Man Crush Friday: Mr Ideal Nigeria Contestants In Swimwear

A KDian, whose overwhelming thirst won’t let him speak his name (lol), takes the cake (and the D) on the man crush issue. He didn’t pick one or two or three. He picked an entire galleon of men. Straight people call it polygamy or polyandry. Whatever shall we call it in the gaybourhood? Lol

Check on the pictures of his thirst below.IMG_0394IMG_0395IMG_0401IMG_0430IMG_0448IMG_0457IMG_0467IMG_0478IMG_0487IMG_0496

65 thoughts on “Man Crush Friday: Mr Ideal Nigeria Contestants In Swimwear

  1. Pinky uve crashed my gaydar…kept on beeping and beeping nownits just “beèèeèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeèeeeeeeèeeeepppppiiiiinnnnnggggg” non stop!

  2. I saw fat Albert somewhere up there 😂😂.
    But wait oh, where did all these people come from?
    Life really isn’t fair.
    All tall bottle of wine like most of the ones above, is all we ask.
    But what do we get?
    A mudu of kwunu mixed with horse shit . why why why? 😩😩😭😭😭😭..
    That winner is gonna be my pick(actually I have several from up there, but I’ll just settle for him). Look at those thighs…oh and the VPL too 😍😍😍 Lawd, save us.

  3. Abuja,Akwa ibom, Rivers and zamfara r cool!
    D rest na only dem waka come o
    Bcos na only dem go waka go.
    I won’t even yab anyone cos I dnt hv half of dia body!

  4. Mr. Ekiti is catwalking and awwn, she has a cute Beyoncé patch on the side of her head. You go gurrrl!

    Mr. Katsina is doing: Change your style…another one…be like that! (lmao).

    Mr. Abuja (1st row) and Mr. Enugu (8th row) – yes, please.

      • Dennis, before! If you have a video of those two men please upload it to BoyfriendTV and send me the link. 😛

        Sinnex, some of them their hips are literally sinking to the floor! Their catwalk instructor probably specialises only in teaching female models.

        Mr. Benue’s crotch just knocked me unconscious. (last row) *dead*

      • Toh!!! I thot I saw that only.
        Biko, the last dude, on the right, 1st set of pictures…why is he like that?
        And that Wriggly Welma…’she’ go shake nyash to blind judges

  5. Please pinky if you think this is eye candy maybe you’ve not seen the recent pic uploaded by David McIntosh earlier today. Cakes on full display! The ass! The body! These guys try but my eyes are on things above.

  6. My sentiment exactly @Paul, most of us here are constantly on a 10/10 gulder ultimate search in men when we aren’t even on a scale ourselves. For Nigerians living in Nigeria, plagued with incessant bombings, kidnappings, corruption, short (man-devil) syndrome, uninhabitable weather and all, these guys are HOT biko, enough said…..

  7. So I had 3 guys (Frnd’s) that contested and none of them won. Lol Na wa o

    Whoever won must have some serious “work” to earn that crown. Lol

    Mr Twiitch ndo

  8. After the first three it was mostly fine faces and not not so great bodies and vice versa. Most of these people shouldn’t even be on the runway in my opinion with their chests that want to look like man boobs.

  9. oh my!

    Anyways i can see a Buff Bridgetta and an amphed pygmy.
    Most of them are trying so hard to exude even just a wisp of sex appeal.

    But mehn,did you guys see those two Greek gods flanking the left and right sides of pix one and two respectively? *swoons again*

  10. That Mr Kwara looks like a zombified version of Hakeem from Empire. And what is up with that Mr Benue? They had to use a pen to write on his sach?

    Gimme Akwa-ibom and Abuj…. any day.

    Dennis, so many akpans to choose from.
    Dennis: Washing Akpan
    Akpan: Oga
    Dennis: Tell yam pounding Akpan that i need him in the kitchen right now.
    Akpan: jes Oga.

  11. Ok I didn’t take my time to look at this properly in the morning.. Maybe 5 guys tops are good looking here.. I’ll learn to ignore the little head in the morning while reading posts like this and listen to the big head instead..

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