No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 6)


Homosexuals are commonly tagged as ‘pleasure seekers’ and as a result, many people including homosexuals themselves, perceive homosexuality as a ‘FUN Lifestyle’. But it’s neither fun nor a lifestyle. It’s who we are. And if we don’t get a handle on the choices we are driven to make by our sexuality, there’s a whole lot of deep shit (no pun intended) we might get ourselves into.

Statistics from all around the world show that homosexuals (gay men) are more prone to contracting dangerous sexually-transmitted diseases than people of other orientations. As fact, homosexuals rank the highest number of people living and dying from HIV/AIDS. It is for these reasons that #NOSTRINGS discusses and exposes the common dangerous sexual practices of gay sex, as well as provides knowledge into methods that could help the average homosexual person stay safe and healthy. The discussion balances sexual pleasure and safety as the both are paramount to every human being, homosexuals inclusive.

I have also observed that when a gay man is seriously sick, he is quick to blame it on his sexual orientation, sometimes concluding that he has been cursed by God, forgetting how he ignored safety, something that is supposed to come first. Yes, many a times, we are the cause of our problems. Sometimes ignorance may be the cause.

Still, something can be done. The time is now. Take advantage of this episode and DOWNLOAD HERE TO LISTEN to get exposed to tons of information that could save you from literal tears and pain tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 6)

  1. Preach on Mike, much appreciated. At least i know homosexuality is not a lifestlye for many and neither is it fun at al,.not even in the so called western world.

  2. I wish MikeDaemon can reach out to young “upcoming” gays who are just “selling” their bodies without any strings attached. Fuck and go daddies. bla bla bla.

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