‘Treat your gay son like a drug addict.’ – says Televangelist Pat Robertson

1377715713308.cachedUS Christian evangelist Pat Robertson has advised a mother to treat her gay son like a drug addict.

Speaking on 700 Club, which is aired by the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson responded to a mother’s question of how to reach out to her gay son, by telling her not to go along with his “lifestyle”.

The mother had written in to the show looking for advice about her son who had come out as gay and announced he was becoming an atheist.

Robertson was clear on his stance. “You cannot go along and say, ‘I agree with your lifestyle’,” he said. “So don’t be an enabler, any more if he’s a drug addict, you don’t enable people to continue in their drug habits.”

He went on to acknowledge: “It’s a very difficult relationship. You don’t want to shun him, you want to have love, but you’ve got to let him know that you don’t approve of the things that he’s doing.”

Robertson is known for frequently expressing controversial opinions. In 2013 he was named ‘Bigot of the Year’ by Stonewall.

Watch the clip from 700 Club below:

16 thoughts on “‘Treat your gay son like a drug addict.’ – says Televangelist Pat Robertson

  1. Didn’t even bother watching it. Total waste of precious bandwidth. Why isn’t he dead already? He’s like 200years old.

  2. I wont waste my precious data in this austere times on this senile hag.

    To think this man ran for US president at a point?

    What a waste of space and oxygen

    • Old age seems to be a curse to you guys? Well, may God not grant us what we detest. 3 Quick comments but none addressing the issue.

      • Lol!! No no no! Gad.. Please don’t start today.. **stifles laugh** I just can’t deal… @ “May God not grant us what we detest” Lmao!

  3. Though I might have a different opinion with him but in fairness to Evang Pat, he spoke within the ambits of his knowledge and convictions. People respond to situations differently. If I were the woman, I might not go to anyone for advice but to God and God alone. God gives the perfect direction which I will use to reach out to my son in love and support for my son. I will be the mirror through which he will see Christ and come back to God knowing that God doesn’t hate him because of his sexuality.

    • Good morning Gad, a quick advice tht works for me.. u can never get validation from people of different age. U see things differently and act upon them,maybe even better cus of experience. Therefore stop, being a teacher here, drop ur comments and don’t look for whom to correct or teach. Abi u wan get hypertension, anyways thts how I pay my rent..contact me if u get HBP

  4. Inukwa!

    I never knew that being gay was an addiction oh!
    Hian! Lemme go look for d nearest rehab nd book myself in b4 I die of an overdose of D(like I have had one in ages! Ewu!).
    Dr Simba, anyone in mind?

    Nwoke a a na-ako ihe na agba ka tire motor!

    Next plssssssssssssssssss!

  5. LOL… I didn’t know that people have phobias for corrections as well… I LOVE it. What would life look like without corrections and logical arguments???…(thinking)

  6. I didn’t see anything bad in Gad’s comment. I wonder where that came from. Or is it that sum ppl just came here to attack other ppl??
    Well as for Pat, people can only give out what they have and know best.

  7. “Treat your son like a drug addict” – Evangelist Pat Robertson
    **His Opinion**

    “In 2003, he was named ‘Bigot of the year’ by Stonewall”

    **Thier Opinion**

    “I do respect Mr Pats views on this issue but I have to disagree with his statements, you can’t treat your son like a drug addict becasue.. A drug addict chose that lifestyle where as in most cases a gay didn’t get to choose that kind of life style” so the two situations can’t be treated the same because they are by far very different situations…
    Lik Gad rightly said.. The woman should take her issues to God and let God rightly direct her on how to deal with the self created issues she has with her son ( as for me I don’t see any issues here. Live and let live). Pat is human and can only reply to the woman the capacity which his knowledge carries him. He replied her to the capacity of his wisdom (how ever how wrong his reply might be)

    **this is my own opinion on the this issue**

    Opinion aren’t necessarily facts.. They are just people’s statements, thoughts and knowledge on certian things the way they best understand. opinions don’t make who we are.. You decide to take on board a certian opinion or refuse to take it on board. It’s left to individual convictions.
    People on here should start getting used to different people’s opinion.. Without having to “Moan” and “Whail” at every little oppurtunity they have when people view different opinions from theirs.

  8. beats my imagination why anyone woulld bother with a relic of something so nauseous …. **rolls eyes from Smaru to San’aa

  9. Well, I have never been a fan of any American Televangelist….so, I just keep shut…or maybe not.

    What he said doesn’t even make sense. It reminds me of an ostrich who in the face of danger hides its face in the sand, forgetting that, although it can’t see anything, but everyone can see it…what am I even saying. I guess he is talking to mothers with teenage sons…I am wondering if my mother finds out that I am gay what she would do, knowing fully well that she kinda depends on me….

    Abeg, the weather is too hot to even start thinking too much.

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