“A Man Has To Be A Man.” Giorgio Armani Says He Doesn’t Like Men Dressing Too Gay

Giorgio-Armani-Lol, these gay Italian fashion designers sef… Yes, the news cycle is remarkably short and people’s memories are even shorter, but how is it possible that famed designer Giorgio Armani could forget the backlash his fellow Italian designers Dolce and Gabbana faced over their divisive comments about gays? It’s only been a month.

In an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine, Armani, 80, who himself is openly gay, criticized femininity in gay style (Russell Tovey, anyone?), saying:

“A homosexual man is a man 100 percent. He does not need to dress homosexual. When homosexuality is exhibited to the extreme – to say: ‘Ah, you know I’m homosexual,’ – that has nothing to do with me. A man has to be a man.”

In the same interview, Armani also gave his opinions on some other trends in the gay community.

“I don’t like muscle boy,” he said. “Not too much gym! I like somebody healthy, somebody solid, who looks after his body but doesn’t use his muscles too much.”

Paging Doctor Dennis Macaulay to the On-call room!

Here’s a photo of Armani in a very manly white scrote-tote, just because:420200

81 thoughts on ““A Man Has To Be A Man.” Giorgio Armani Says He Doesn’t Like Men Dressing Too Gay

  1. Bikonu what is “dressing too gay”? The point of dressing up is it not about wearing what you like? What makes you confident? What makes you feel good about yourself? Since when has there been a rule book on dressing? Biko someone hand this washed out queen a seat, but then again am sure the seat will go right in if he sits on it, so he should sit on the floor!

    He is right about the muscle boys tho….bleeeeh!

    • It’s also everyone paying more attention to celebrity statements/ broadcasting said statements to generate outrage.

      • Chuck that is the problem, they have voices, strong powerful voices. They have adoring fans hanging on to every word they speak, so they really should nor talk anyhow. These people are powerful because they can influence.

        Look at what is happening in South Africa today because some lousy king made a careless statement! That is an example!

      • He’s talking about his preference. It’s not inciting violence, or debating whether people be allowed to dress however – he’s saying what he prefers.

        At the end of the day, if his opinions are unpopular then he will lose his followers.

      • Forgive me pls @Gad , at the originality thing, Dame Edna has been doing exactly that , though an
        English person, but isnt Charlyboy doing similar well before Denrele appears on the scene? just
        checking though. This daring to be differnt thing, oh well…..

  2. The man’s position is same as mine. The disturbing aspect of the whole thing is that most of the people who dresses too gay or gym for muscle acquisition do so to impress others and not necessarily because that’s what they want to do.

    • Of course your position will be the same as his. You know what they say about old washed out men, they think alike..

      • MacArdry what i saw here was simply a Touche response that Max gave. Gad had it coming. Armani’s stand was the same as saying girls dont have to dress girly so that boys dont have to really know they are girls. People should be able to dress in whatever they feel comfortable in. Be it girl or guy.

    • your comment about gyms and muscles says it all about your time and place in history, you obviously belong to an era where it was thought fashionable to be bloated and chubby as as sign of good living #JustSaying ….

  3. For sure, there are dudes that dresses “too gay”. I believe in men being trendy with their choice of clothes and style of putting it together. Mehn, but some dudes dressing is sure too gay and it is a dead give away, sorry o.
    Regardless of the wears, be it african ( have seen how some dudes will take four differrent types of fabrics and ask their tailor to make an outfit for them, and to make it even tight fitted, that is the top part of the outfit) or be it european wear.

    I saw this article somewhere yesterday and instinct told me it will end up here. Anyway , everyone unto their own but i sure know what kind of dudes i will feel comfortable hanging out with, no hating, due to their dress sense.

  4. I fink i get wat d man is tryna say. I like girly guys but not when that person takes it to the extreme. Some guys will wear a very tight fitting jeans that will not gv dem any space for breathing. Some will even wear girls top, rub brown powder. Some will even carry their face straight with the hissing when in a crowd, even if u ask him sumtin he would be so harsh to respond- a typical His Queenship! Mbanu, there is one thing to be naturally effeminate and there is another thing to act like the Queen of Gaygland_ sorry England. That u gay doesnt mean u are a woman, u r still a man. So loosen up and be casual. I really believe someone should define himself not people, sexuality or even nature!

    • People should be able to do whatever they want to do, dress however they want without being judged! I mean one of the fundamentals of being human ia the ability to choose! Everybody should be able to decide what they like, and not us writing the rule book for them.

      And for the record, Prince takes the cake in “interesting dressing” and he isnt even gay!

      • *ahem*…Prince isn’t gay?…*sips tea*
        Oan: when I saw this topic, I said to myself ,”DM is gonna have a heart-attack today”,lol. U need to take it easy,bae…just breathe.

