Porn Star Jarec Wentworth Tells His Side Of The Extortion Tale From Prison

PicturesIt seems kind of crazy that before he even goes on trial, Jarec Wentworth a.k.a. Teofil Brank (above left) would reach out to a porn blog and tell his entire side of the story, potentially further incriminating himself.

But that appears to be what has happened.

Jarec appears to have written to over the weekend to tell his whole side of the story, confirming the identity of alleged extortion victim Donald Burns (above right), and going further to suggest that some innocent gifts and “hush money” have now been mischaracterized as blackmail.

He says that he and Burns go back about two years, and that he and possibly another (former) Sean Cody model had been paid multiple times to have group sex with Burns. In his version of events, Donald Burns was paying him willingly, and the money he received was never extorted. And, according to Jarec, Burns offered him the Audi freely and without ever being threatened.

Here, for the first time since his arrest, is Jarec Wentworth/Teofil Brank in his own words:teo1

Next, Jarec says that Burns went so far as to “beg” him to take the $1,000,000, which of course completely contradicts the FBI’s version of events. Jarec also writes that he feared for his safety (which, if you believe him, would explain why he had his associate bring a loaded gun to the scene of his arrest), and that the FBI edited his text messages as part of a larger government effort to frame him and protect Burns:teo2

Whether or not you fully believe Brank’s conspiracy theory, this next portion does raise questions about the kinds of protections and privileges that the very wealthy are afforded.

Given that Donald Burns was able to get the FBI involved and arranging a dramatic sting operation all in less than 24 hours of first contacting them, it would appear that he had some pull with someone. Was it his money? His lawyers? A special friendship with someone in the government? Even in the FBI’s own affidavit, Jarec never made any threats of physical violence against Burns. Is it routine for the FBI to go to such quick and elaborate lengths to help someone who was never in any physical danger?teo3

Jarec/Teofil has had his name misspelled in the inmate locator system for more than two weeks. Typos do happen, but could Jarec be on to something? Could the government really be trying to make him hard to find in order to protect Donald Burns? Then again, giving him access to email means they can’t be trying too hard.

In this next portion, Jarec reveals details about a sexual situation involving him, Donald Burns, and several other gay porn stars:teo4

It’s hard to have sympathy for Jarec, and it’s especially hard to believe this final portion given his size and appearance, as compared to Donald Burns. Jarec ends his email with the shocking claim that Donald Burns raped him, and that any money exchanged between them was “hush money,” not extortion:teo5

If Jarec is telling the truth and Donald Burns did rape him, that might at least partially explain what Jarec was threatening to “expose” about Burns in the alleged extortion scheme. Will the other porn star who came into the room and “pushed Don off” of Jarec testify? And even if he did, how would that help Jarec fight the extortion charge?

And it seems he thinks he’s got nothing to lose right now by speaking out, with the deck stacked against him with Burns’ powerful legal team. And that may very well be true.

As of last week, Jarec was denied bail. His trial date has not yet been set.

20 thoughts on “Porn Star Jarec Wentworth Tells His Side Of The Extortion Tale From Prison

  1. Two people I consider worse than a pile of shit: 1. Runs girls (boys) 2. Porn stars.

    Dont get me wrong, I love porn..a lot. But I think theres no venture more demeaning than getting paid for sex and then pretending u have class. I have more respect for professional prostitutes, cause they know their level and dont form.

    • Hahahahaa. Simba, you had to go there. I swear, I developed a migraine from reading his declaration of innocence. The Grammar Nazis would have a field day with this one.

  2. I have said it before that you can get law enforcement agents even Nigerian ones to do your bidding if you know the right buttons to press

  3. This is what people get when they use their sex organs means of livelihood. Its clear that Jarec was educating his ass and dick at the expense of his brains. Its his day of reckoning

  4. Those typos though…….. phew!

    There has to be some truth in this…. not totally, But a good portion for sure v

  5. Oh, please. Anyone who reads this and concludes the federal government is framing Wentworth/Brank or that Burns is receiving preferential treatment because of his wealth is delusional.

    To answer the question, “Is it routine for the FBI to go to such quick and elaborate lengths to help someone who was never in any physical danger?” the answer is yes. Yes, the FBI and local police and sheriff’s deputies do involve themselves in extortion cases. But, first, the word “quick” is immaterial. The sting operation was not created and executed in less than 24 hours. Even Wentworth’s text acknowledges that he refused to return Burns’ car for weeks till Burns agreed to a “settlement” (i.e., extortion) of funds sufficient to “keep me happy” (i.e., extortion once again).

    Wentworth/Brank seems outright clueless. He is shocked that his demands for “HUSH MONEY” are being perceived as “black mail” (sic). Someone who insists on “HUSH MONEY” and/or expensive cars in lieu of public shaming is, in fact, committing extortion.

    (Giving gifts, even cars, to someone and providing financial support aren’t crimes … IF the recipient has never threatened to expose a relationship unless compensated. That’s not the case here.)

    His threats to “out” Burns, shame him for hiring male sex workers, and possibly report his “rape” (which, perhaps, was an awkward moment but, at worst, a misperception) while making financial demands is why Burns rightfully called the FBI. Wentworth/Brank made clear he needed “HUSH MONEY” to [temporarily] stay silent. And given his travels as an escort and his porn career, filmed at various locations in the U.S. and abroad for all the judge knows, I can see why he would be deemed a flight risk. Sucks for him, to be sure. But he isn’t the innocent bystander he’s convinced himself he is.

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