28 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day XVIII

  1. I had a friend, when he showed me his baby pictures, i found that his favourite toy was a douche. He took it everywhere, to school, church, party, …i laughed and said “Boy!…this is ur destiny! Same thing am gone say for sam smith “Sammy! Stretching ur mouth like that?, like u doing right there?, thats ur destiny baby! Kep stretching. Stretch every hole u gat”

  2. Touchē.
    I always knew the young man had wide potentials.
    in other news.
    am I the only one who heard of someone’s marriage plans?
    Let him just share aso ebi for kdians o. dasall.

  3. Sam is everything orals. From talking to singing, and to….em, singing praises. He knows how to water an eggplant.

  4. This is scary! Like he will bite off my dick, swallow it and get on stage to perform while i bleed to death. Sorry but I will have to pass

  5. As it is in the north, so shall it be in the south. ☺
    I knew the guy was gifted with his mouth.. But didn’t know he was this gifted.

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