      • Prince is an entertainer, entertainers rely on shock value. How he dresses on stage is probably different from how he dresses when he’s getting groceries

    • Take or not, many people here, although they pretend, will never accept to walk down the street with a ‘girly guy’. Some gays even in hook up sites after inviting a friend over will go somewia nd hide just to know if the guy is girly or not, and if he is girly they will switch off their phone and frustrate the girl- boy until he leaves. Many people do it here. Why do we preach wat we dont do?? Is it not better to tell them atleast to loosen up and be a bit casual. Too much catwalking, waist twisting, lol, extra-tight fitting clothes, brown powder rubbing and the readiness to bite and gossip like mkt women aint helping them in real life, wat many preach here aint exactly wat they apply in real.
      NB: honestly i have a thing for girly guys…….natural girly guys. I like someone that is soft and fragile naturally. Dressing just normal and no make ups, no Queenship. Lol.

      • I’m with you on this McGray. You like Naturally girly guys?? I thought you were bottom… No??


      • if you are a nice person and we are compatible, you will be my friend. I always stand by my friends no matter how girly they naturally are. I owe no one an explanation about who i am seen with. Anyone who wishes to draw any inferences from the fact that I am seen in the company of a girly guy is welcome to knock himself out!! I frankly dont give a baboon’s ass!

      • The Queen is a mere human who conducts and carries herself with grace and responsibilty. Comparing her with people who dressed “to express themselves” isn’t fair

  5. There is such thing as dressing too gay. The other day, sometime last week, saw this man walk into the bank. Skinny pants, sleeveless top, in fact that was a bra. He had piercings on his earlobes, nose, beneath the lips and by his eyebrows. His lips looked painted with a red gloss. Jewellery ardoned his neck and fingers. He was pork red from bleaching. He had dirty locks on his head, and wore them down his back. Mbok, that’s more.

    • @Masked Man, you saw a dude dressed like that , you mean in our Nigeria? Did you say dirty locks too? and he is not mentally unstable, just because he “walk into the bank” No wahala.

  6. I do get Armani’s point tho* that’s how he perceive things should be.. I also reason with him… I believe homosexuals shouldn’t dress too gay.. I.e half man, half woman.. Excessive flamboyance or Something inbtwn all of that.. That’s what I think dressing too gay is (I might be wrong)
    We all have our preferences but dressing too Gay is a no no for me!

    I don’t like too much muscles also.. That’s another no no for me. I’m all good with my skinny twinks *winks* Lol

    And talk about 80 years old man.. Wow!! Such Great body for that age! I def don’t like oldies but if that man approaches me with all that money he got… I’ll be all up in his bed.. Positioned. Before he says “jack Robinson”

  7. Seriously though.. All this general outrage just because someone stated how they think people should dress like. Don’t people have better things to do than cling on to the words of people they are never going to meet and Hound them down for stating what they think.

    the only reason I’m uncomfortable around flamboyant dressing is cause I don’t want a potential kito situation thanks to the country we live in.

  8. What is it with these trussed up, antique, wax figure that belong in the horror room of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Figures Show thinking that they’ve gotta make their hate-full opinions public. I don’t think anyone has let them understand that whereas life in the West is easier for gay folks and their words may not be doing much damage to the gay folk over there, they are actually providing homophobic Africans with the ammunition they need to infringe on the human rights of others, thus making their lives miserable.

    • How? How exactly? I’d like to know how what he said about dressing,is going to turn into ammunition in the hands of homophobes. How exactly are the homophobes going to use his views on dressing,as a weapon against the LGBT community?

      • Really; Chestnut, really? Never heard of guys that were mistreated simply because they wore leggings or stuff like that? I am a ballet dancer and I know the number of times I’ve been insulted in school during my dance rehearsals (we hold them in a public place). I have a friend who had to pay some homophobic bastard a whooping 10k that he didn’t have simply because he wore a tight pair of three-quarters. Need I say more?

      • Mitch you’re a ballet dancer?? Wow. I’ve been dying to learn the art. Too bad these old bones of mine are already stiff *weeps in the corner*

      • You seriously don’t know? Even the Nigerian gay community is guilty. In Nigeria, if you dress impeccably, you automatically are gay not just leggings and pencil-trouser wearing boys. There is now no more ‘homosexual dressing’.

      • Exactly Trystham. I’ve been there too many times. Imagine someone telling me to stop wearing pencil trousers as they expose the fact that I have a huge butt and it makes people think I’m gay. Puh-leeze!

        Bottom line – I dress how I want to because I feel comfortable doing that. Society shouldn’t try to make me out to be some kinda freak for doing what I’m comfortable doing within the boundaries of propriety.

      • @Mitch: u didn’t get my question. In ur comment, u sort of implied that what Armani said, will serve as ammunition for homophobes, as though homophobes are like: “I didn’t mind ur dressing b4,but now that Armani says it’s not ok,I’ll harrass u for it”…regardless of what armani said about that type of dressing, homophobes have always and will always give side-eye. What he said is not what will propel their hate.

      • You talk like the Nigerian homophobe needs reason. I already imagine what one will say “shebi a ‘master gay’ like Armani sef no like u. Why I wan like u?”

