28 thoughts on “Happy Easter, KDians

  1. Oh! This is what pisses people off with LGBT activism . Fight for what you’re fighting for and stop meddling it with religion and stop annoying me

    • Philip, next time you think this kind activism pisses YOU off, just remember that the vast majority of religious pips also piss ME off when they judge me by their religious standard.
      Don’t come here claiming to be annoyed by this piece because I feel like plunging you into real and unimaginable annoyance and pain by giving you a real flogging!

  2. I will ignore that piece and wish us all a blissful easter. Pinky, Denny, Gad, Max, Teflondon, Chesnut (i miss that dude and his comments), Bobby, Dubem, Just James, Yours Truely, McGray (yes me), Mike Daemon, everyone. May we all rise with Christ in all our endeavors Amen. I love u all.

  3. What’s with the validation gay individuals are always looking to find in religion?….lol

    Happy Easter y’all

  4. Hmm na wa o, pink panther, Dennis!!! All of una, nobody even ask of me since Abi? Na so life dey? Hmm na wa o. Dennis my husband, you don abandon me abi. Is ok o, continue.

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