Photo: When Family Doesn’t Mind

Mike Daemon recently came out to his brother via whatsapp. And below is the brief chatversation that ensued.123

I’m quite pleased for him. There’s nothing that compares to the satisfaction of knowing you have your family in your corner in the face of what society would rather scorn you on.

62 thoughts on “Photo: When Family Doesn’t Mind

  1. Wow, thats so touching.
    Tho I the guy still has to educate his bro cos he seems to think being gay is a choice. The danger here is that one day home grown homophobia may surface and they will tell him to “choose” something else

  2. @Mikey, I’m happy for you. @least you can be at peace that +1 family member won’t throw furtive glances at you in a few years to come… My elder sister clearly would, I believe, mind a lot! She would think, ”what kinda choice is that?”… And that is all because she loves me and wants the best for me…lolz

  3. There was a division here sometime ago about the tolerance of loved ones especially family members. While some said that family will soften their stands when they realise that one of their own is involved others said it’s outrightly a kill kill situation. I’m sure Mike,s case has rightly put things in their proper perspectives. There is hope. Tomorrow is looking good.

    • Mike’s experience is one of the different ways the outcome could’ve been. You know nothing about Mike or his family background/education etc. So don’t be quick to jump into conclusion.
      Maybe you should give it a test run with your wife.. Since you believe there’s hope.

      • Max what you on about this early.. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Gad was actually rooting for Mike here. Saying with this conversation.. The gaybourhood as a hope of acceptance?! Except he was being sacarstic i.e

      • Dear Max,
        What happened to you? Your level of bitchiness and vindictive character seems to get worse daily. Now read what you wrote slowly and sincerely tell us if it greatly differs from what Chizzie would have said. Yet some of you hounded him and pursued him away. Using the fact that you know Gad is married because he told us on this platform to always attack him, doesn’t speak good of your person.

      • @Tef and Kris, your opinion of me doesn’t remove any hair from my body. Its also none of my business, because you’re the one worrying over someone else, not me.
        Gad wrote something and I replied him, at least you @Tef couldn’t understand the need to state your “opinion”.
        Remove the log of wood in your eyes first***you know the rest.

      • Wow dude u sound very unhappy. Which might really be the case, but stop making it so obvious all the time.

      • I think Max is right here….maybe except the last sentence which is/was totally uncalled for.

    • @Max I’m with khristopher B on this one. You need to read ur reply slowly and ask urself if ur response matched up with Gad’s comment. Ur tone and ur “Test run with ur wife” line is completely uncalled for. You were not only being disrespectful to Gad, but also to his wife, by dragging her into this. We talked about this off KD before. Being compared to someone like chizzie is not a good look bro, incase you haven’t noticed, a lot of people are making that comparison lately. #CheckYourSelf

      • @Peak, youre in no position to give me a lecture. I’m gonna say this for the last time- “Back off” and keep KD business on KD and off KD business to Off KD. Whoever is comparing me with Chizzie is highly uninformed, ignorant and delusional. My personality has never changed on KD, so for dim witted worms crawling outta their holes to give unsolicited advice and opinion on Who’s behaving like who is highly uncalled for.
        I don’t give Elton John’s ass on what anyone thinks of me, so all your complaints(All you cowards & outspoken ones wherever you are) should be forwarded to I reply comments as I see fit, just like I’ve always been doing, just as everyone else does here, say it as it is. Its not my fault ya’ll have created an unrealistic image of “Max” in your heads, the one who should be prim & proper and not vitriolitic etc.

        Whoever doesn’t like it should look away(stop reading it) or strangle themselves, I don’t care.
        This is the last time I’ll be addressing this “Chizzie” Issue.

    • Mmmhmmmm

      I hear you honey! You sure had enough time to write an essay worth winning a milo scholarship essay for someone who sure doesn’t care.**sips deola’s green tea**

  4. ‘I think am gay’. Seriously, you still think? Anyway, congrats. Happy for you. And about your brother seeing your sexuality as a choice, was your fault. You didn’t sound very sure and convincing. But it’s all good. What matters is that he’s got your back.

