe that an homosexual child is like a disable child, hence they want to trea the child as such. Should i say , even a physically deformed child gets more sympathy from family and friends alike. As for a gay child it is , ‘you need deliverance’ or the mother start wailing or thinking ‘my enemies are trying to get me through my son’. It turns to now getting disdain look in the house or in the community (some folks are understanding though, not many). All african parents wants grandchildren and this not forthcoming from their child or favourite child is a huge disappointment for some.

    When i started exploring with same sex, i tried to always keep it away from everybody except the person(s) i would be intimate with. Gay or bi life is a hard life i beg unless you have family that are enlightened and a society that understand that it is not a choice for some and they would not see it as ‘sinful’. Until then it is down low for most dudes and ladies.

    Presentation time over:)

  21. And this is why I’m against coming out to your parents. In this country, with all the ignorance.. very few, if any, would understand and be accepting. I get the support and acceptance I need from my friends.. many gay, few straight. Youths these days are becoming enlightened but our parents still carry the it’s an “abomination ” and it’s a”sin” awareness they were brought up with.

  22. Chai. So you couldn’t even watch Tom & Jerry. No Justice League? Voltron? Chei! Talk less of Teletubbies? Marlie O’? Heu! Even Pingu? No Pinky and Brain? Cinderella nko? No Disney stuff? Ha! No ooh! Wait, Max Steel? Chai.. Chei!

    But your own better ooo. #JustSaying

  23. Mitch.Mitch!!! Boy you are one tough mutherfucker! How did you go through all that without having KD’s most talked about illness (internalized homophobia)? Rock on bro! U are such a rebellious soul. Someone like me would ve just listened and complied and rot away from the inside. I cant even begin to imagine what you ve been through, to ve a code red surveillance hanging over ur head at a very young age, to ve someone u truely love treat and watch u like a common criminal. All I can do is just marvel at such display of mental and emotional strength, Thats coming from someone who has seen enough demons to last 4 lifetimes.

    Just when you think you had it worse, you here some stories that make urs seem like plain practise. Like khalessi said, its gonna be harder in the coming years, I hope ur strenght grows with u as u advance in age. u will be needing plenty of it.

    OAN: @PP, please when do you think work on the new gaybourhoods S.R.A (sluts residential area) would be completed? We cant ve sluts floating and mingling with the general public. Every society has an area reserved for its elites biko. Blowjobs at a age 6?Who does that for the love of all that is well and good? Tufia kwa!!! Dont even get me started on those doing penetrations at the age where I can even read properly. Ndi decendants of geeHOEvah!!!! Tueh!!! Kelebe iso

    • Wow dt last paragraph was insensitive and extremely ignorant on an entirely different level. You do know when children of that age, when “children” period! engage in sexual activity of any kind, in most cases there wills are exploited and taken advantage of – its sexual molestation at the end of the day. Which is a very serious issue, with life long consequences. Certainly not something to make jest of or term as early onset hoe-rism. Dude wtf!

      • Oh this Diablo gives me all sorts of joy.. (You are just so commando-like with your views)
        You do know you are asking for it… Talking to peak like that right?

        **sips Deola’s green tea**
        While awaiting peak’s thesis-like reponse.

    • 1st of all, i had to count 1-10 to calm myself before hitting the reply button, So No dude!!! The real WTF is if u aren’t too busy fishing to start something, you would realise that it was meant as a joke. Look I dont want trouble and I’m trying to keep the peace here. Some of you need to realise that not everyone is out to get u, so I will need you to gulp down a couple of chill pills and get some rest.
      If it helps u sleep any better, I too was molested as a child, and going by the earlier comment, I dont remember me mentioning molestation or making fun of it…………..unless of course you saw something that i didnt see in my comment.

    • Hahaha… At the age of 17 i met this friend, who claimed to be 18,but was 15, but his bedmatic skillz would make a whore gape in mouthwatering awe + envy. He started penetration @ d age of 8,with his cousin whose home was a stone throw from mine… So wen i met him on 2go,he was using a blackberry(his parent weren’t aware of) while i was using kpalasa visafone… That boy has gone places.*weeping* yet his father is a knight and his mother, a thick madam*

    • You guys should calm down jor.@Diablo,Peak was only joking and you Peak,it’s not everything you blow your top for.Work more on those calming breaths.

      • Brotherly! No mind me jare.

        Welcome to KD. Try to stick around oooo. All this hide hide way u de hide for background no make sense.

      • Oh,I’ll stick around.
        It was fun though,watching on the sidelines as blood and gore were spilt.

    • Hahahahahaaa @S.R.A #iDied … @Diablo, calm your flaming titties hun, he was only joking, no harm meant and none whatsoever taken ….

