Kate Winslet’s response to her 7-year-old saying he might be gay

Kate Winslet 06Kate Winslet’s reaction to her son Joe asking whether she would prefer if he was gay or straight, is quite something.

In an interview with V Magazine, the Oscar and Golden Globe winning actress said she was told by her son that one day he “might have a boyfriend”, or a girlfriend.

When asked which she would prefer, she responded amazingly. She said: “It doesn’t make any difference to me.”

Here is Winslet’s full response:Screenshot - 4_19_2015 , 8_58_35 AM

The ‘Titanic’ actress is not the only Hollywood parent to be fully accepting of their possibly LGBT child. Angelina Jolie told Vanity Fair in an interview last year that her child, John had been exploring his/her identity since the age of three. “She wants to be a boy… So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything. She thinks she’s one of the brothers.”

29 thoughts on “Kate Winslet’s response to her 7-year-old saying he might be gay

  1. It’s amazing that a 7-year-old was enlightened enough and felt comfortable enough to ask his mother something that most people in their thirties, forties and fifties would rather not even think about. So help me, God, should I be a father, I’m going to work hard to make my household one where anything, no matter how sensitive, can be brought to me for dissemination by my children.

  2. Oh wow! Its amazing the kind of parents our generation would be and by our generation I mean the exposed ones, not the people hooked on opium. Teaching our children, setting them free, allowing them the liberty to choose! I think that will be a blessing to kids

  3. I believe in enlightment. Highly educated folks can still be homophobes.
    That said , personally i want grandchildren , i dont fuss about the offspring
    sexuality but i sure would love me some direct grandkids if they can help it.

  4. I can imagine my 7yr old cousin saying this to the amadioha he has as a father. My uncle will forget him in a deliverance camp for one year.

  5. The wonderful things enlightenment does to the minds of otherwise dense humans. Like Scarlett Johansson said in Lucy, what we think is right and what makes us us, is primitive. Not until we open our minds up to the universe to comprehend and not fit everything into our miniature scope of understanding would we transcend our primitive tendencies.

  6. I often wonder what I’d do if any of my kids come out as gay, when I am still in the closet. How am I going to react, seeing that he/she was able to do what I couldn’t do.

    I pray to have the wisdom to be able to handle such situation if/when it arises.

  7. All I can think of now are; slaps six ways till Sunday, prayer and fasting, corporal punishment, caustic appeals, a family meeting or outright disownment…why wasn’t I born to FOREIGN celebs?

  8. Me: Mummy what will you do if I’m gay

    Mother: Ehn??

    Me: I said mummy what will you……

    *hot slap*

    Me: Mummy what did I do na

    Mummy: *tears her wrapper* Chim le!!! Ihuna?? My enemies have finally done it. You people want to kill me abi?? Mbanu. God will destroy you!!!

    *slaps me again for extra measure* *pours Holy water and annointing oil* *sets a deliverance session in T.B. Joshua’s church*

  9. Such an enlightened child and a priceless response.
    Just imagine what would happen if Joe was livin in a typical african family and he said such…
    His beating would know N̶̲̥̅̊☺ bounds.

  10. This is what Education does.. It enlightens. I wish Nigeria has higher standard of education right from the unset… Then just then.. Maybe we might have had a chance to be more enlighten on all spheres (including Homosexuality and how to handle it) of life like the westerners..
    That said.
    As unpopular as this may sound.. I wouldn’t want my son to be Gay! (in this present Nigerian climate)

    • Neither did most of our parents! But here we are: sucking dick like there’s no tomorrow! Hohohohoho!

      So what will you do, Teflondon, if your child were gay? *points mike at your mouth*

      • Absie I wrote on it already.. Hopefully it would be published soon.. You will get all my reasons and answer from there. Thank you very much
        **drops Mic**

        And yeah about sucking dick.. Lol I know what you did there. Kontinu… Lol

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