masturbationIt’s always been a fascination

I’ve never lacked for motivation

Always finding the inspiration

A wonderful form of relaxation

Much more fun than meditation

Starting with some stimulation

You get that feeling of elation

As it begins its elongation

Followed by the levitation

Then waiting in anticipation

Of enjoying that final sensation

As I race toward my destination

My breaths rush in serious vexation

Body doused with perspiration

My whole being quaking with the ejaculation

And with that last suspiration

Comes the reaching of pacification.

Written by Pink Panther

47 thoughts on “MASTURBATION

  1. Hahaha
    Masturbation for many is almost an obsession. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with. Infact I read somewhere, that men who masturbate often are less likely to develop prostrate cancer. (dont quote me sha o)

  2. Pinky okwa ya? Okay nau. But if one aint careful it would become an obsession……..and it aint gud when it does.

  3. Masturbation: The reason why you shouldn’t be kitoed for being horny. A cream or soap can save you from a horrible indelible kito story…

  4. I have been masturbating since I was 12…..and I still do almost on a daily basis regardless of my other sexual encounters….I don’t see it as an obsession…..because whenever I get busy or am in an inconducive environment, I don’t even remember about it again.

  5. Lord knows I dont walk out that door without a nice “release” of the early morning “tension”. Lol

    Masturbation only becomes a problem when it begins to affect your sex life and relationships negatively. Apart from this, there’s not really any side effect. Your body is designed to produce more sperm faster than u can empty your balls. Lool!

    Its religion (in its attempt to control every fibre of our being) that makes masturbation seem like the enemy.

  6. In boarding school I used to masturbate in public: shove my hand in my pocket, codedly grab my D from there and stroke gently…while gisting with friends. Multitasking. 🙂

  7. This McGray guy is on a roller costa today o! Someone needs to put him on a leash.. Lol

    Hmmm! Pinky for those of us trying really hard to win the battle against masturbation. This is not encouraging at all.. Lol this is some kind of athem for chronic masturbators… Hmm Pinky Deris God o!

    Nicely written piece I must admit.

  8. I am yet to experience the thrill that wanking brings…….

    Never thought of it though…..maybe soon,just maybe.

  9. Yesso, the thing is a life saver, you know that feeling of peace and quiet that washes over you when you do it as a last attempt at calming your nerves before sleep. Uuhhhhh Chile!!!.

      • Reasons for Simba’s masturbatiom
        When I am shortchanged

  10. Just when I decided not to Masturbate today, I see a piece encouraging me to do so. Some people are giving tips on how to do it best.

    PP, biko, don’t let the Devil use you this very hot saturday afternoon.

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