ALERT! Kito Diaries Has Been Discovered!

By a straight guy apparently. Lol. Literally. ‘Straight Man’ is his pseudonym. Apparently, even heterosexual persons need pseudonyms to comment on a gay blog. Lol. He didn’t comment on any post, instead he dropped his comment on KD’s About Page. And he must have gone through some of the posts, a testament of the brilliance of KD writers, because he had some things to say. (Relax, KD warriors. He wasn’t vitriolic. So, be nice. lol).Screenshot - 4_11_2015 , 8_11_08 AM

You hear that, KDians? Focusing your good literary skills on writing on LGBT issues is not a sign of positivity. Find a Sunday School project, something political, the weather, the change coming to Nigeria – any of these things should you write on. Forsake all writings about your sexuality. 🙂

55 thoughts on “ALERT! Kito Diaries Has Been Discovered!

  1. OH THE NERVE!!!

    I will just resist every urge to throw insults (yet to have my morning coffee, n all).
    People write about what interests them and from personal experience. Why should I be writing about the weather when pinkpanther has given me the opportunity to pour out my heart abt whats most important to me.

    Btw I sense some homophobia in this so-called “straight” guy’s comment. Will just wait for others to wake up and begin the war! Hehehe

      • Yes, one comment was a friendly warning, and the other was anti homosexual. What is friendly about telling you to focus your writing on something ‘positive’? I’m sorry, but since when is your sexual orientation not a positive issue to write about?

      • Pete that was friendly?
        **checks dictionary again for the meaning of friendly***

        Oh well, but then again its you! I am too happy about the elections in Kaduna, Lagos and Taraba states to respond appropriately

      • What he needs is education. He’s a product of a society that frowns at same sex relationship. At least he wasn’t threatening us. If you want to see homophobia, just check out Bisi Alimi’s TL.

  2. One is a friendly warning,who is he to tell us to forsake,huh? I think We are too Hot to handle ,that’s Why there are afraid of Us,Phew!!! Sunday Morning

      • Efforts to download today’s podcast has been unsuccessful. I dont know if its a problem with the site or my networks. curiously, I access other sites eith ease but kd .

      • Mike I like your agressive-style-like advertising about your show.
        I wrk in a Marketing industry. It wouldn’t hurt to learn a thing or two from you.

        **stiffles giggles**

  3. **applying avocado paste on face and sees post** …..mtcheeèeews. is he “friendlywarning” me abi hes “friendlywarning” his closeted ass? Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews **goes back to applying avocado paste on face**

  4. I really don’t see what is surprising here, I also don’t see why this should make headlines. Okay, you might saY I am negative as usual, but come to think to it, what do you guys think? This is a blog on the internet and is accessible by all, it is only a matter of time for people to learn about it.

    I guess when another straight guy comments, that would also make the homepage.

    This is totally unneccesary and you are giving the guy undue attention, which is going to make him have more nerves to comment. Then you guys would now come out and start attacking him.

  5. Hey, lets comply.

    “I had my 1st fuck on a very windy Sunday evening on my way from the “feed the poor” project taken on by my church in Taraba state. The rains suddenly started and had drenched this fine specimen of the human species. That prick that he had been hiding in dry clothes became clear to the whole world…blah blah blah.” There! We talked about the weather, Taraba state, Sunday School Project, even anatomy

  6. A ton of foolishness which does not deserve the energy I’d otherwise expend replying ***dabs generous doses of moisturiser and goes back to early morning facials***

  7. I feel we should cut some of these guys some slack. They don’t know any better because of the society they are in and some of them respond the only way they know how. Now, I am not defending the guys that shout ‘burn the gays’ and shit. I mean, it took me years to love myself and accept who I am; why should I expect someone who isn’t gay to understand as soon as I tell them about my sexuality.

    My thoughts are all mumbled up but I hope you understand where I am coming from

    • I sure do understand you bro.. I sure do.. It’s quite refreshing.. Hearing someone view a point without all the theatrics of an overzealous Drag queen.

      • See? Its this thing you do that shows you up as hypocritical. You like to praise commenters for saying things without shade, and in the same breath, you are casting shade here and there. I’m not saying this to start anything with you this morning. I’m just pointing out that sometimes, the man of God who likes to preach from the soap box might wanna tailor his actions according to what he preaches.

  8. He should shove his silly advice into wherever he finds downwards… Our species are normally, naturally a jack-of-all-trades. We’ve been doing even more than the little job he’s proposing before he coughed silly!!
    The weather analysts, politicians, church members of his have signs on them, so why won’t he be so confident that they aren’t beautifully gay and/or belong here or on any other gay platform??? Mr. ”straight man”, knock before you enter even your pastor’s room…lolz!

  9. When I waz saying this that some KDians are throwing our link open on social network like facebook and Twitter and it’s no longer safe u guys tot it was a joke,we need to ensure our safety @ all time admin Pls take note of such members

  10. Str8 guys who wander onto gay blogs to give friendly advice are usually closet queens viewing their loathsome but fabulously evolving self in the mirror.

  11. The first comment (if you read chronologically) is a bug standard Christian warning, however he ended it with a friendly warning.

    The second one, I think he maybe referring to the vitriolic comments that follow the exquisite God given writing skills. I think he is saying more positivity less negativity.

  12. @teflondon, is it the one here or the one attached directly to the podcast itself, and tell me have u listened to it@all, please do cause I would like to learn a thing or two from you as well!

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