Man Crush Monday: Mehcad Brooks

Mehcad Brooks 04Khaleesi got me all hot and bothered yesterday when he introduced me to his man crush, Mehcad Brooks. I’d seen the dude just one time on the TV screen when he starred in Desperate Housewives Season 2. And he did nothing for me there. Apparently he did something for Khaleesi, because it was in that show he latched on to the Coco Baby. And it would seem the dude had gone on from the show to become an incredibly buff, sexy, sexy man. Aish! *fanning face* Forgive me, Idris darling.

Check out the pictures below, and you’ll understand why we have to make Khaleesi share his tall drink of incredibly tasty water.Mehcad Brooks 02Mehcad Brooks 03Mehcad Brooks 05Mehcad Brooks 06

54 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday: Mehcad Brooks

  1. He can soooo get it! Niqqa be all shades of sexy- those his sex scenes in True Blood & CK campaign boosted his ministry.

  2. * walks in on the red*
    Yes! I have to make an appearance… Hi guys!!! First time commenter, yaaaaaay!!!
    Pinky thanks for kd, always looking towards a good entry to start the day off.
    Dennis “nwoke oma” Macauley, ur comments always blows my hats off: they are always A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, maybe the other “view” is too, do tell…
    Max, Sinnex, Simba,James (Oh! how I love ur weekly entries: Touché), Deola, Ace, Vhar( Ur literary skills always leaves me wanting more, more grease to ur elbow).
    Y’all rock!!
    Lest I forget, this platform is a step to a better us, hopefully we get to learn a thing or two, experience some times isn’t always the best teacher.
    Keep doing what y’all know best, have a splendid week…
    OAN, too much muscles, not my ideal type…

  3. Oo chi m! Whats so sexy abt dis guy sef? Abeg beurriful face is part of wat turns me on jare. #BoycottAkpans. Lol

  4. Chisos! This dude leaves me all hot and flustered everytime I see him. Just imagine what could happen between us both between silken sheets………..Ay! Ay Papi!

  5. Tall, slim and muscular, not-so-pretty-face, humble looks, just the way I love my chocolates ! Boy, you can get this cookie any day, anytime !!!

  6. Holy sh*t..
    😍😍😍😍😍.. Khalee boo, pls you gotta share. Plsssssssssss.
    Thats d kinda man you could forfeit your life savings for, just to spend a night with him.

  7. Was always jealous of Rutina Wesley’s character on True Blood, Tara Thorton, she got to hold all that man, and his glorious butt…
    Haven’t seen him in anything since True Blood tho, but he was cast in the upcoming SuperGirl series as Jimmy Olsen so i am glad he is gonna be back on my TV, knowing this is a Greg Berlanti show, we are most definitely guaranteed a lot of shirtless scenes. That should be the goal btw, getting him in as few clothes In as many scenes as possible. Art shouldn’t be covered, it should be displayed for all to see. Okbye.

  8. Am I the only one noticing that bulge?? It looks like some very large toad is hiding there. Darling you can have me for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, and every other meal in between.

  9. The kind of bulge I like to get out of my mouth and slide all over my lips.

    Like I’m applying lipstick, on my knees.


  10. Dafuq is up with that print? The bod is fyneeeee but that bulge leaves me breathless. I’d like to ‘revirginize’ myself like Sinnex and lose me virginity to him over and over again.

  11. Oh my lanta!!!!!!, I first saw him on Necessary Roughness, even d name of d series sounds hot!!!!!, somebody pass me the whipped cream, sprinkles and a spoon….dessert just got served….#yum

  12. mtchwwwwwwww, see them!!! thirsty slobbering sluts!! this room is slipperly and slimy from all y’all’s orifice juices … ***grabs tambourine and claps louldy*** leave him for me oooo, greedy hoes ***grabs Mehcad and withdraws behind the high gated walls of my fortified palace – where 500 skilled archers and ten fire- breathing dragons lay guard all around*** yasss bae!! i want to run a long manicured finger down that chest, those abs … ahhh, this man is doing me plenty funny tinz deep down …

  13. This last pic tho. Now I know why I was crushing on the guy two doors down. Looks so much like him in that pose. Pity dude is straight

  14. *salavating* sexy is an understatment, the niccur is fine! *wink* and the sex scenes on true blood, his cakes!! *fanning self*

  15. if i were not on revirginizing pills, and the devil too far from my clenching talons… i’da pounced on this mannequin of ecstacy and had a runching fill…*adjusts spectacles and glances through d bible absentmindedly*

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