Blog_KD JournalMarch 21

Ella Henderson – Yours

I’m not a fan of putting a song on repeat. I’d rather hear something else first before going back to that song. This song however has been on repeat. It’s not a sad song, but every time I listen to it, I feel all shades of sad. It’s beautiful and simple, and I just love it very much.

This is the last week I’ll be spending in the lab where I’m doing my IT. I feel sort of sucker-punched because I hadn’t been paying attention to the time. Six weeks is just too short.

I’m not anticipating going back to school. It’d be back to lectures I couldn’t care for, my few ratchet friends I love very much, and worst of all, being alone in my room. Lol. I know I said I like being alone in my room, but I dunno anymore sha.

I didn’t get on grindr almost all weekend last weekend because I was in school. When I finally logged on, I was greeted by new messages. And I saw one from a fellow KDian, and it went along the lines of:

“You look really skinny and sickly in this picture…” Continue reading

An Anniversary Message

happy-anniversary-wishes-cardsA KDian is celebrating his love for his boo by penning something to mark the one-month anniversary of their relationship, which is today. So, if this boo is reading, this is for you.


Words are words and Talk is Cheap.

You hear me say this all the time – “Facta non Verba”…

But these words carry my heart.

I woke up to the touch of a morning

The thirst for your warmth left my heart

Susceptible to a great want, blazing like a flame

A flame which can only be stoked by your touch

A touch which I feel around me this morning Continue reading

‘Treat your gay son like a drug addict.’ – says Televangelist Pat Robertson

1377715713308.cachedUS Christian evangelist Pat Robertson has advised a mother to treat her gay son like a drug addict.

Speaking on 700 Club, which is aired by the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson responded to a mother’s question of how to reach out to her gay son, by telling her not to go along with his “lifestyle”.

The mother had written in to the show looking for advice about her son who had come out as gay and announced he was becoming an atheist.

Robertson was clear on his stance. “You cannot go along and say, ‘I agree with your lifestyle’,” he said. “So don’t be an enabler, any more if he’s a drug addict, you don’t enable people to continue in their drug habits.” Continue reading


bullying_2469128bOme ka nwanyi, ome ka nwanyi…!”(Girly boy or sissy), a voice screamed through the window of the towering building.

This is a voice I was so familiar with. It’s one of the many voices that always reminded me of what an abomination I was and how I should be ashamed of even waking up from sleep, a voice that reminded me of how damaged and how useless I was.

That phrase began as a whisper and then grew into a wind, a wind of torment, a wind of despair, a wind of agony, served daily in multiple doses. A wind which I had no control over and no shelter to weather from. I started dying before I could live. Anywhere I went to, whenever people looked at me, I already knew why. I’ve never liked being the center of attention, but I always managed to get everyone’s attention by just existing in the same time and place with them.

At night, I’d cry myself to sleep after saying a prayer to God, begging him to change me, to make me more like Emeka, the well built classmate of mine whose unofficial duty was ‘protecting the weak’ from bullies. I always felt safe around Emeka; he was one of those guys that you could count on. Whenever he was around, ain’t no bully gon come your way. Continue reading

‘House Of Cards’ Creator Beau Willimon Talks About Frank Underwood’s Sexuality

House Of Cards 01Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

When Netflix hit, House of Cards returned for its third season, many of you have probably binged through all of it. That’s totally understandable, because like the two seasons prior, this season of House of Cards is full of the jaw-dropping performances, Machiavellian maneuvering, and out-of-left-field plot twists we’ve come to expect from the series.

There’s also the WTF sex scenes we’ve come to know and love—think last season’s bisexual three-way with Special Agent Meechum (played by Nathan Darrow). In Season 3, we witness Claire reviving her husband via coitus— or “fucking the hope back into him” as show creator Beau Willimon puts it—and a very intimate moment between Frank and his biographer, Thomas Yates. Willimon spoke to the Huffington Post about President Underwood’s sexuality and that intimate Yates scene on the couch in his study. Continue reading

No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 4)

NOSTRINGSPOSTER#NOSTRINGS has an exclusive talk with JOHN ADEWOYE, a Nigerian, and an Ex-Priest of the Catholic faith, who embraced his true nature as a Gay-Man. He takes us through his experiences as a child, and talks about the effect of his coming out, his asylum to the states, his struggles, how he was able to say positive, as well reconcile his strong Catholic faith with his sexuality. He leaves ‘no strings attached’ with his details.

CLICK HERE to Download and enjoy!

Those Awkward Moments

Blog_Those Awkward Moments“Why are you gay?”

A long time ago, someone asked me.

“Why? Why are you gay?”

It wasn’t even the kind of question that left wriggle room for doubt. He sounded certain.

“Why are you gay?” NOT “Are you gay?”

Of course, I acted like I didn’t know what he was talking about. “Huh!?”

He persisted. “I’ve seen your browser history. Gay porn? Why?”

I could have just turned tables and started badgering him on why he went through my browser history in the first place, but it would only sound more like me trying to change the subject. My defensiveness would be a statement of my…well, guilt.

But I was scrambling for a good excuse, a persuasive lie, a brilliant answer. I grasped at the ones that came into my head and ran with them. I gave my cousin my phone, he must have done it… Okay, I’m lying, I mistakenly clicked a link on Facebook… It was a mistake…

Yea, some brilliance. Continue reading

That Article About Gay Nigerians

20111210_MAP502A KDian brought this blogpost to my attention, and when I read it, I kept finding myself veering between amusement and derision for its stereotypical content. Some of it, I have to agree with. Some of it is just worth an eye-roll from Lagos to Los Angeles. Apparently, the writer believes he has the Nigerian gay community all figured out. Can we have your thoughts on this? Read below. (Bear in mind that I did not alter or edit anything on the piece. What you read was culled exactly the way the writer put it up)


Do I really need to start defending my sexuality, well here goes nothing. I am not a faggot, I do not find boys attractive, occasionally if I see a guy with six abs and a nice body I’ll stare only because I wish my body was as hot as his, not because I’d wana do bad things with him. I find girls annoying but I love to smooch them and do other BAD STUFF with them. I wrote this article outa sheer boredom just to take jabs at gay people (Why? Cuz I can). I am not homophobic either, I actually have a couple of friends who are gay and also a few lesbians and I don’t judge them. Doesn’t mean I won’t yab them though. Again, I am not Gay.

Well since that’s outa the way, lets talk about gay people. Continue reading

‘There is nothing synthetic about a soul!’ Madonna blasts Dolce And Gabbana; Fashion Duo ‘Apologizes’

madonna-dolce-and-gabbana-fall-winter-2011-steven-klein-02Dolce and Gabbana should “think” before they “speak” when expressing views about same-sex families and IVF, Madonna has declared in a swipe at the fashion duo.

The Rebel Heart singer is the latest celebrity to blast Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, after the fashion pair caused widespread offence by slamming “non-traditional” same-sex parents and branding children born through IVF as “synthetic”.

Sir Elton John, who has two sons with his husband David Furnish, called the pair “hateful”, and urged for a boycott of the clothing label. Celebrities including Matt Lucas, Sharon Stone and Courtney Love this week announced their support for a boycott. Victoria Beckham, a close friend of Sir Elton John and David Furnish, also tweeted her “love” for IVF babies.

Yesterday, Madonna, who was named the face of Dolce & Gabbana in 2009 and appeared in several advertising campaigns for them, made her feelings about the subject plain for all to see. The Queen of Pop took to Instagram where she posted a picture of a baby sat on her chest as she modeled for the designer brand. Continue reading