43 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day XIX

    • Kendigin if i catch u eh…. I love watching them. Dirty boxers fine, dose cracks, d muscles, the size, and when they sag…. Oh i faint. And when u see d mechanics exposing dem cakes….i die

      • My dear fgt dah tin. Dia ris dis joy dat comes with fucking dis naive dudes. Just convince them, giv them little tins and hv dem. E dey swt pas Pinky sef

      • Ewwwwww @Macgray.. So that’s what you do?
        Lure naive unsuspecting boys and do nasty things to them?
        When are you gonna write a story about it?
        **clutches tightly to phone in anticipation*

      • I fervently hope its a kito story tho.

        That said, I like seeing saggers in plain colors. Dark ones not those yellow, pink and multicolored nonsense.
        Oh yes, NOTHING beats a cute barber’s crotch hitting ur shoulders with his every movement.

  1. Sagging is a huge turn on for me….especially when the pants or boxers is neat….or when the ass cracks is showing with hairs on it…..Damn ! All these car washers…..the way I drool anytime I patronize them….all wet and sexy. For the records, any future driver, houseboy, or gateman am going to employ in future must know how to sag. Mbok ! It’s a requirement ! Yeah….Am a terrible sagger.

  2. I have one particular Boo in Lagos….he wears neat pants and sags down right to his thighs…exposing all the muscular butt anytime am around. He sure knows how to turn me on.

  3. Oooo Deeeeeennnnnniiiiiiisssss
    Where are youuuuuuu

    I can always smell your messiness from a mile away

    My people…. this maybe an akpan, but DM loves rustic cakes every now and then lol

    Tea party anyone…. I’ve got chocolate croissants

  4. Ahhhhh how I love my sagging car wash boiz… all wet and yummy.

    … but these ones seem to be fully dressed na… *sad* pls someone should tell them to strip!

  5. I like them naive, rugged and rough.. Also. But this right here is quite disgusting.
    It’s not post worthy if you ask me.
    PP you no try o.. You post a lovely piece on Masturbation and then you post this right after.. To just kill ‘Our’ momentum.. Hain!

    The Kdain who sent this is quite jobless and creepy.. To even think of snapping and sending this to PP.

  6. Sagging? gush it sucks. I don’t like seeing guys putting on sagged clothes. when you’re neatly dressed, it turns me on. **thumb up @ Gad**

  7. Introducing innocent young boys into homosexuality, this is exactly why society believes that homosexuals are predators and DEVIL. This goes out to all the super-converters. LoL.

  8. Get thee behind me Satan. You won’t win the battle today.

    Anyway, there is something about saggers that turns me on. Especially those guys who don’t even know what they are doing. Some of them do so to seduce girls, if only they know what goes on in my head when I see them.

  9. What am I reading? Sagging is disgusting? Ahhh u guys must be seeing agberos sag!

    Sagging turns me super ON… cute sexy not overdone… it just goes a little low to show the very sweet ass covered in sexy boxers!

    Davido anyone? The things I will do to that “boy”.

  10. The rule is, if you are going to sag or you are wearing trousers or pants that is tailored cut to hang on the butt, make sure and i mean very sure that you have decent underpants on, you will score more brownie point if the the underpant is a boxer brief colour white. adieu

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