37 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day XVII

  1. Who did this to my Dakuku? PP you will never make heaven! This is my governor oo! My candidate ***stares daggers at mercury***

      • Oh its sorted out! I am the Olivia Pope and Mercury is the Mellie of this election, so we have our roles well mapped out!

        Mercury you can have the fat and ugly PDP guy! I cares less

    • Kendigim abi Paradigm you want to die abi? You want to have his baby? Where were you when I was campaining for my Dakuku? I even wear his lapel pin to work everyday!

      Baby mama ko, baby oshi!


  2. Wow, they look so nice together and the picture could easily be on a Gay Traditional wedding invitation.
    I like the Deputy Gov’s name. Sounds like a Porn star “ASS-eater Honourable”…..:-)

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