  5. Mike. I can’t stop laffing,”you think are Gay”. What’s the use of that Think? Maybe if things get worse, then you won’t think? Mike you need to say Face To face not chat. Notice the looks on his Face,Etc

    • Oh it’s easy for you to make judgement from that ‘high throne of piled shit’ you created for yourself..
      Atleast he’s made a move.. What efforts have you made sir? Some comes here to share with us.. The efforts he’s made so far.. Concerning the course of LGBT.. All you could do was kick a brother when he is down.. Do you have an idea how tough this things are.. Coming out I mean. And you here talking about him going face to face immediately instead of applauding his baby steps.. For starters! And then you went on about him saying ‘I think am gay’ so bloody hell I think! So what? The issue here is he came out and even had the effontary to share with us.. So some future out comers can learn on subtle ways to come out to their family and you are here sitting on that throne of us talking about.. How he said ‘I think’

      And this goes out to everyone else that emphasizes on the ‘I think’ rather than the courage of this very young man.

    • Give it a break. You guys are so funny. How did you expect him to have done it? He was testing the waters. A friend of mine did the same thing to his younger brother. The younger brother did not take it so well and threatened to tell his mother. My friend had to tell him he was only joking. You cannot be too careful. My friend is 21 and still a student who depends on his parents for his daily bread. You need to be realistic when you do some things.

  6. Different strokes for different folks. What works for you may not work for me. You really need to understand your family to be able to come out to them.

    I am really happy for you. Sometimes I wish I had someone in my family who knows about my orientation so that we’d be able to talk about it. It just feels like I am alone in this world. I can just imagine coming out to one of my sisters like this, before you can say ‘Jack Robbinson’, all my sisters would know about it, some would call to know who I have been shagging, some would call to find out how it started while my mom would call to tell me she has fixed a date for deliverance at MFM Prayer City.

    Dude, I envy you.

  7. Nope. There is nothing compared to it. Only my coz officially knows and she hasn’t bothered me since but I dread the family function we have in 2weeks. I hope she don’t turn coat. I will just grab a knife and stab with the flow. I have dropped hints l for the rest of my family…my generation that is.

    Pele Mike. This is d perfect case of “In case of incasity”. At least it wasn’t a kito that outed u

  8. WOW.
    I’m glad this happened.
    Really so.
    There’s nothing fulfilling like Family’s acceptance

    That said…
    What was that you said about revealing your identity the other day?

  9. Wow. That’s a bold step from Mike. A thousand steps starts from one.
    Was thinking of opening up to my younger brother (2nd to last), but the issue is, what say does he have in family issues.
    Looking forward to the hope we have for tomorrow #Gad

  10. First of all… You don’t “Thing you’re gay”. I am sure i’m gay. I know i’m gay. That’s why the brother thinks it’s a choice…

  11. i have never given a thought to coming out to my family.I imagine, my siblings to be unbothered about it. Random Conversations with my dad when the bill was passed, and he couldnt understand the need to persecute people for their lifestyle choices. He might try to talk me out of it, and probably threaten to disown me. i can always play up the ‘WHAT DID YOU DO AFTER YOU FOUND OUT I WAS SEXUALLY ABUSED’ card.

    My mum however, might take it the hardest. I cant bear the disappointment and i imagine her taking it up as a failing on her part. I love her too much to ever put her through such.

    That being said i think its more important to come out to yourself, and make your peace. One thing i’d always be appreciative of this blog for.

  12. @Ringlana it was just a test hint.. Afterall there’s nothing wrong in thinking you are gay,especially when you are gradually gracing self acceptance. this in no way denotes that people can ACTUALLY choose to become gay, even though some people can CHOOSE to indulge in homosexual activities and as a result may just like it and finally decide to continue with the practice. Some may love the taste of both worlds and as a result embrace a confused and unstable sexuality.

    But the actual question will be ‘why do you even LIKE the practice of having sex with your fellow man/woman as the case maybe? I discussed this on my podcast ‘Do People Choose to be Gay’?

  13. When I say confused and unstable sexuality, am referring to the idea of identifying your self today as gay tomorrow as straight, when I say homosexual practices you sure should know what that means.

  14. It might be time for those of us who want to actually debate to form a BBM group, debate thoroughly, and then present our findings to the larger group.

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