‘I Want To Own My Story.’ – Bisi Alimi

celebs 53In December last year, Bisi Alimi joined other global LGBT activists to speak at the New York City public library to mark 2014 Human Rights. His talk titled “My name is Bisi Alimi and I am not a victim” has been adjudged as one of the most moving talks of the day.

The talk was released a couple of days ago, and because I believe his talk will help support others, mostly Africa LGBT people who might be struggling with the challenges they are facing, I had to share.

Check out the video of Bisi’s talk below.

18 thoughts on “‘I Want To Own My Story.’ – Bisi Alimi

  1. I love Bisi #NoHomo * giggles* Bisi has always been a shining light on the gay community. I can’t wait for July to be in the same room & listen to my hero talk

  2. Had to step into my car to watch it. They were having their hypocritical Friday prayer.
    This man keeps inspiring me day after day.

    • God! Friday prayers! !!???*** wtf is that? Isnt religion supposed to be a private personal affair which you practise privately in the confines of your home or place if worship? Smh …

  3. Must you guys fuss on evry single comment? even at a point when we should be meditating.
    i think Bisi was just lucky. there are many Nigerians who can still sum up the efontry to out demselves,bt den the point still remains “will they be able to survive it? will the rescuers come to his aid early enuf before he ends up in the hands of homophobes?
    it doesnt end in coming out to the whole world, bt instead on what happens as soon as you back the camera.

  4. **leans back with a bemused face**
    Oh.. Really??
    All that stress.. Just to watch the Video. And you had to give us all the details?
    Vainly Petty!
    But what do I know… Lol

    **hmmm this tea hot**

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