27 thoughts on “Photo: My Mother Wants To Buy This For Me

  1. LMAO! I missed it at first. Then I got it. Offering to buy you (kito) sandals. Talk about other-worldly signs for you to come out of your closet to her. lol

  2. If I hadnt read the comments section.. I wouldn’t have know what this was all about…
    And would probably have missed the humor Bus.. (Like I always do) **scratches head**

    Well! Well!
    It was a tad funny.

    Quite refreshing.. To laugh about something actually! Considering in the last few days KD felt like some kind of battle ground. (With post and comments)

  3. I like ’em. Mum likes ’em, she buys ’em for us!

    I love Kito sandals. I’m a huge fan of Kito sandals. Mum knows my size. She buys ’em for us. She knows good stuff. Kito sandals are my favorite. I rocked them as a toddler. Kito sandals are never out of fashion.


  4.  Lafº°˚=)) =))˚°º≈throwayº°˚ ˚=)) =))°º≈my blackberryº°˚ 😥 =)) ˚ºinside water°˚ ˚°º≈ =))=))come dey dance Azonto°˚ ˚°ºAzonto
    ƪ 😥 ʃ. ƪ *nerd* ʃ. ƪ.=)) ʃ.
    . . . 
    ..≤¯≥. ≤¯≥. ≤¯≥
    KITO OH!!!!!

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