43 thoughts on “Morning Humour XIX: Ways To Make Your Straight Crush Your Beau

  1. So “no homo” is a gaydar reset button…

    I will use it more often now maybe I will score extra “str8” dudes.

  2. Not funny, really.

    – – What’s it with so-called straight guys and nipple touching; I mean: ‘Guy, how far na..’ *and he touches your nipples* No homo?


      • My colleague does it ooo! Be squeezing nipples anyhow in the name of greeting. One day i told him “you started it ooo, bc where i will squeeze eh”

        That put an end to it!

        Even girls do that nipple play with me jokingly

      • Oh now I get the idea.. They squeeze your nipple.. Hmmm. Maybe they’re checking if its ripe for harvest or not.. But anyway, what do I know?

    • Only nipple pulling? They do the butt squeezing/tapping, tickle u in public, pull ur chin…all the things short of raping u.in public, and u guys r not even close like that *rme

      Loooool! It sure wud do a lot to confuse them

      • It is annoying. Come to think of it, it is only those who you don’t even like that do such, as in the ugly and old ones that even when they strip for you, na run you go use comot for there.

  3. Why? Did I just sense ”Argumentum ad Hominem”’s deodorant around here?
    Photo is not humorous in the least!! Just a plus of annoying and silly to me, multiplied by dumb! I think the writer has gotta try this with an agbero somewhere on the streets of any confirmed ghetto…lolz!

    • @jamie: are u being serious right now? U really think the writer believes what he wrote? He was just being sarcastic,lol.

  4. Chestnut dearie, I don’t know if he were actually serious about it. My advice is, he should…
    I actually know of someone who’d try this if he saw it! …you know…too many crushes on all sides…lolz!!

  5. LMAO!! Now this got to me.. Very funny!
    I rememeber I used this #NoHomo thing on str8 guys a lot..
    Me: I can bet you.. I guy will give you a BJ and you will love every bit of it.. #NoHomo

    Str8 Guy: Lai lai.. Never!!!
    Me: oya make we try am.. #NoHomo

    Guy esitate but later removed pants..
    Suck suck suck!
    Str8 guy moaning..
    Takes a breather
    Me: bruh still #Nohomo tho

    Str8 Guy: sure sure!! #NoHomo
    This tag is so fake these days.. I don’t see the need to add it to a phrase. If a “str8” guy thinks he needs to add this to his statement.. Check on that guy he is mostly likely Gay or bi-curious.

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