No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 7)

DealingWithTheHate(Poster)I have observed that people sometimes ponder on the erroneous idea that one’s sexual orientation can be changed. Even some homosexuals are guilty, especially when still in the discovery phase. This phase is usually scary and unacceptable to most people who do not know how to handle the overwhelming feelings of been attracted to the same-sex. This could be confusing and can bring about a sense of insecurity. The fear of ‘What will people say’, ‘Am I normal’, ‘How do I discuss this with other people’ continues to linger. The individual finally reaches a stage of withdrawal and isolation, keeping entirely to themselves.

The fear increases especially when one starts to hear negative things and witness the manner at which homosexuals are treated by the society at large, adverse treatments that are meted out even by family and friends. The tension increases when someone gives a passing scathing remark concerning how your walk, talk, gestures, especially when one is effeminate.

Due to this, I’m sure a whole lot of us constantly wish we could change our sexual orientation (if it was possible). But truth is, WE ARE WHO WE ARE, and there’s nothing any pastor, therapist, priest, priestess, bishop, pope, exorcist, babalawo, prayer warrior can do about it.

However, the one thing that can be done is to deal with the hand we are dealt. Handle the hate constantly spewed at you appropriately. And how do you do that?

Well, CLICK HERE to have a listen.

18 thoughts on “No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 7)

  1. That first sentence is clumsy and needlessly ponderous. People sometimes ponder on the erroneous idea that one’s sexual orientation can be changed = Some people think one’s sexuality can be changed, but they are wrong. Clear with fewer Obahiagbon pretensions.

  2. Hey Mike. Just listened in. First time tuning in. I av posted the link to my TL. I hope my tweeps will show as much interest in it as they do the dick n arse pics.
    Its ingenious and frankly I AM Jealous I didn’t think this first. I have a qxn tho. Do u av to finish the episode in so short a time? I realise now what ppl meant when u.posted the 1st episode. There is a blend of accents and it may make you come across as ‘wannabe’. The Nigerian English has actually been said to be very sexy. I think if u used that, it may go a REALLY long way in making this sound as Nigerian LGBT for Nigerians in Nigeria. #allIamsaying If you insist on the foreign accent, u cud practise that in d mirror every morning…and read fictional novels…not inspirati. Those helped my diction a lot.

    I love that ‘this is a cry from LGBT…” jingle. Soothes me somehow.

  3. I loved this episode! The progress you’ve made is becoming so evident. And the awareness jingle? On point. Love it. Sorry I was more carried away by the voice and coincidentally for the fact that I am listening at night, it was giving me some Cosmo FM vibe. I smooth background music to aid your voice wouldn’t be a bad idea or you could leave it this way so we can all enjoy its originality. Thumbs up.

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