Too Many Hot Men On TW Magazine And Lynxxx Is the Hottest Of Them All

Lynxxx 12tw Magazine’s April issue is out, and it is all about men. Not just any men, but some of the most stylish ones in the entertainment industry. The issue is celebrating talented, accomplished and hot men from start to finish! Starting with the cover star, rapper Lynxxx!

In the magazine, Lynxxx opens up about discovering his strong entrepreneurial side in his early teens, growing up the only son with five sisters, his music career and competition in the industry, his sophomore album, which is due out next month, being a sex symbol & loads more!Lynxxx 13

Super stylish hotties on the entertainment scene – Iyanya, Ebuka Obi Uchendu, Bryan Okwara, Boj & DJ Spinall bring on the heat in a 12-page fashion editorial on man trends.TW-Magazine-BellaNaija-1-600x395

Also featured in this issue are Chef Fregz, Frank Edwards, Bankole Cardoso, Ogbonna Kanu and legendary musician Victor Uwaifo, who takes readers on a journey spanning his 50-year career.

20 thoughts on “Too Many Hot Men On TW Magazine And Lynxxx Is the Hottest Of Them All

  1. *singing “onye” by waje ft tiwa savage*cos that’s all I have the strength to do when it comes to lynxx*faints*

  2. I just pity anyone who will say “I love you Lynxx” by mistake today. *scuttles and hides before ‘The Owner’ wakes up

  3. “growing up the only son with five sisters” And didn’t turn gay.. **looks at naive KDians with oduanya*
    Boy is phyyyyyyne.. Lips are to die for.

    I see them gay lords of the Nigerian entertainment industry in that last pic.

  4. Ewoooooo, this Lynxxxx ehnn. *fans self*
    As Max pointed out ‘kinda’ I guess I am also really naïve about this fine piece of man specimen. I sha want him to bat for this team and want ME to be his, till death do us part.

  5. [Brandy] – I think it’s time we got this straight,
    let’s sit and talk face to face.
    There is no way you could mistake him for your man,
    Are you insane?
    [Monica] – See I know that you may be
    just a bit jealous of me.
    Cause’ you’re blind if you can’t see
    that his love is all in me.
    [Brandy] – See I tried to hesitate,
    I didn’t want to say what he told me.
    He said without me
    he couldn’t make it through the day,
    ain’t that a shame.
    [Monica] – And maybe you misunderstood,
    Plus I can’t see how he could
    wanna take his time and that’s all good.
    All of my love was all it took
    [Chorus 2]
    The boy is mine.
    You need to give it up.
    Had about enough.
    It’s not hard to see,
    the boy is mine.
    I’m sorry that you
    seem to be confused.
    He belongs to me
    the boy is mine.

    Keep off ladies!!! LYNXXX IS MINE!!

    By the way, is that Aunty Brianna Okwara I’m seeing?? The gurl no wan gree rest. smh

  6. That last pic tho.. Of Ebuka and co! Queen Beyoncé should do a remix of “single Ladies” and hire these ladies to be the back up dancers.

    Lynxx by the way is fine.. But I’ll pass.

    **dodges knives and slaps**

  7. Some people were made on Monday morning and some on Saturday evening.
    Baba in my next life,make me on Monday morning jst like d broda Lynx

  8. Not sure of my thoughts on this edition of TW….. Meanwhile, Boj and DJ Spinall are now regarded as man candy? Lmao….. Naija!!!

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