      • Mitch am also a ballet dancer, where I school you can’t even dare to wear such if you love your arms cos they will be chopped off and yeah I’m in Nigeria also… there’s a twist to rehearsal clothing, you either wear baggy pants fold one leg to the knee or a little bit up the knee and let the other… it still makes you free and able to flex Or you get Alladin pants that too works wonders. For your performance costume you can then wear leggings (depending on where of course). Let’s not give these guy’s a reason to mock the Art. # cheers

  9. Well, I don’t think this man’s view is different from mine. I have nothing against effeminate guys, but I just can’t handle. I am not strong enought to withstand being outted. I always have this to say tho, If I want a girl, I go for a girl and If I want a guy, I go for a guy. There is no middle ground here. I don’t want 2 in 1.

    As for the muscled guys, I thought I was the only one. I prefer mine with lean muscles, what people call ‘hungry’ packs.

  10. Are u guys really surprised? He’s an 80-year old man for Christ’s sake! Their generation is not is liberal-minded and “enlightened” as ours, so he’s bound to have some ingrained conservativeness.
    Seems like these days,everbody just wants to be outraged at something; everything u say or do, runs d risk of being “politically incorrect” or “insensitive” to one group or another; it’s like living on thin ice…miss me!lol
    That being said…heeeeelllll nah! I don’t like the “extra” dressing (think Magic Johnson’s son). I think it’s unnecessary and superflous,but hey, if u like dressing that way,or u like ur friends dressing that way, then u’re a bigger man than I am.

    • Exactly chestnut!
      When a point is viewed by the ‘all well and mighty’ it’s just not possible for it to click all the right boxes with everyone.. There is just no way.. Some particular group or a sets of persons or an individual wouldn’t find fault in it. It’s just the ways things are.. Everyone cannot be pleased by our views ALL of the time.. Except you are suggesting this ‘Known people’ don’t view their opinions at all… What is good for you might not be good for another. So that up there is the mans view on things. And that’s just it.. ‘His view’
      Tbh I don’t get the theatric outrage earlier.

  11. Whatever do you mean by dressing too gay????
    I loooooove mee some colour in my life cos monochrome does N̶̲̥̅̊☺ good for М̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ complexion and figure so does that mean I’m walking around announcing hey look I’m Homosexual.
    Oh Giorgio, shove your opinion up/down your whatever…
    Ps: who cares about your tastes in men

  12. Who says definitions of masculinity and femininity are rigid? Men have always worn – and still wear – tight clothes and makeup, for instance! A little history and sociology and you it’s all information out there. So what’s the issue here?

    And the expression “too gay” is a fallacy. Gay people do not have one way in which we all dress. Can Mr. Armani describe what he means here?

    A man wears bum shorts and heels, so what? How does that change the price of garri in the market? What has a person’s gender expression got to do with whether they are a good person or a bad person?

    It seems many of us here don’t understand how it feels to suffocate because you cannot express yourself the way you really want to. Hence we feel snug policing other people’s behaviour – trying to fit them into a mould that makes *us* comfortable. To hell with their feelings, of course.

    And to those who say they are uncomfortable hanging out in public with a “flamboyant” guy, please, tell me, how is that not discrimination? You’re sacrificing another human being like you because of what people will say? Many folks have no issues fucking a flamboyant guy, but God forbid they are seen in public with one.

    Do what you like, but remember this: the day some of your friends find out you are gay they will stop HANGING OUT with you too… Wasn’t that what you were trying to prevent by avoiding men who are, uh, what’s the word again…”too gay”?

  13. This once again reaffirms that just cause we are gay men doesn’t mean that we share the same ideologies and must all reason alike. We all have different opinions and are all entitled to them. Mr Armani is entitled to his as well. To an extent he’s right, there’s an entirely different subculture to expressing ones flamboyance or sexuality through clothes, its called Drag. If u feel the need to exhibit ur sexuality through your clothes…then you might as well give drag a shot. He’s saying at the end of the day men should dress accordingly and so should women…its being prim and proper. Anything in btwn is drag, which is an art on its own.

  14. Teflondon its like we reason alike. But hey, did i hear u say u gonna leave me for dat grandpa?? U wil appease me with 7 kolanuts, 7 white cocks, 7 kegs of palm wine and 7 virgins (preferably white girly teen guys), and Pinky will act as the witness!

    • McGray LOL… @white girly teen guys. You do love your ‘girly guys’ doncha?!

      And Oh Sinnex quit the moaning around.. And stop Harassing every Tom, Dick & Harry that they snatched me from you. Lol
      We are very much together.. If not in the physical then def in the spiritual. (Whatever that means. Lol)

  15. while i am personally more attracted to masculine men. it is still just a personal preference. However, i can not now dictate to an effeminate man how and how not to express himself just because i am not comfortable with it.

  16. tchwwww …. is this even post worthy? anyone is free to dress and express himself as he deems fit, whether or not i like it, is a different matter. Everyone is entitled to his preferences … if you dont like the way a man dresses, you dont have to look @ him, throw your face the other way and get on with your life …

  17. It’s statements like this that encourage bullying… freedom of expression should be encouraged.
    And wtf is dressing too gay, using being gay as a negative connotation disgusts me.
    McGray and Teflondon, you both should get your act together.

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