      • Oh khaleesi telling someone to calm his titties.. Hmmm! The world coming to an end. No?

        That Daiblo is all out for kill.. With his views. His got a lot of flames stored up and ready to fire. #WatchOut that nigga.

  24. Lol, I love the atmosphere here today. So healthy, couldn’t stop smiling. And Mitch, you presented this well. Sorry you had to go through this, but you’ll pay for never telling me this part, only talking about Lucky, Lucky, Lucky. Meet me at my department right now for your punishment.

  25. Oh wow! Mitch. This story is so relatable and that is because of the nature of the christian household. Your home is just modeled like mine. “Donut man” “Sing for joy children series” “Mount Zion” and all those christian kids cassettes were all I had as a kid. The memories… Ahhhh! My Mum is even disappointed that I listen to worldly music because all I could sing all the songs from those shows. I can totally relate Mitch.

  26. New commenter,but I’d been following the Gay Wars for a while now.This post though and the way people comment without drawing blood,to the extent Max and Sinnex agree on something,kinda nice.
    @Mitch,your mom loves you though she’s going about all this in a wrong way.You need to grow a thick skin,stand your ground whenever without being obnoxious about it.You’d be surprised to see your old man quietly come to your corner,he seem like my old man the way you make him out.Religious/Spiritual,disciplined yet loving and most surprising,liberal

  27. Mitch,so sorry you had to pass through this,may God continue to guide nd protect you……But I fear your mum Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo………………I still remember when my aunt in the state called me to ask me if I’m a GAY,after checking through my facebook pictures nd my pictures likers,all I did was just to disappoint her by saying No I am not a GAY.

  28. Actually Chris, I’m a very weak person. I act like I am very strong but only my close friends, people like Rapum and Pinky, know that I am not. Itz been sheer willpower keeping me going. That, and a crazy survival instinct.

    • Mitch i still maintained that you are a strong dude, you are just underestimating your emotional and mental strength. If that was me i would ve died psychologically if you know what i meant, going through all that in the hands of parents, i probably wont be here to be able to tell that kind of story.
      Thanks for the support of Pp and Rapum. You lucky to have such folks around you, not many are fortunate like that.
      As for me , the Lord is my strength. Thanks again Mitch for sharing your story with us.

  29. Oh Peak, you have no idea! I had that famous disease till last year. What kept me going on in it……………..maybe it was the fact that I somehow knew it was meant to be. I have no idea

    • @Mitch, what famous disease are you talking about, oh, internalised homophobia?
      As for me i choose the internalised over the externalised homophobia.. i can still
      locate antidote for int. homophobia but for the latter, let just say it is easier for the
      camel to pass through the needle’s eye……

  30. Wow Mitch, this is some serious stuff. Kinda makes me glad that my mother is not in Nigeria. I sometimes think she might be a MI6 agent. I had to tell her one time that she cannot monitor me over the phone from where she is and she still makes reference to it to this day.

  31. This is a mixture of sad and interesting at the same time. All protocols duly observed *first-timer* I do not envy you but I have a similar story only that I am too pako not to be economical with the truth. the only part that scares me the most is the dreaded ‘M’ question that I am constantly being asked. I wanna elope with my boo to Canada *wish I had the gut*

  32. Mitch, I feel for you. I totally understand what you’re going through and all I can say is keep protecting yourself. Don’t admit to anything and keep being happy, that’s what’s most important.

  33. Wow mitch sorry, hard times guessing 80‰of us have all been there, at least yourz no b3 bashing lik3 yours truly.

    Homosexuality the act can be cured sortoff its a question of discipline, but the feelings is a forever thing.

    In all discipline should be our watch word.

    • You had to come spoil the balmy atmosphere that this post created abi?……it’s ok….me will just find a lounge chair to sit and watch the Drama unfold. Cure ni!

      Mitchy witch……i could relate to you story by everyword….the CIA stunts, elder sis calculating your every move, the beatings (i still have my scars to keep)……o Boi!……but i’m glad that you made peace with yourself and found inner strength cos you’ld be needing it in the nearest future….stay bless.

  34. Darling, you are a very humble and open guy. Kudos to the part where you fasted for this to be taken away from you, that reveals your good nature. You should have kept up with the prayers and not relented. Don’t you realize that such sin is abominable before GOD. A sin against your own body, the temple of GOD. You’re from a CHRISTian home and you should know better. You should never have settled for less.pls darling give this another thought, you’re in the wrong boat dear. Ask GOD for help AGAIN, SINCERELY. I can assist you if you wish, you are special to GOD ALMIGHTY.

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