53 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day XVI

  1. I don die! Who is this biko? This is nice….scratch that this is damm hawt!

    PP who has these celestial cakes?

    • Thats his natural skin tone! He doesnt have to lighten to achieve “even skin tone”.

      I dont see anything wrong with his skin tone! He is a black man and black people have black nyash!

  2. Why so ashy? Taking thirst traps can be annoying. Room has to be clean, picture quality on fleek, the perfect pose. Stress! Nice cakes nonetheless.

  3. It would have been better if he was standing or just lying normally.

    I am very sure @Teflondon has a better and more juicy ass than this.

    • Omg!!!
      You just had to say it.. Init? Lol

      Immediately I saw the pic and thirst before I got to your comment..
      I just tot in my mind
      **if only they knew**

  4. You got to have a mother for me
    Now move your big ass round this way.
    so I can work on that zipper, baby.
    Tonight your star.and I’m the big deeper ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. *Singing in my Will-I-am voice*
    Bubble butt, bubble butt
    Bubble bubble bubble butt
    Bubble butt, bubble butt
    Bubble bubble bubble butt

    Forget about the butt for a second, Can we get into that waisttttttttttttttttttt for a bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I mean they say the head is useless without a neck to hold it.
    Don’t care what nobody say, aint non’like a well rounded butt with a slim waist to go with it. A bazillion like 4 this ass. Boy u are making momma proud wherever she is right now.

    Please can someone place an order from coldstone for me? I’m busy with my azzwatch right now. *ignoring the cold look I’m getting from PP*

  6. In a matter of months.. I bet KD would be competing with PornHub.. Lol

    It’s only a wicked, cruel, and sad creature would see this and find some bad thing to say about it.
    **looks at non other than ****

    Even tho I’ll pass.. As I am not a lesbian (if you know what I mean)

    It’s an awesome figure and lovely ass.
    Kudos to whoever owns this ‘National Cake’

  7. nice, firm bubble butt … but ermmm, that kinda musculature fits better on a top, dont y’all think? … #JustSaying

  8. Now!.The-thirst-is-real!

    Finally guys welcome to K’Ds’ own Hall of Butts………..*drumrolls*

    Looking round this bootilicious hall for KyrxxX,so my sanity to stays intact.

  9. This guy must av been liberally greased and cooked in Pampers growing up. It is black sha.
    All the same, make dem cut one cheek of the buttocks join…and lap my own nyash… There will be a lil more jiggle to it *winks*

  10. Missed this, but i still have to comment…
    I thought it was as big as mine when i was 16 sef.
    *sits Nickishly and partially continues with contours*

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