When Superman Can’t Fit Into His Clothes Any Longer

cavill-steel-1Henry Cavill has built a career on his rather broad shoulders, as is duly noted in a recent interview the Man of Steel did with ShortList. Cavill is discussing his wardrobe and sense of style when talk turns to his celebrated physique as well as his oft-ignored peen of steel.

ShortList: Have your muscles ever ripped anything you’ve owned?

Cavill: [laughs] Yes. Yes they have. Who wrote that question?

ShortList: This is from our online editor.

Henry: Is that a he or a she?

ShortList: He.

Henry: Yes, actually, at the end of Man of Steel, I had a suit tailored for the Immortals premiere. At that stage, I was at my very leanest. It was just after shooting my shirtless scenes. At the very end of the movie, I put that suit on again for a photoshoot we were doing and I ripped the seams, the inside seams, just because my thighs were that much bigger.

ShortList: Budgie smugglers or swimming shorts?

Henry: [laughs] Definitely, definitely swimming shorts. More like a parrot smugglers. A Macaw or something. Perhaps a large bird of prey. Bald eagle. There you go.

And here we are. A budgie – for those of you who are not Australian or ornithological enthusiasts – is a small, adorable, harmless little parrot. That bird may fly for Clark Kent but it should only make sense that Superman is smuggling a bald eagle in his tights.cavill 2

Cavill clearly knows who his audience is — see how he knowingly asks if said online editor is a man or a woman — so he made sure to include this warning about his next caped crusade: “I’m buying new clothes every year. I’m bigger than I was in the first Superman film, so I don’t fit the same clothes I did then.”

For kicks, let’s just remember where we started with the first Superman film.cavill-steel-2cavill-steel-3My Gawd! This is man is all shades of muscled sexy.

26 thoughts on “When Superman Can’t Fit Into His Clothes Any Longer

  1. All shades of muscle sexy nd All shades of Wacky………………..(Fill in the blanks).

    Bro is hot shaa………………

    Still can’t get over that monstrosity of a movie called Man of Steel. Ruined every Superman memory I had. Had to go find d old series to watch nd console myself.

    • You too? What is wrong with you people? Man of steel was a great movie, it was….is good so make una just take several seats Biko.
      When batman V Superman comes out next year, make una no watch.

  2. Ok people back off this one… I’ve been called the Minister for daddy affairs by none other than pinky, and to buttress that fact Max said I have daddy issues (he meant it in a nice way oooo)

    So can all y’all thirsty hoes and hoes-tumers please step aside. The honourable minister is coming through, thank you very much

      • Born May 5 1981 – that means he’s gearing up to enter daddies club (it’s like being in daddy kindergarten) he’ll be a full daddy in about 4years or so….So yea I can call dibs…

        Oh and our birthdays are just few days apart, meaning we can choose one nice weekend and celebrate both our birthdays…. It’s not fate darling, it’s destiny.

    • Nnieghe ini mfo kanga…. Let me finish swooning then I’ll come back to you
      Meanwhile all that pizza weekend with DM isn’t going unnoticed **coughs**

  3. See dedication for movie abeg, bulking up to literal superman levels. I’m going to re-watch this movie, I need to soak myself in some mindless destruction.

  4. Its almost as if its just one class of hotties that OP keeps posting

    @pinkpanther you are not taking care of the tops at all. so unfair.
    some of us don’t need those big muscles in our fantasy. wetin we wan take am do biko?

    • Kendigin ‘Generalizing’ now are we?
      Some tops do like thier other half just as muscled up as this…

      Some bottoms ironically speaking don’t even like this… All the muscles and shii. They like them slim, tall and cute, smooth skin with no strand of visible hair, Mustache is a no no… (Ok I think I’ve said too much)

      Next time don’t say ‘tops’ speak for yourself.

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